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Happy F*cking New Year Recap

Across the world, the members of the cluster go on with their lives. Kala dreams of being with Wolfgang. Sun paces her cell. Nomi kisses Neets. Wolfgang drinks in a bar. Kala swims in the Mediterranean and then boards the boat to greet her husband, Rajan, where they're honeymooning in Italy. Riley keeps drugging Will so that Whispers can't find them.

In San Francisco, Neets reads about remote viewers. Agent Bendix comes into the bookstore where she's working and Neets tells him that she doesn't know where Nomi is. Bendix doesn't believe her and says that he knows she's recently been in contact with Nomi. He reminds her that it's a crime to assist a felon, and promises that if he doesn't put Nomi behind bars then he'll put Neets there... and he keeps his promises. Meanwhile, Nomi watches the exchange on the shop's cameras and checks in with Neets to make sure that she's okay.

A guard pushes a tray into Sun's solitary cell. She ignores it and the guard eventually takes it out. Sun remembers her brother saying that shame killed their father and they still have each other, but she doesn't believe him. She keeps exercising in her cell, kicking the wall even when the guard points out that it's government property.

Wolf checks on the comatose Felix at the private hospital. He figures that he's screwed everything up and this time it's cost him the only thing he really wanted. Wolfgang and Kala see each other through their link, but they walk away from each other.

Capheus and Jela repaint the Van Damn.

Hernando gives a lecture on art at the college. He notices that the students are mostly looking at something on their phones and snickering. Hernando finally asks what's going on, and a student brings up a picture of Hernando and Lito having sex, taken from a tabloid. The student asks if it's art, and Hernando asks for his opinion. When the student says that it looks like "shit-packer porn," Hernando says that the beholder sees what they want to see. He then talks about what someone who can see beyond their biases would see two people in love. After the class dismisses, Lito comes in and says that the photos are all over the Internet just as Joaquin promised. Hernando asks what happens next, and Lito takes his hand and says that here they go as they hug.

Will wakes up next to Riley after dreaming of himself and Angel in the forest. He then finds themselves in the abandoned church where Angel killed herself, and they both shoot up. Angel talks about how now all she can see is what Whispers sees, and he found her just like he'll find Will. She tells Will that she has a way out, takes out a gun, and offers it to Will. Will puts the barrel in his mouth and pulls the trigger... and wakes up. Riley assures him that he's safe and pulls him back down.

The guards bring Sun to see her new attorney, Mr. Lee. Lee says that her former lawyer Chen quit because of a conflict of interest, The lawyer thinks that Sun is innocent, but admits that the court won't agree to a retrial now that Sun's father is dead. Lee plans to subpoena Joong, and Sun advises him to stay away from her brother because he's dangerous. She wants him where she can reach him when she does get out.

Neets meets with her nurse friend, who says that Bendix was there again. Nomi is listening to their conversation via Neets' earbud, and Lito appears in Nomi's mind. He talks about how he's going to have to come out and he's afraid, and Nomi says that she'll be there for him. She sees the paparazzi taking photos of him and the "faggot" graffiti as he pulls up to his penthouse.

Rajan asks Kala what's wrong, and she says that she feels trapped. She assures her husband that it isn't him, and tries to explain about her cluster and how some of its members are trapped in prison or by their pasts. Rajan says that he talked to Kala's mother and told her that they haven't had sex yet. All of the cluster are furious at what Lito and Kala and the others are going through.

Daniela tells Lito and Hernando to come to her house. Meanwhile, Kala insists that her body is hers and Rajan asks her for forgiveness. She says that she's not having second thoughts about their marriage, and they hug as Wolfgang appears next to her

Capheus and Jela take the bullets out of the Van Damn and Jela admits that he's upset that his friend won't tell him the full story about his sudden martial arts prowess. As Capheus starts to tell Jela about the "spirits," Sun asks if he's sure. Capheus tells Jela about the cluster, and how Sun's father was murdered. He doesn't know why he was chosen, but he'll always be grateful. Sun says that she is as well and smiles.

As Neets paints Nomi's toenails, they talk about how hot Lito and Hernando are together. Nomi sees Daniela, Lito, and Hernando painting each other's toenails, and tells Neets that they're in a safe place.

Wolfgang leaves his apartment and sees Sun. He tells her that someone has been following him, and they both say that they're fine.

Will sees Whispers with a young girl, watching two men sculling. Jonas appears to Will and warns that Whispers normally takes pills to appear normal and pretend to be a normal human. The pills--blockers--keep Whispers protected and his prisoners isolated. Whispers takes a pill and the connection breaks, and Will finds himself in the van that the BPO are using to transport Jonas. Jonas warns that the BPO hunts what they consider a very dangerous species, and tells Will and his cluster to be careful. Will says that he keeps seeing Angela in a cabin, and Jonas says that he and Angela lived there. The sensate birth transferred part of Angela's consciousness into her new cluster, Jonas warns that the same thing happened to his cluster that happened to him, and will happen to the new cluster. The BPO officers drug Jonas again, and Willa asks him what happened to Whisper's cluster. He and Jonas have a memory-flash of Angela saying that they're all dead and Whispers is coming, and telling Jonas to run.

Nomi and Neets continue reading about out-of-body experiences.

Capheus and Jela finishing repairing the Van Damn but the engine bursts into flames when they start it. They get out and run just as it explodes, and Jela says that the king is dead.

A guard brings Soo-Jin in to see Sun. The prisoner says that she bribed the guard to be with Sun on her birthday, and Sun invites her to sit.

Riley leads a blindfolded Will up to the apartment. Meanwhile, Kala and Rajan share a drink on the beach at a table. Hernando and Lito are in bed and Hernando wakes Lito up with a kiss and a "Happy birthday." Jela takes Capheus to his surprise birthday party where everyone has gathered, including his mother Shiro. Riley tells Will that her friend Vincent found her a place for them to stay, and they end up on the bed together.

Neets tells Nomi that they're not going to let Bendix ruin Nomi's birthday, and they sneak out for a sex-nic. Wolfgang goes to a bar to celebrate. Rajan gives Kala a necklace. Lito lets Hernando spank him, Shiro and the others give Capeheus a jacket and the keys to his new Van Damn. Soo-Jin gives Sun a present. Silas is in the crowd and tells Capheus that he just wanted to honor him with a gift like the gift he gave Silas' family. After a moment, Capheus hugs him. Sun discovers that Soo-Jin has given her a sketch of her and her dog.

Across the world, the clustermates celebrate their birthdays. Will warns Riley that they only agreed he should share in case of an emergency, and Riley says that it is an emergency: a celebration of the first breath they all took. He agrees and they all come together across the world. Wolfgang hesitates when he sees Kala with Rajan, Kala finds herself with Sun, and wonders why she's there. She says that she and Rajan are going to have sex, and Sun talks about how after she won her first fight, her father forbid her to fight in the nationals. Afterward, her opponent Woojin visited her in the locker room and said it was an honor to be in the ring with her. They had sex for Sun's first time, and she tells Kala that sex is something to honor and enjoy.

Riley and Will have sex. Nomi and Neets have sex. Lito and Hernando have sex. They all share their experiences through the cluster.

Later, Wolfgang sets up a date with a woman via the Internet. He says that it's his birthday and they go off together. Meanwhile, Kala prepares to have sex with her husband for the first time. She goes to the bedroom but sees Wolfgang with the woman, and Kala says that it's immoral and walks out in shock. She then goes to Rajan, who is waiting for her in their bed, and tells him to make love to her. As she tries, she keeps sharing with Wolfgang and she talks to him, much to Rajan's confusion. Wolfgang refuses to watch her and has sex with his partner, and tells Kala to stop listening if she doesn't like it. Kala tries to leave, knocking Rajan off the bed onto his groin.

The next day, Lito meets with the studio people. Lito finally tells them that he's not going to live a lie anymore. He admits that he's gay, and they warn him that there will be legal and career consequences. Lito doesn't care and walks out.

Kala takes Rajan to the hospital and Dr. Salvo says that Rajan's penis isn't permanently damaged. He says that there shouldn't be any complications, and tells Kala that Rajan needs love. He wishes them luck and leaves, and Kala kisses Rajan. He winces in pain and asks her to stop.

Wolfgang meets with Sergei's wife Elke--his aunt--at a teahouse shop and she says that she won't seek revenge against Wolfgang for Sergei's death. Her consigliere Fischer gives Wolfgang a map of Berlin showing the four major criminal territories and says that if he comes home then he can forestall a war between the other three crime lords. Wolfgang isn't interested and walks off.

Will wakes up when he has a flash of Angela telling him that Whisper found her. Whispers is there in Will's head, and asks if Will plans to kill himself with a needle in Iceland. Will figures that he's bluffing, and Whispers says that he cares how Will is. They appear in an interrogation room, and Will figures that Whispers hopes he'll spill something about his location. Will notices the tan line on Whispers' finger indicating that he removed a wedding ring, and figures that Whispers is on forced leave after he screwed up in Iceland. Whispers warns Will that his choice will have consequences for the entire cluster… and Will's friends and family. Riley wakes up and realizes that Whispers is there, and gives Will a shot. Whispers asks Will if he's any different than Angela, as Will passes out.

Wolfgang is sitting with Felix talking about Wolfgang's mother. Felix wakes up and tells Wolfgang that he's sick of his confessionals, and Wolfgang hugs him despite his injuries.

Capheus and Jela take the new Van Damn out and collect their first fares. Three passengers stay on and say that they want to go back. They've all been inspired by Capheus' beating SuperPower, and hope that the spirit of Jean Claude will help them as well.

Lito and his lovers return to his apartment only to discover he's been locked out. He buzzes the landlord, Sicaro, who says that they sent a letter to his apartment and hangs up. Lito finally tries to break through the glass without success. Wolfgang helps him short out the key lock and they go inside. Lito discovers that the landlord has ended his lease because of moral turpitude.

Kala returns home and finds her bags on the steps. Rajan tells her that he's realized she doesn't want him as he wanted her. Kala tells him not to say anything else and they should let the Fates decide... and kisses him.

At a shelter, Nomi gets an email from her sister Teagan asking her to be maid of honor at her wedding. There's a knock at the door and Nomi and Neets hide. Bendix and a cop come in with the manager, and they see the uneaten food on the table. The agent searches the place but finds nothing, and tells the manager to tell him where they are or he'll shut the shelter down. When she refuses to talk, Bendix and the cop leave.

Wolfgang and Felix go to the lockshop and Felix says that he's no hero. He tells Wolfgang that it's time for him to go home, and then tells Wolfgang to talk him out of it. They go drinking and Felix admits that he was kidding. A bar mistress brings over drinks and says that they're compliments of one of the three remaining crimelords. The crimelord is seated across the bars and toasts Wolfgang.

A new lawyer meets with Sun and tells her that Lee has retired. He has two men with him, and Nomi and Will warn Sun that they're not lawyers and the security camera has powered down. The other clustermates realize that they're killers, and the young "lawyer" warns Sun that Joong wants her to know he's not the forgiving type. He and his men take out their weapons, explaining that they'll kill Sun in "self-defense." The guard is gone, and Lito takes over and offers to buy them out. Meanwhile, Wolfgang helps Sun pick her handcuffs and she takes down the three men, killing the leader.

At the shelter, Nomi and Neets leave rather than endanger the building's financial security.

Kala and Rajan return to India and look at a new place. Meanwhile, Capheus is walking down the street and sees men in suits waiting for him next to a SUV.

Nomi takes Neets to a houseboat on the docks. Meanwhile, Wolfgang and Felix return to Wolfgang's apartment and Wolfgang realizes someone has broken in. He draws his gun and prepares to go in. Kala see him standing next to her as she looks at the manor's plunge pool. Bracing herself, she walks away.

A woman comes to visit Riley. Meanwhile, a guard brings Min-Jung into Sun's cell. Min says that word has gotten out of Sun putting three men in the hospital.

Wolfgang bursts into his apartment and grabs a gun from one of the thugs waiting for him. Volker Bohm, one of the three crimelords, is seated and Wolfgang tells him to get out.

Nomi and Neets go to a houseboat and Bug let them in. He shows them the two cabins and they take the one that isn't his. Meanwhile, Capheus and Shiro have dinner with Silas and Amondi. Shiro says that Silas is building a clinic in the area, and Capheus figures he'll use it to smuggle drugs.

The woman sells Riley some drugs, and Riley asks for laxatives. Once the woman leaves, Will warns Riley that if Whispers had been there then he would have heard it. Riley has also bought a cellphone, and says that she thought Will might want to call his father. He doesn't see the point since he wouldn't understand.

Min tells Sun to do what they say or they may never let Sun out of solitary.

Silas says that he understands why Capheus is skeptical of him, but insists that he's changed.

Volker explains that together he and Wolfgang could control the city. Wolfgang says that he isn't interested, and Volker leave with his thug.

Lito is lying in bed next to Hernando reading the Facebook entries on his sexuality. He tells Hernando that he's watching his career die, but it's nothing compared to his fear of his mother Estella.

Michael is at home eating when Will calls. Will finally greets him and says that he just wanted to hear his voice. He warns that he can't talk about where he is, and Michael tells him to get home for Thanksgiving. Will tells his father not to believe what the government is saying about him, and it's about Sara and much more. When Will realizes that his father is drinking, Michael says that Will abandoned him for four months. Will says that he loves him and hangs up, and Riley hugs him.

Nomi asks Sun if they need to consider another strategy. Sun says that Will is there strategy and then says that she needs to watch the interview with her brother Joong. Joong talks about how successful he's been, and that Sun is troubled. Sun smashes her fist into a carryout container.

Wolfgang is by the river drinking when Kala joins him and enjoys the snow. When he talks about the oil ruining it, Kala wonders why he ruins everything. She says that there's something good inside of him, while she has something dark inside of her. Kala tells him that they have to change and be better people, and Wolfgang starts to kiss her. She throws snow in his face and they throw more back and forth, laughing. Felix arrives with two women and sees his friend fighting with nothing,

The cluster prepare for Christmas. Riley takes a blindfolded Will to the skating rink. Meanwhile, Lito takes Hernando and Daniella to Estella's home, and says that she always believed in him. When Lito hesitates to go in, Hernando tells him that he'll always be there for hm.

Volker arrives at the locksmith and gives Felix a Rolex, and says that Wolfgang did the city a huge favor.

While Neets is out, Bug tells Nomi about his virtual family. Neets comes back and invites Bug along, and he's touched.

Lito and the others enter the house and Lito sees the tabloids on the table. Estella comes out and says that she saved all of Lito's clippings. She learned what her friends were really like when they offered their condolences, Lito apologizes, and Estella hugs her son and says that it's okay. She assures that she's proud of him for not hiding who he is.

Capheus and Shiro watch It's a Wonderful Life, and he says that he likes what it believes in: people.

Riley and Will skate. Sun sits in her cell alone until Min brings her some Christmas treats. Rajan and Kala dance. Estella, Lito, and his lovers join the Christmas processional. Wolfgang and Felix exchange presents. Nomi and Neets celebrate with their friends. Cepheus and Shiro sit together. And the clustermates all share their experiences with each other. The resonance of Angela appears to them and smiles.

As Will and Riley kiss, Whispers appears and wishes will a Merry Christmas. He says that Will should be home with Michael, and shows Will that he's with Michael as the old man puts up his Christmas lights. Michael says that Will is a good cop and everything the government is saying about him is lies. Whispers pours him another drink, and Michael says that he just wants Will to come home. Riley injects Will with heroin to break the connection. He tells her what happened and wonders if he can keep fighting. Riley says that they'll beat Whispers

The next day, Neets' family invites her and Nomi to stay with them. Meanwhile, Hernando tells Estella that New Years is complicated for them because his parents were killed on New Year's. Lito takes his hand and Daniella says that her family is nothing like theirs. She tells them that it was the best Christmas that she's ever had, and Estella says that she will always be welcome in her home.

Sun is released from solitary and her cellmates welcome her home.

Wolfgang and Felix go to the New Year's celebration and Volker greets them. He tells them to enjoy themselves and moves on. They watch the fireworks and hug.

Lito and Hernando clean off the grave of Hernando's parents and place fresh flowers. They hold hands and Hernando says that they would love Hernando as well.

Kala is looking out at the city when Rajan comes out and says that things would have been different if his father had died or Kala had said no to his proposal.

Wolfgang sees Volker, arguing with Fischer and saying that he's starting war. Volker turns to Wolfgang smiles, and Wolfgang leads Felix to the streets so they can join the celebration. Fischer runs up to them and begs for help, and Volker's men gun him down. They then shoot at Wolfgang and Felix, who run. Felix refuses to leave Wolfgang, and the two men take cover as the gunmen arrive. Felix gives Wolfgang one of his celebration rockets, and Wolfgang sends him to flank the gunmen. They fire the rockets and Wolfgang takes down one man, and jumps another and uses his gun to kill a third. The first one recovers and the gunmen grab Wolfgang. Felix attacks two of them but they knock him down.

Sun tells Wolfgang to be calm, and she takes over and finally knocks out the gunmen. The other clustermates appear to Wolfgang, and he wishes them a happy fucking New Year.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 27, 2016

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