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The Surgeon Recap

A gorilla patrol spots the fugitives heading cross-country and prepares an ambush. When the trio gets close enough, the soldiers open fire. One shot hits Alan, and Pete carries him to safety with Galen leading the way. The soldiers ride over and Galen finds a cave to hide in. They tend to Alan as best they can, but he figures that the bullet is close to a nerve. Galen says that there is a medical center outside of Central City and it's the best in the world. Alan refuses to let Pete and Galen endanger themselves, but Galen says that he knows the chief physician, Kira. He doesn't think that she wouldn't turn any patient away, and Galen says that they were going to be married but it didn't work out. However, he insists that they're still the best of friends and goes to Central City via the back routes.

At the medical center, Kira's superior Director Leander congratulates Kira on her success. Kira points out that the patient died, but Leander insists that the surgical knowledge they learn will benefit future patients. He asks if she thinks him cruel, and assures her that she's his best surgeon. Leander invites her to dinner at his apartment, and Kira says that she'll be there

Kira goes to her office and finds Galen waiting for her. He's left her favorite flowers on the desk, and she asks if she's supposed to expect her to forget the past. Galen says that he needs her help, and Kira warns that he's a criminal and a traitor. He says that his human friend was hurt, and Kira wonders why she should care if a human dies. She tells Galen that he's a stranger to her, and considers calling the police. Galen says that he loved her and apologizes for coming. He starts to go, and Kira asks if he really believes that humans and apes should be equals. Galen says that Pete and Alan are his brothers now, and Kira admits that she hoped to have a new happiness but Galen came back to destroy that.

Later, Galen returns to the cave with disguises, and tells the astronauts that he will be posing as specialist Dr. Adrian. Pete and Alan will pose as his servants, and Alan wonders how they'll get him there. Galen tells him that he won't have to walk. Pete and Galen soon hijack a grain wagon. Pete takes out the soldier and the human driver runs off.

At Leander's apartment, Leander points out that Kira is distracted. She says that she's thinking about the human orderly they sent to discipline camp, and wonders if they took the proper measures. Leander insists that he was nothing but a beast. An aide comes in to announce that "Dr. Adrian" is there, and Kira goes to show him to his rooms. She thanks Leander for a lovely evening before she goes. Leander watches her from the window as she meets Galen, and Galen claims that his personal servant was injured in an accident. Kira tells her aide Travin to make room for the astronauts in the humans' quarters.

Travin has Pete carry Alan to the quarters. Pete insists that Alan needs his own room, and Travin says that everyone but him sleeps there. Despite Alan 's objections, Pete insists and threatens to have Galen report Travin. After a moment, Travin agrees.

Later, Pete eats with the others. Travin's daughter Arna brings over some food, and Pete tries to talk to her. Travin angrily interrupts, saying that Arna's name was taken from her and she is no one. Another human explains that Arna is Travin's daughter.

Galen meets with Kira, who says that there are no medical texts on humans. She warns that if they go in blindly then they could kill Alan, and refuses to endanger a patient, human or ape. Galen offers to bring her a human book on human anatomy, and they used to write books when they rule the world. He tells Kira that he's seen such a book in Zaius' study.

Leander comes in and Galen complains about the over-emphasis on surgery. The Director is amused and leaves, and Kira warns Galen that Leander is no fool. Galen promises to get her the book so that she can advance ape medicine, and if they're caught then he'll claim that he threatened her life to coerce her.

Pete tends to a delirious Alan, who relives the crash and the aftermath as Travin leaves. When Alan acts surprised that apes run the planet, Travin wonders what he means. Galen comes in and tells Travin to mind his duties. Once Travin leaves, Pete hears Arna screaming. He goes out and finds a man, Lafer, slapping her. Pete and Lafer other man fight, and Pete soon takes him down although he drops his hidden knife in the process. Travin returns and demands an explanation, and Lafer says that Arna spilled water. When Pete objects, Travin says that it is their duty to discipline Arna because she's evil and notices the knife. Pete stops him from picking it up and points out that Arna is Travin's daughter. The orderly says that he has no daughter and tells Galen that humans are forbidden to carry knives in the city. Galen says that his servants have special permission.

The local commander Cleon brings the wagon guard to Urko. The guard says that a human and a chimpanzee attacked him, and Urko influences him to think he imagined the whole thing. Once the guard leaves, Urko figures that it was Galen and one of the astronauts, even though the patrol reporter the fugitives were heading away from Central City. He cancels his trip into the new territories to stay in Central City for a few more days.

The next day, Galen and Pete take a wagon to Zaius's house. When a soldier stops them, Galen claims that Zaius had a heart attack and they are coming to tend to him. The soldier insists on accompanying them.

Delirious, Alan mutters about his wife Sally. Kira tends to him, and Alan wakes up and starts. She tells him who she is and says that Pete and Galen have gone to get a human surgical book. Kira warns that even if the book exists, Alan's chances of survival are hopeless. Alan wonders why she is bothering to operate, and Kira says that they might learn something that would help their own patients. He wonders if she has other reasons, and Kira insists that Galen means no more to her than Alan does. Alan isn't convinced, and Kira warns that Galen is endangering himself to bring Alan there, and they'll all be destroyed. Once she leaves, Travin looks in on Alan.

The soldiers accompany Pete and Galen to Zaius' house. Galen refuses to let the soldiers accompany them and tells them to guard the wagon. The two fugitives go inside the empty house and Pete breaks into the cabinet to get the book. They then put a bust on one end of the statue and use the book and pillows to pad out the "body". The fugitives carry the stretcher out to the wagon and pretend that it's Zaius, fooling the soldiers.

Back at the center, Kira looks at the book in astonishment. She wonders why Zaius didn't tell them about the knowledge, and Galen explains that Zaius believed that revealing the knowledge would be the end of their civilization. Travin knocks at the door, and Kira quickly hides the book. The orderly says that Alan is very sick, and the apes go to check Alan out. Kira warns that the bullet has shifted and she may not be able to operate. If they do then it will cause severe internal bleeding. Pete suggests that they transfuse the blood, and Kira says that they tried it on a human a few years ago. The patient died within minutes of the transfer, and Leander declared that transferring blood from one being to another is against the laws of nature. Pete explains about blood types and Kira agrees to let him test.

Pete soon takes samples from eleven of the humans. He points out that there are twelve humans there, and Travin says that Arna is not a person. When he refuses to bring Arna, Galen talks to Pete privately and asks if he really needs the girl. Pete warns that Alan has a rare blood type and there's only a 10% chance of compatible donor. Travin asks Galen what the blood samples are for, but Galen says that it is not and Pete goes to get her as she sweeps the hall. When Pete explains that they need to take a blood sample from her, Arna immediately refuses and Pete promises that he'll take care of her. She trusts him and agrees.

Pete checks the blood and finds two compatible donors. Lafer is one, and Arna is the other. One of the humans, Brigid, says that Lafer ran offer when he heard that someone was going to take his blood. Pete goes to get Arna and explains why the need a transfusion from her. Arna refuses and runs off, but Pete stops her. She says that she's evil and Pete demands an explanation. Travin comes out and tells Arna to tell Pete. Arna says that she killed her brother. They go inside and Travin continues that his 16-year-old son was hurt in a hunting accident. Travin let them use his son as a subject, and he died when Arna gave him blood. He insists that Arna's blood is evil, and Pete says that the blood was the wrong chemical type. Travin doesn't believe him and warns that Alan will die just like his son.

Arna agrees anyway and they begin the transfusion process. Kia prepares to start, but Leander comes in and demands to know why he wasn't inform. Galen claims that he forgot to tell him, and Kira explains what they're doing while she and Pete hide the book. When Leander wonders how Alan got a bullet wound, Galen says that they were attacked by a bear but Alan was accidentally shot. He takes credit for the surgical procedure, and Leander points out that Arna donated blood once and it didn't work. Galen says that it's a new process that he's been trying, and Leander is impressed that they may be at a threshold of medicine. He asks to join them, and Galen has no choice but to agree. As Leander puts on a mask, he sees the book but doesn't let on what he knows.

Kira begins the operation, and Leander instructs Galen on what to do. Galen suggests that Leander do it so that he can witness Leander's skill, and Leander agrees. Kira can't reach the bullet, and Pete secretly consults the book. He gives her medical advice to perform a second incision, and Leander is shocked. The Director demands to see the book, and Pete hands it over. His suspicions confirmed, Leander says that they have things well in hand and starts to leave. Galen draws a scalpel on him and tells him to stay. Kira says that she's doing it because as a doctor she has no right to reject the truth. Leander insists that the book is treason, but Kira says that they can't deny that it exists or what it contains.

Zaius returns from a council meeting and, discovering the theft, calls in Urko. He claims that it's a minor burglary, but Urko doesn't believe it and demands the cabinet key. When Urko discovers that a book is missing, Zaius confirms which one it is.

Kira continues with the operation and Leander is surprised about the blood transfusion working. However, he points out that even if Alan survives, they won't be able to get away. Alan's breathing stops, and Pete administers CPR. Leander points out a stimulant for Kira to give Alan, and Galen gets it. Kira administers it and Alan starts breathing again. Pete thanks Leander, who says that it's bad for morale to have patients die. Kira removes the bullet and closes up, and Pete tells Arna that Alan will be all right thanks to her.

Galen hears horses riding up, and Leander confirms that Urko and his men are there. Urko asks Travin where two humans and a chimpanzee are. Travin feigns ignorance, and Leander comes out and tells Urko that one fugitive may be wounded. Leander says that they came and left, and leads him to the ward. They've put up a warning sign and Leander explains that the Black Death has come. Leander says that the humans fled, but he invites Urko to search the hospital. Urko leaves with his men, and Leander tells the others what happened. He says that he was worried that Urko would arrest Kira and points out that they have a date... and they might have found the book.

Several days later, Alan is on the way to recovery. They load him into a plague wagon and Alan asks Arna for her name. Travin tells her to tell him, and Alan thanks her for her help. As Travin prepares to go, he tells Arna that things will be different when he comes back. Galen promises that Travin will be back, and Kira tells him that he should just say goodbye. She admits that the experience has changed her view of the truth and Leander's as well, and admits that she likes Leander. Kira wishes Galen goodbye, and he kisses her hand and thanks her before leaving with his friends.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 30, 2017

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