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The Good Seeds Recap

Gorilla police ride across the land searching for the fugitives. They pick up their trail and continue on.

The trio reaches the top of a hill, and Galen lags behind. He insists that he's fine, and they continue. After sunset, Alan takes out a homemade compass and says that it's their chance to get clear. He explains how the compass works to Galen, and they continue on. The gorillas ride up a minute later and continue following the footprints. However, they soon find themselves going in circle. The officer in charge figures that spirits are pulling their horses' tails and they make camp until the clouds clear.

Galen insists on going on and slips on a ledge. He falls and breaks his leg, and his friends splint his leg. The next morning, they make a stretcher and continue on, coming to a farm. The astronauts approach the farm and Alan knocks at the door. The father, a chimpanzee named Polar, comes out and orders Alan to get away. Alan explains that their friend is hurt, and Anto sees that it's an ape. His family—wife Zantes, sons Anto and Remus, and daughter Jillia--come out. Galen insists that the humans are his friends, and Alan insists that they're no danger to them. Zantes tells Polar to get Galen inside and he can ask his questions later. Polar agrees but tells the humans to wait in the barn.

Once Polar and his older son Anto take Galen inside, Alan and Pete go into the barn. There is one cow, and the astronauts collapse in exhaustion. Later, Anto comes in and complains that humans are a curse to cows. He explains that he's waited five years for a bull calf but has had nothing but heifers. A son isn't considered of age until he has a bull calf to start his own farm. Anto insists that the signs were right until the humans came. He tells them to remove the curse and go away, just as Remus comes in and tells the astronauts that Galen wants to see them. Anto tells them to wash first.

Zantes tells Galen that she once trained to be a nurse, but then she met Polar and they moved to the farm. The female chimpanzee says that Galen won't be able to stand for several days, and Polar complains that humans have been known to kill cows for the meat. Galen assures him that his friends won't kill the cow, and assures Polar that they'll work for their keep. Once Polar and Zantes leave, Jillia wonders why Galen considers humans friends.

Alan and Pete are washing up when Polar and Remus arrive. Polar says that they can stay until Galen is well, but Anto says that they have to stay away from the cow. Once Anto leaves, Polar agrees and says that they will work as if he owned them. Remus demands to have one of them, as a gorilla rides up. Alan assures Polar that they're not escaped slaves, and he tells them to hide. Once the gorilla arrives, Polar says that they know nothing of farmers. Anto hesitates but finally gives his understanding as well. As the gorilla rides off, Anto wonders if there's a reward.

Soon, the astronauts are pulling rocks out of Polar's field. Anto is pulling the plow up and down a hill. Alan says that it would be better to plow around the hill so that Polar doesn't lose the topsoil. Anto dismisses it as foolishness, saying that it's easier for the oxen. However, after Alan demonstrates, Polar agrees to Alan's suggestion. Anto refuses to help and walks off, and Polar says that his son is worried about the bull calf.

Pete is making a rail fence when Remus tells him to stop. He says that the poles should be set up and down, but Pete explains that a rail fence locks strong and will last forever. Remus says that fences aren't supposed to last long, but Pete demonstrates how the fence can be easily taken apart and moved. The young ape considers and then "agrees" with Pete and orders him back to work.

In Central City, Urko is furious that his lieutenant lost the fugitives at night. The leader confirms that it is all farm land and suggests that the fugitives could steal horses. Urko tells the solider that they'll ride back.

At the farm, Alan rigs a pulley to lift the hay while Polar and Anto look on. Anto insists that Alan is inside, but Polar is intrigued. He has the oxen lift the hay into the barn and admits that it's good. Anto hears the cow mooing and they run inside. The cow is lying down and Anto insists that the cow ate the "cursed" hay. Alan examines the cow and says that it will be giving birth in two days instead of three weeks. Anto demands that Polar throw the humans out, and Alan asks if he's shown Polar anything evil. Polar agrees to let them stay, but warns that if anything happens to the cow then Anto will decide their fate. Anto gets an idea and leaves.

That night, Zantes and Jillia are working in the farmhouse. Anto isn't there, and Remus is shelling corn for seed. Alan suggests that Remus use the best ears for seed, but Remus says that the best ears are for feed and flower. The astronaut figures that it's bad spirits that have been making the stalks smaller and smaller. Remus isn't impressed, but Alan explains that Polar is "good seed" and Remus will be the same. He talks about sitting around a fire with his own son Chris telling him the same thing, and then focuses back on the present. Zantes tells Jillia that humans have feelings just like them.

Anto goes to the gorilla camp and asks if there's a reward for finding escaped slaves. The gorilla says that there's no reward and orders Anto to move on. Once Anto leaves, the gorillas remember seeing him at Polar's farm and decide to watch it more closely.

The next day, Polar and Anto tend to the cow. Anto insists that it will die and that Alan has turned Polar's mind with his tricks. The teenager says that he's seen Galen stand and that they're staying so that the cow will die.

Jillia finds Galen trying to walk on a crutch. She wonders why Galen is traveling with humans, and suggests that he let them go on. Galen says that he can't and says that she's acting like a female, and Jillia tells him that she thought he'd never notice.

Remus brings Polar and Anto over to show them Alan and Pete making a "windy mill." Pete explains that the wind makes the wheel turn, and it will pump the water into the field. Anto insists that it's more witchcraft, and Polar says that if Galen can stand then they must go. Remus wants them to stay and finish, and Polar walks away rather then get involved in his sons' argument. Pete and Alan realize that Anto could be trouble.

Urko and his lieutenant continue across the countryside toward the farm.

Galen tells Pete and Alan that he can stand for several minutes, and Alan warns that if the calf isn't a bull then they'll be in trouble. He suggests that they could escape using humans, and Galen warns that only landed apes can ride horses. They have no choice but to stay until Galen can leave.

Later, Pete and Alan are taking a crude shower using the irrigation pumps. One of the gorillas sees them from a distance, and then heads back to his camp.

At the barn, Anto tolls a bell and Anto says that the cow's time has come. The teenager says that the cow is dying, and Alan checks it. He then tells Pete that he has to remember what the vets did, and tells a grief-stricken Anto that the calf is turned. Anto grabs a pitchfork and prepares to kill, furious that Alan is killing his cow. Polar points out that the cow isn't dead yet so Anto can't kill anyone, and Alan says that he needs to turn the calf around. Anto refuses, just as Galen limps in and says that they'll leave. The chimpanzee refuses to let anyone leave until it's over, and tells Remus to toll the bell even though it's probably hopeless.

Alan says that he can save the cow and the calf, and Polar insists that the cow is in the hands of the oldest son. Zantes says that it's tradition that they have no idea if it's right or not, and tells Anto that they've seen the humans save their farm. She asks him to let Alan help, and Pete tells Remus to trust him. He then grabs Remus and claims that he has a knife, and tells Anto to drop the pitchfork. Remus plays along, and Anto reluctantly does so. Galen tells Anto to ring the bull, and Anto promises that if he doesn't get them then the police will.

While Alan goes to work, Pete releases Remus and lets him watch so he can learn the procedure, Galen tells Polar that he thinks Alan can deliver the calf. Meanwhile, Alan warns Pete that it's twice as bad as he thought.

Urko rides up to the police officers and they explain that they saw humans under a stream of water. He insists with them to investigate the farm.

Alan manages to deliver the calf... and a twin as well. Anto laughs in relief as he hugs the calves, and the gorillas ride up outside. Jillia sees them and sounds the alarm, and Polar has the fugitives hide in the loft. The family then goes out and Polar insists that he's not hiding humans. The patrolman points out the shower, and Anto laughs and says that the patrolman saw him. He claims that they were having fun, then douses himself with flour to pretend that he's a human. Even the gorillas laugh, and Anto steps into the shower and triggers it... and is doused with ice-cold water.

Urko tells the patrolmen to search the barn regardless. A patrolman starts to climb up into the loft, but then sees the calves and goes out. He tells Urko that the calves would have been eaten if there were humans around, and Urko tells the lieutenant to demote the patrolman for making fools of them. Once they ride off, the trio comes out and Anto apologizes for how he treated them. Alan assures him that they're even after what Anto did, and Remus says that he watched the whole thing and knows what to do if it happens again.

Several days later, Galen is healed and Zantes packs them some food. Jillia tells Galen to be careful, and Anto thanks Alan again and says that he named the calves after them, and the fugitives leave. The next day, the patrolman rides up and sees the working windmill. Remus claims that he made it, and the patrolman tells him not to waste time on toys. Once he leaves, Polar says that the next spring they'll plant the field the astronauts made with the best seed.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 10, 2017

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