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Karma Chameleon Recap

Lucy wakes up when Wyatt pounds on her front door. He comes in and tells her that he and Rufus are going to steal the lifeboat and go back to save Jessica. Lucy insists on going with them over Wyatt's objections, and he warns that when they stop Flynn, they'll never let him near the lifeboat. If Flynn takes the mothership out, the lifeboat's CPU will tell them and they'll come back. Wyatt insists that he's done the research, and he's going to make sure Wes' parents meet so that he's never born... and never kills Jessica and the two other women he murdered. Lucy warns that Wyatt will be kicked off the team, but he figures that it will be worth it. She asks what he needs her to do, and Wyatt tells her to call Denise and tell her everything... after she gives them a 20-minute head start. Lucy wishes Wyatt luck, and he thanks her before leaving.

At Mason Industries, Wyatt and Rufus pretend for the cameras that Wyatt is forcing Rufus at gunpoint to pilot the lifeboat. Rufus warns that March 1983 is close to his birthday in December, and makes Wyatt promise that he won't hurt anyone. Once Wyatt promises, Rufus activates the sequence and they get into the lifeboat. They depart just as the guards arrive.

Emma tells Flynn and Anthony what Rittenhouse's secret is and why they bankrolled the Mothership. Anthony says that he didn't know for sure what they had planned, and warns that it's an existential threat to reality. He suggests that they destroy the mothership and figures that Rufus would destroy the lifeboat for them. Emma says that it will take time for Rittenhouse to build a new time machine, but Flynn refuses to take the chance and says that they'll stick with the plan of wiping out Rittenhouse from history. Anthony warns that it's too risky, but Flynn asks if he'll stick to the plan.

Wyatt and Rufus arrive on March 19, 1983, and go to an airport in Toledo to find Wes' parents, Claire Gilliam and Joel Bender. Claire is a flight attendant from Cleveland and has a one-night layover. She meets up with Joel and they have a one-night stand, and never sees him again. Wyatt says that all they have to do is make sure that they don't meet up. They check the flight board and realize that the plane arrived 20 minutes ago. They ask the stewardesses if they know Claire, Wyatt claiming that he's her high school friend, and they say that Claire went to the hotel. Wyatt gets the name of the hotel and leaves with Rufus.

When Lucy calls Denise and goes back to Mason Industries, Denise says that she's getting calls from the President. She figures that Lucy and Rufus are working with Wyatt, and admits that she had an agent watching Lucy's house. When Denise says that Wyatt should have come to her, Lucy asks how their deal to get Amy back is going. She says that she would steal the lifeboat herself if it would bring Amy back, and figures that Denise would do the same for her family.

Rufus and Wyatt drive to the hotel and Rufus stares at the video games in awe. Wyatt spots Claire as her and her friend order drinks. Joel is the bartender, and Wyatt realizes who it is… and that the two of them have met.

Anthony calls and Jiya picks up. He asks for Rufus as Jiya tells Connor that Anthony is on the line. Denise hears them and tells them to keep Anthony talking, and then starts tracking the calls. The agent has Lucy take the call, and Anthony realizes that Rufus took the lifeboat out. He tells Lucy that they have to speak-to-face and gives her a park address, and tells her to come alone. Anthony figures that Lucy is the only one other than Rufus who will understand, and says that he has a plan to end it for good.

Rufus goes over and "accidentally" bumps Claire, knocking her hotel key on the floor. He picks it up and says that he's with Delta Force. They grab a table and discuss the Indians, Claire's favorite team. Rufus is with Claire's friend Becky, but is too busy watching 80s TV. Becky says that she's a fan of the same shows, and Rufus jokingly says that she's a weirdo and he is too. Wyatt suggests that they go to a club, and Claire says that she's waiting for another friend. The newscaster interrupts to report about a tornado watch, and a battered state trooper staggers in. He explains that he ran into a tree down on the road, and Claire has Joel bring a first aid kit. Wyatt offers to handle it but Joel says that he has it. Meanwhile, the trooper says that everyone is confined to the bar until the warning is over. Wyatt suggests that they leave anyway, but Claire refuses to go.

Mason tells Denise that he should go with Lucy, but Denise refuses. Lucy figures that Anthony is sincere, and Denise takes her and Jiya to the rendezvous.

Rufus tells Wyatt that the lifeboat is safe in the barn where they parked it. Wyatt is unhappy that Claire and Joel are flirting with each other, and Rufus says that he'll stay on Joel while Wyatt covers Claire. Rufus then goes over to the bar and orders a banana daiquiri to keep Joel busy. Wyatt approaches Claire and invites her to play a video game. Meanwhile, Rufus hears Joel talking to his sister on the phone, telling her how to seal up the house. Becky comes over to hit on Rufus, and is disappointed when he suggests that they play Galaga. Once Becky goes to the jukebox, Joel tells Rufus to talk to Becky. Rufus says that he would rather hang with Joel, claiming that he's super cool.

As Jiya puts a tracker patch on Lucy, she admits that she's nervous that Rufus took an unauthorized trip to 1983. She says that if someone loves another person, then they tell them things like what happened. Lucy explains that Wyatt told her they were leaving before they left, and Jiya asks if she's okay.

Lucy gets out of the van and goes to the rendezvous spot as Denise's agents watch her. Anthony barges out of a storefront, gun drawn, and drags Lucy inside. Denise realizes that something is going on and orders the agents to move in. Meanwhile, Anthony finds the tracker and remove it, and wraps it in foil to block the signal. He says that he can end it all but needs Lucy's help first. They go out the back door of the building and Anthony puts the tracker on a pedestrian's suitcase. The agents surround the pedestrian while Anthony escapes with Lucy.

Anthony takes Lucy to an abandoned bar and figures that he has to trust Lucy. He figures that his family thinks that he's a monster, and admits that they're no better than Rittenhouse. Anthony says that he can't do it anymore and puts the gun away, and explains that Rittenhouse fights against outliers and rebels. They're losing more control every day, but they hope to use the mothership to go back and attack key moments in time until they create the sterile clean world that they want. Flynn is the only thing standing in their way, but it's not enough and Anthony can't risk them getting the mothership so he's going to destroy it. Anthony hopes that Lucy and Rufus will destroy the lifeboat as well. He tells Lucy not to trust anyone, including Connor. When Lucy asks for proof, Anthony tells her to have Denise monitor for an explosion in Oakland. It will be him destroying the mothership. He hopes that Lucy will do the right thing as well and walks out.

As Wyatt and Claire play the video game, a passenger comes over and recognizes Claire. He offers to buy her a drink, but she says that she's in the middle of something. Wyatt tells him that the lady refused, and leads the man off and subtly threatens him into going away. The passenger walks away and Wyatt sits down with Claire again. He asks about her job, and Claire says that she used to love it. Wyatt asks what she would do if she could do anything she wants, and Claire says that she'd go home. He tells her that she should, but Claire says that there's a thing between her and her mother and she can't go home until she either proves her mother wrong or has some good news. Wyatt tells her that she should see the family while she has the choice, and he'll get to see the family for the first time in years. The stewardesses Wyatt and Rufus talked to earlier arrive and Claire goes over to greet them. She brings them over and they say that Wyatt said he was her friend from high school. Wyatt tries to explain but Joel tells him to wait in the lobby. Once Wyatt leaves, Joel asks Claire if she's okay. She thanks him for his intervention.

Rufus and Wyatt go to the lobby and Rufus wonders if fate is bring Joel and Claire together. Wyatt doesn't believe it and refuses to accept that two people banging in a hotel room get Jessica kills. He tells Rufus to lure Joel into the back room and then they'll abduct him and take him for a little ride. Rufus reminds Wyatt that he promised not to hurt anyone, and Wyatt insists that he won't but it's something he has to do.

When she returns to Denise, Lucy tells her what Anthony said. She wants to get Amy back and then destroy the lifeboat. Denise warns that they'll be in serious trouble with her superiors if they do, but Lucy convinces her that they can save the world. However, the agent swears Lucy to secrecy and says that she has proof that Connor met with a Rittenhouse agent. Denise shows the photos to Lucy, and she recognizes Benjamin Cahill. Lucy tells Denise that the man is her father.

Rufus goes back to the bar and tells Joel that the kitchen is flooding. As they go into the back, Joel says that the phone lines are down and he's lost contact with his sister. Wyatt is waiting in the kitchen, and the passenger takes a swing at him. Wyatt knocks him out, and the trooper spots him. He tells them to break it up and spots Wyatt's gun. The trooper takes it and orders Wyatt to turn around.

Anthony is working on the mothership when Flynn and Emma come over. Flynn confirms that Emma remembers to pilot it, and Flynn leads her away to let Anthony work in peace.

Rufus runs into the office where the trooper has Wyatt, and claims that a kid ran out into the storm. As the trooper gets up, Wyatt knocks him out and has Rufus get the handcuff keys. Rufus does so and says that the bar is closed, and tells Wyatt that she and Joel went to Claire's room. Wyatt puts his gun away and helps Joel up, but Joel collapses dead. Rufus arrives and yells that they have to go, and Wyatt has no choice but to go with him.

As Rufus starts up the lifeboat, he assures Wyatt that Wes won't be born and they saved three women. Wyatt says that Joel didn't deserve to die, and tells Rufus that Jessica would hate him for what he did. He wonders how he's going to look Jessica in the eye, but figures that her being alive will be worth it.

Connor confronts Denise and asks how it went. Denise says that she can't discuss it because it's national security, and says that the U.S. Government gives her the right to run the project. The lifeboat returns and the agents take Wyatt into custody. Lucy tells Wyatt that Jessica is still dead. Rufus confirms that the other two women Wes killed are still alive, and Wyatt realizes that he killed a man for nothing. The agents lead Wyatt away as he insists that Jessica has to be alive. Jiya tells Denise that there was an explosion in Oakland.

When the team checks the debris, there's no sign of the mothership. Denise's techs have found something else: Anthony's corpse. There are two rounds in the dead, and Denise figures that Flynn killed him. Denise says that she'll tell Anthony's family that he died in an accident serving his country.

Lucy goes to Benjamin's house and says that she knows who he is. She tells him that she knows that he works for Rittenhouse. Benjamin says that it's a relief that she's there and knows about Rittenhouse. Lucy doesn't care and tells him that Rittenhouse is important. He tells her that she's a part of it too because it's her legacy. Chuckling, Benjamin says that they have a lot to talk about.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 31, 2017

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