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Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies Recap

The police bring in Jerome acolytes to the station as quickly as they can arrest them. Jim tells Harvey that they have to find Jerome, and the two men run down and grab one of the acolytes. The acolytes insist that Jerome is everywhere, just as someone throws a Molotov cocktail through the window. As it burns, the acolytes yell that Gotham belongs to them.

Oswald and his two thugs go to the warehouse to find Edward, and Edward steps calmly out of the shadows. Relieved, Oswald embraces him and asks if he's all right, and Edward says that he's fine and alone. He then shoots the two thugs and aims the gun at Oswald. Oswald tries to take it all in, and Edward drags him over and shows him Isabella's wrecked car. When Oswald tries to deny any involvement in his death, Edward pistol whips him and says that he's taken almost everything from Oswald... except his life, which will end that night.

Frank Gordon and Kathryn look out over the burning city, and Kathryn says that they may have to step in if things get worse. When Frank says that the GCPD may still salvage the situation, Kathryn warns that Frank's faith in Jim is dangerous.

As rioting and looting spread, Jim puts out ward to receive notification if anyone spots Jerome. Harvey confirms that the power might come back the next day, and Oswald has disappeared. Jim says that they need to take out Jerome, and remembers that Jerome talked to Lee.

As Edward ties Oswald up to the car, he explains that he had Basil impersonate Elijah and dumped Elijah's remains in a dumpster. Oswald confesses that he had Isabella killed, and says that Edward should thank him . Edward says that he could have been happy, but Oswald tells him that he would have killed Isabella just like he killed Kristen. He says that he did it because he loves Edward, and Edward screams at him to shut up. He says that love is about sacrifice, and Oswald would sacrifice anyone to save his life. Edward then points out a drum of highly corrosive acid suspended from the ceiling by a chain. When the ice weighting the chain melts, the acid will tip onto Oswald. Edward lights up a Bunsen burner and Oswald begs him for a chance. Unimpressed, Edward says that a man facing death will say anything and Oswald won't change because he can't. He says goodbye and walks out.

Jim visits Lee and asks what Jerome said. She finally says that Jerome didn't talk about his plan, and he did say that the last thing he remembered was trying to kill Bruce. Jim tells Lee to call Alfred and leaves.

As Bruce and Edward check their supplies, the phone rings. As Alfred reaches for the phone, it stops ringing. He turns but Jerome's acolytes knock Alfred out. Jerome then comes in and greets Bruce. Alfred wakes up as the acolytes tear up the manor, and one of them finds the crystal owl statue. Jerome takes it and Bruce says that it's worthless. The intruder drops it on the fireplace, breaking it, and tells Bruce that he's going to kill Bruce because it's the last thing he remembers wanting to do before he died. He draws a knife, figuring that cutting Bruce's throat will clear his memory. Bruce says that he's disappointed that Jerome is going to kill him privately, and says that killing him should mean anything. Jerome realizes that he needs an audience, well aware that Bruce is trying to buy time, but agree anyway. He tells his men to kill Alfred right away, and Alfred tells Bruce that it's what Bruce has been training for. Bruce tells his friend that he'll see him again, and Alfred tells him to carry on.

Oswald yells for help as the ice melts. A guard comes in and Oswald says that he's the mayor. The man finally starts cutting him loose, and gets Oswald free just in time.

Alfred tells the acolytes to come at him, taunting them to come at him. Jim comes in and shoots one acolyte dead. The other fires at him while Alfred takes the third one on. Once the second acolyte runs out of bullets, Jim shoots him. Alfred kills his man and tells Jim that Jerome took Bruce.

Jerome takes Bruce to a circus park where the acolytes have gathered with their prisoners. Putting on a top hat, Jerome asks Bruce if he wants to have some fun before the main event.

Jim and Alfred go to the station and Alfred explains Bruce's plan. Harvey checks the tip line and gets one report that Jerome is at a circus. Jim figures that they're there and they leave.

Jerome paints Bruce's face as a clown, stabs one of his acolytes in the leg, and paints a smile on Bruce's face with the blood.

Oswald returns to his mansion and yells for Gabe. Tabitha and Butch come in and Tabitha whips her whip around Oswald's neck. Butch says that they also want to kill Edward and asks where he is, and Tabitha says that Oswald is finished. Oswald says that he doesn't know where Edward is, and Tabitha reminds Butch that Barbara said not to kill Oswald yet. Sneering, Oswald tells Butch to stop pretending that he's anything but muscle. Tabitha slaps Oswald and describes how she killed Gertrude and Oswald did nothing about it. She tells Oswald not to turn them against each other and orders Butch to take them with him. When Oswald balks, Butch knocks him out.

Bruce asks Jerome what his plan is, and Jerome says that the people just want an excuse to kill. All they need is someone to tell them to do it. Bruce asks what the point is, and Jerome says that the people who are rioting are the lower classes. When the lights went on, they rioted and killed. Bruce insists that there are good people in Gotham, but Jerome tells him that Gotham has no heroes. When Jerome prepares to throw balls at one of his captives suspended over a piranha-filled tank, Bruce shoves him and tells him get on with killing by killing him. Unimpressed, Jerome hits a button dropping the captive into the tank while the acolytes hold Bruce back. He staples a loose flap of his mask back onto his skull and then uses the staple gun on Bruce's arm. Bruce begs him to stop, and Jerome says that it's time for the main event.

Jim, Harvey, and Alfred pull up to the circus and Harvey warns that their backup is two minutes' out. They go to rescue Bruce and then get Jerome.

In the main tent, Jerome plays ringmaster and his acolytes cheer. When acolyte keeps cheering, Jerome shoots him dead. He then boasts that they brought Gotham to its knees, and he's going to thank them by giving them Bruce. Bruce is strung up to a pole, and his men wheel out a circus cannon and aim it at Bruce. Jerome loads a cannonball in and then a box of knives. Meanwhile, Bruce remembers his training and works at the handcuffs holding him to the pole.

Jim, Harvey, and Alfred reach the tent and Jim fires a shot into the air. The acolytes cum at the men, while Jerome lights the cannon fuse. Bruce manages to pick the lock on the handcuffs and gets away just in time as the cannon goes off. Jim and the others realize that Bruce is gone, and Jim goes after Jerome while Harvey and Alfred find Bruce.

At Sirens, Oswald asks Barbara what happened. She admits everything and says that Oswald took the base, and he points out that she doesn't need Edward now that she has what she wanted. He figures that they'll kill him unless he helps them find Edward.

Jerome searches for Bruce and sees him going into the Hall of Mirrors. He follows Bruce inside, gun drawn, and warns that hiding will make things worse. Bruce speaks from the maze, saying that he's going to make Jerome pay for what he's done.

Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch tell Oswald to call Edward and find out where he is. Oswald refuses, and Butch and Tabitha bicker about who can break Oswald quicker. Barbara advises Oswald to do it, and Oswald says that she's right. He says that he should want Edward dead, and he doesn't know if he love Edward. Oswald admits that he killed Isabella because he wouldn’t share Edward, and he should have been able to sacrifice his happiness for Edwards. He then says that he's ready now and won't call Edward. Edward comes in and Oswald realizes that they were in it together. Furious, Edward says that he wanted to take what Oswald believed, and have him die knowing he was incapable of loving another person. Oswald says that he proved that he can, and asks if he passed. Edward hesitates and admits that he doesn't know what it means.

Jerome continues searching for Bruce. Bruce continues ducking in and out of the mirrors, drawing Jerome's fire. Jerome sets the gun down and says that he'll give Bruce a fighting chance... and secretly draws a knife. Bruce jumps him and after a brief fight, takes him down. He keeps punching Jerome, who tells him to let it out. Bruce finally grabs a shard of mirror and prepares to stab Jerome, but sees himself in the mirrors. Jerome tells Bruce to kill him, and Bruce screams and walks way.

Alfred fights his way to the Hall of Mirrors, and Bruce comes out. Bruce hugs his friend while Jim arrives. Jerome staggers out of the Hall holding a shard of glass, and Jim punches him, knocking his face off. It goes flying and Jerome collapses, unconscious.

The next morning at the station, the riots die down as word of Jerome's arrest goes out. Jim sees Lee walking out, and Harvey offers to buy Jim breakfast.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred tends Bruce's wounds and asks if he's ready to say what happened. He says that he was proud of the man that Bruce has become, and Bruce admits that he almost killed Jerome. Alfred points out that he controlled his anger, and Bruce says that the idea of killing him felt like justice. The butler warns that there's a fine line between justice and vengeance, and they agree that there is a line and Bruce didn't cross it. Alfred says that's the first rule, ad asks what Bruce is going to do with all of his training. Bruce admits that he doesn't know, and Alfred says that if Bruce keeps going then he has to have rules that he cannot break no matter what. The boy insists that he will not kill, and Alfred has him repeat it. When Bruce does, Alfred says that it's time to get to work.

Kathryn pours tee for the Bruce clone and says that they could have lost Gotham for good. She asks if he is prepared, and the clone wonders how he can save Gotham. Frank tells him that he's part of the plan, and says that he knows what will happen to Jim if he refuses the Court.

At his apartment, Jim is pouring himself a drink when Frank knocks at his door. Jim is surprised to see his uncle, and Frank says that it's been a long time.

Edward takes Oswald to the docks and prepares to shoot him dead. Oswald insists that he loves him, and wars that if Edward kills in cold blood then it will change him. Edward insists that he doesn't love Oswald, and Oswald says that they both need each other. Undeterred, Edward sys that Oswald killed Isabella so Oswald has to die. Oswald says that Edward was a loser until Oswald recreated him, and he's the only one who sees what Edward can still become. He tells Edward that he can't do it, and Edward says that he loved Isabella... and shoots Oswald in the chest. He then shoves Oswald into the water below and watches him sink out of sight.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 31, 2017

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