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The Ones We Leave Behind Recap

Karen goes to the river and, after a few seconds' hesitation, throws Wesley's gun into the river. She goes home, locks the door, and starts drinking alcohol from the bottle. Karen then takes a shower, furiously scrubbing herself off and crying. As she gets out, she looks at herself in the mirror and then grabs the bottle.

A few hours later, Karen wakes up gasping and reaches for the bottle, only to realize that it's empty. She gets a beer from the refrigerator and finds Wilson waiting for her. He tells her that he knows that taking a life gets easier the more you do it and grabs her head... and Karen wakes up from her nightmare, gasping.

Later, Karen goes to the office and tries to get settled. She finally goes to the window and checks the street, and jumps when Foggy comes in. He points out that Karen smells like alcohol, and she reminds him that he was drinking earlier. Foggy asks what happened to her, but Karen avoids the question and he apologizes that what's happening between him and Matt is bleeding over onto her. Karen asks if he's coming back to the office, and he says that he came back to pick up a few things. She tries to discuss the situation but Foggy refuses to discuss it. However, he tells Karen that he's going to keep digging into Wilson's past and make him pay. Foggy asks for the information Daredevil gave Ben, and Karen asks if he considers the vigilante a terrorist. The lawyer says that he doesn't know what Daredevil is but figures that he's not a terrorist, and tells Karen to call him if she needs anything.

As Foggy goes, Matt comes in. Matt steps aside to let his partner pass, and then apologizes to Karen for everything that has happened. As Karen gets coffee, she tells Matt that Foggy blames himself for Elena's death. She tells him to talk to Foggy whether Foggy wants him to or not, and wonders if she made a mistake working there. However, Karen admits that it's her home and Matt and Foggy are the only good things in her life. Matt asks if something happened, and she says that the world fell apart.

As Wilson tries to raise Wesley again, Vanessa wakes up. He explains what happens and blames himself, and says that he's made arrangements to transport her out of the country to somewhere safe. Wilson has realized that there were consequences to what he's done, but Vanessa says that she knew and made the choice... and still does. She tells Wilson to find the people who did it and make them understand that they can never take her away from Wilson.

Francis calls Wilson out into the hallway and tells him that they've located Wesley. Wilson goes to the restaurant and contemplates Wesley's corpse, just as Leland arrives in response to Wilson's summons. Francis explains that Wesley got a call and left, ordering him to stay behind. Furious, Wilson starts beating his bodyguard until Leland intervenes. Wilson asks about the Japanese and Leland assures him that their money hasn't moved. The financier still believes that Nobu's people are responsible Wilson tells him to go, and Leland tells him to focus on clearing the zoning issues and taking control of Hell's Kitchen so that they can clear it. Once he goes, Wilson kisses Wesley on the forehead and then checks his phone. He discovers that the last call Wesley received was from Wilson's mother.

Ben is going to his car when Daredevil drops down and says that he needs information on the heroin that Elena's killer was using. The reporter confirms that it's pure and Daredevil figures that the Chinese are producing it and the Russians were distributing it, with Wilson picking up the money. If he can interrupt the heroin flow then he can put Wilson off-balance and force him to make a mistake. Ben admits that he's never been able to get a name on the woman commanding the Chinese, and Daredevil points out that blind Chinese men are delivering drugs in backpacks. The vigilante says that he'll check out the address where Ben saw the couriers and warns the reporter to watch his back.

Foggy arranges a meeting with Marci at Josie's and asks for her help with Wilson, explaining that he's connected to Elena's death. Marci refuses to discuss her firm's client, but Foggy asks her to read the information from Daredevil and she reluctantly agrees.

Karen approaches Ben as he goes into his apartment and warns him that Wilson knows that they found his mother. Inside, Ben explains that he's waiting to hear back from his contact who knew Rigoletto. He figures that once they prove Marlene's story, they can go public. Karen admits that she doesn't know for sure that Wilson has discovered they went to Saint Benezet, and Ben dismisses her hunch. Despite that, she convinces Ben to publish what he has and the reporter says that he'll do it and see what his editor has.

Marci is intrigued by the information and Foggy admits that he got it from Daredevil. He insists that Wilson is the one who blew up Hell's Kitchen, and reminds Marci that she used to care about the law and justice. Marci warns that she could be committing career suicide, and Foggy insists that Wilson and Leland will get what's coming to them and it's her chance to get in front of it.

The next day, Matt goes to the address Ben gave him and listens for one of the blind couriers. He hears the sound of a tapping cane and follows the woman. She gets into a car and Matt hears Italian music playing inside. He then ducks into an alleyway and takes off across the rooftops, following the music. The car pulls up to a warehouse and armed men let the courier inside.

At the newspaper, Ben asks after Ellison and another reporter, Caldwell, tells him that the editor had something with his kid at school and he'll be in later.

Wilson collects Marleen from Saint Benezet and drives her into the city, and warns her that it's not safe there. He plans to send her to Italy, and then asks her what she remembers when she talked to Wesley. However, her mind wanders and she returns to the topic of Italy.

Ben calls Karen and tells her that Ellison hasn't returned from his child's cello recital yet. Matt calls and Ben tells Karen to be careful. Karen switches lines and Matt tells her that he's taking the day off. He says that he's working on something and tells Karen to stay out of it, and to tell Foggy the same. Matt promises that things will work out and promises to see her later.

When Ellison returns, Ben gives his story to him. The editor warns that there's no corroboration and that they're risking a lawsuit, and Ben admits that most of the time he's just writing fluff. Ellison suspends him and Ben asks if Wilson is paying him. Furious, the editor tells him that he's fired and walks off,

At Gao's warehouse, the old woman checks on her workers and then goes up to her office. Daredevil takes out a guard and then moves in and takes out the other guards. Gao sees Daredevil and yells to her workers, and they mob him.

Leland meets with Wilson and says that he couldn't find anything connecting the Japanese to the poison attack. He suggests that Daredevil was responsible but Wilson points out that the vigilante doesn't use guns and poison. He tells Francis to double the offer on the street and keep doubling it until they get something. Wilson gets a call and then tells Leland that he has to go.

Daredevil breaks free of the workers and takes out two more of Gao's men. Their shots ignite several drums of chemicals. As the flames spread, Gao tells the vigilante that her workers blinded themselves because they have faith in something greater, and now they have nothing. Daredevil orders Gao to tell him about Wilson, but she knocks him back with a single expert blow. The building starts to come down and Daredevil grabs a guard's gun and shoots the sprinkler pipes. He orders the guard to get the workers out and then goes to a nearby roof as the fire trucks arrive.

As Daredevil drops down, Mahoney finds him and orders him to surrender. The vigilante easily disarms him and says that he's not the one who killed Blake and the other cops. He warns Mahoney that Wilson has most of the police department on his payroll, including Hoffman. A police car arrives and Daredevil escapes into the shadows.

Leland meets with Gao and she says in English that she was detained by unfortunate events. She admits that Daredevil destroyed the heroin but it's no longer convenient for her to worry about it. Leland warns that they'll be in serious trouble if Wilson discovers that they poisoned Vanessa, but Gao assures him that the reward is worth the risk. The financier asks about Wesley and Gao says that she didn't have Wesley killed. Gao says that she is going to her homeland, which is much further away than China, and consider her future. She tells Leland that they won't speak again and walks away.

At the hospital, Ben visits Doris and she realizes that something is wrong. He suggests that they go to Paris like they always talked about, and tells her husband to tell his story. Ben admits that Ellison fired him, and Doris says that all Ben ever needed was a story. She tells him to tell it on the Internet if he has to and cut through the clutter.

As Ben leaves, he calls Karen at her apartment and tells her what happened. He explains that he's going to publish everything that they have on Wilson. As Karen hangs up, Matt arrives and discovers that the door is locked. She lets him in and wonders if they're at a point where they're no longer talking to each other. Matt admits that a man he was close to once told him to push away the people he loves, and he's been doing it ever since. But he's seen the bottom of humanity and worse, and he's realized that he can't keep doing what he does by himself. Karen hugs Matt as he breaks into tears and assures him that he's not alone.

Ben returns home and goes to his computer, and then looks at a photo of himself and Doris. Wilson is sitting in the shadows and admits that he's made mistakes, and assures Ben that he'll tell him the truth. He says that he thought Ben was no longer relevant but he was mistaken, and his person on the inside has told him that Ben was fired. Wilson wonders if Ben thinks putting his story out on the Internet will make a difference, and Ben insists that people seek the truth no matter where they find it. He asks if Ben was alone when he spoke with Marlene, and Ben claims that he was. Wilson then asks if Ben killed Wesley, and Ben has no idea who he's talking about. The crime lord admits that he admires Ben's integrity, but says that the reporter brought Marlene into it. Losing his temper, Wilson says that he's there to kill Ben, not threaten him, and then lunges across the room and chokes the reporter to death. Once Ben is dead, Wilson smiles in satisfaction and walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2015

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