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BOOM Recap

In Spain, Coulson is at a sidewalk café talking to Mack over his earbud about how he often follows his worst instincts. Recently, he's heard Melinda's voice in his head telling him to stay on mission. Mack spots their target and Coulson approaches her, figuring that they can take her to Melinda. As the woman, Agnes Kitsworth, walks past Coulson, they realize that she looks like Aida.

Aida removes the VR helmet from Holden, who is astonished to discover that they've built a world to keep Melinda from escaping. The LMD says that Melinda is happy, and they go into the next room where the Superior is waiting. He prefers it if Aida isn't there, and the LMD steps out. The Superior says that they're undetectable and they have all the power that they need. He tells Holden that he read the Darkhold while Holden was sleeping, and Holden angrily warns that it can corrupt the mind. The Superior says that it gave him a simple answer to eliminating the Inhuman problem. He tells Holden that they have plans for a future together, and explains that he's found an Inhuman to use as bait. Holden shows them a container of pure Terrigen crystals, and assures them that the chemical in its pure form is harmless to humans. If a potential Inhuman is exposed then the chemical will turn them, and the Superior says that he's counting on it.

Fitz supervises the establishment of LMD scanners throughout the base. Meanwhile, Jemma tells Jeffrey that the serum he uses is potentially lethal. She warns that each injection is increasingly likely to kill him, and tells Jeffrey that he'll never be Captain America. Jeffrey says that he needs his strength because they're already a man down with Melinda missing. He's not happy that they're going to bench him, and Jemma assures him that he'll find his place. Fitz comes in and gives Jeffrey a modified battlesuit complete with a serum delivery device built in. He realizes that the tests didn't go well and explains that there's a heart monitor and GPS in the suit. Jemma tells Fitz that Jeffrey can't because it's too dangerous. An agent comes to collect Jeffrey.

Jeffrey goes to the director's office where Daisy is coordinating Inhuman relocation data. She then tells Jeffrey that he'll have to make sur the UN backs their play when Ellen tries to get their location. Jeffrey then checks in with Coulson. He says that they've confirmed that Holden modeled Aida on Agnes, an Australian ex-pat now living in Spain, and they figure she can lead them to Melinda. Jeffrey says that he wants to be there for Coulson, and Coulson says that he did his best to protect the Avengers when he was part of their team.

Coulson approaches Agnes and finds her sketching. He says that he knows about the work she did with Holden. Agnes tells him that she doesn't want anything to do with Holden and starts to walk away. Mack stops her and shows her a tablet with a photo of Aida, and Agnes says that Holden actually did it.

Terrence visits Ellen, who is preparing a media onslaught against the Inhumans. She sees Terrence, who says that he needs a word with her. Ellen says that she has no secrets from her staff, and Terrence points out that she has the same blood as her brother. She insists that she's not an Inhuman, but Terrence warns her that the gene is passed down. he smashes the Terrigen crystal and nothing happens to Ellen... but Terrence is cocooned. After a second, there's a massive explosion.

Later, Daisy and the others watch a newscast about the explosion at Ellen's office. The reporter suggests that the Inhumans may have targeted her. Daisy has accounted for all of them that they know and figures out that it's a setup. The FBI confirms that there are four casualties, including Ellen. Jeffrey says that it's time to show the world what S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for.

Coulson wonders why Holden made Aida look like Agnes. He asks her if she was special to Holden, and Agnes says that she was the one thing that Holden couldn't quite fix. What mattered was that Holden couldn't deal with failure so he left her. Agnes admits that she has an inoperable brain tumor. When Mack offers his condolences, Agnes says that's why she left Australia: so she wouldn’t have to hear people say that. Coulson insists that they have to find Holden and Agnes will help them. Agnes refuses to have anything to do with Holden and walks off.

Jeffrey and the team goes to Ellen's office and Daisy tells Jeffrey to stay outside and deal with the press while they investigate the explosion.

Coulson tells Mack that they have Agnes' location and can bring her in, but Mack refuses to help. He wants to give Agnes some peace, and warns that they don't know if Melinda isn't alive. Coulson refuses to give up on Melinda and will make Agnes cooperate whether Mack helps or not.

Fitzsimmons examine the bomb site and find no trace of bomb materials. Daisy questions the witnesses and confirms that Terrence was there, and they figure that Terrence is one of the other three bodies. Jemma suggests that they do a facial recognition search and they go to work.

Terrence staggers to a safehouse and the Superior grabs him by the throat. He points out that he didn't tell Terrence to blow Ellen up, and Terrence claims that Ellen turned and exploded. Terrence says that he doesn't remember how he got out, and asks for a chance to protect himself. He swears his loyalty to the Superior, and the Superior hugs him. The Russian then says that he's leaving the city because Terrence has made it too dangerous. When he warns that S.H.I.E.L.D. will come for Terrence, Terrence promises to take them down.

Once Jemma spots Terrence, Daisy takes a S.H.I.E.L.D. team to the safehouse and they blast their way in.

Coulson visits Agnes and says that he planned to force Agnes to comply. However, he decided to start with an apology and does so. Coulson explains that Holden took Melinda from him and she means everything to him. Agnes lets him in and Coulson admits that it's personal. He tells Agnes that Holden replaced Melinda with an LMD and they still don't know what happened to Melinda. Agnes doesn't believe that Holden would do anything because he's about prolonging life, and Coulson warns her that Holden is under the influence of something dark and powerful. He insists that Melinda deserves the chance to live life on her own terms, and Agnes asks what he wants her to do.

Daisy transports Terrence and the other captive Watchdogs via Quinjet. She tells Terrence that they have him on tape walking into Ellen's office, and asks if Terrence was following the Superior's orders. Daisy says that if he gets them to Holden then she can make him a deal, but Terrence refuses to talk to anyone but Jeffrey. She hits him with a seismic blast and repeats her question.

Holden is working when he gets a message. He reads it and says that it's fate, and tells Aida that he has to leave immediately. Holden tells Aida to prepare the Framework in his absence. When she points out that he's being evasive, Holden explains that LMDs have to maintain the appearance of humanity. He brings up a photo of Agnes but assures Aida that she's unique. Holden tells the LMD that Agnes needs his help and leaves, and Aida looks at the photo of Agnes.

Ion the Quinjet lab, Fitzsimmons test the debris for explosive debris. Fitz realizes that they found pieces of Inhuman husk Jemma figures that someone went through Terragenesis and exploded, and Fitz realizes that Terrence survived it because he was the Inhuman. They head for the cargo bay.

In the cargo bay, Jeffrey figures that he might as well talk to Terrence. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents bring Terrence forward and he says that they're the most famous Inhumans in the world. He braces himself just as Fitzsimmons run in and yell a warning. Daisy blasts Terrence back, and Jeffrey tackles the man. He manages to shove him into the containment unit, and Fitz runs forward to release it just as Terrence explodes. Jemma slaps Fitz in anger for his risking his life and the hugs him.

In the desert below, Terrence reconstitutes himself and yells in triumph. A station wagon pulls up and the driver asks if Terrence was in an accident. Terrence says that he was and asks for a ride.

Jeffrey tells Daisy that he fumbled the ball and there's no excusing it. Fitzsimmons replays video of Terrence exploding, and explain that he can transform his body into a flammable gas that explodes when it reaches critical mass. Then he reconstitutes, and Fitz figures that Terrence is still alive. Jeffrey asks how they can control him, and Fitzsimmons look at Daisy. Daisy reluctantly agrees to try and generate a counter vibration, and Jeffrey says that they have to act fast.

Agnes waits in a café, and Agnes figures that Holden isn't coming. Coulson and Mack are monitoring her, and Mack asks Agnes to wait a little longer. She agrees and a waiter brings Agnes a phone. It rings and Coulson tells Agnes to answer it. Holden says that some people are after him, but Agnes tells him that she wanted closure and wants to face him. He says that he can save her and asks her to let him keep his promise. Holden tells her to get up and start walking.

After killing the driver, Terrence drives to a motel and asks the clerk for his phone. He calls the Superior and tells him that the Terrigen made him an Inhuman. Terrence says that he can still be a soldier in the war to protect humanity, and promises to deliver S.H.I.E.L.D. to the Superior. Once Terrence hangs up, he tells the clerk to explode and starts to detonate.

On the Quinjet, Daisy tries to find the right counter vibration without success. Jeffrey comes in and tells them that Terrence blew up a motel, so they're out of time.

As she walks, Agnes tells Holden that after he left, she threw away a print that he promised to buy her the original of. Holden says that he worked out a way to cure death itself, and opens the door of the car where he's waiting. Coulson and Mack head there, while Holden says that he's made a Framework: a world where death is obsolete. Inside of the Framework, Agnes can have a full and happy life. After a moment she takes out the earbud, crushes it, and gets in the car with Holden. Russians open fire on Coulson and Mack as they arrive, providing cover, and then drive off.

Daisy finds Terrence walking down the highway and confronts him. Jemma says that she's exhausted thinking of how much kinetic energy Terrence needs to reform, and Daisy gets an idea. She detonates Terrence with a seismic blast. He reforms and Daisy blasts him again. Meanwhile, Jemma and Fitz prepare a containment chamber, and Jemma tells Jeffrey that Daisy is trying to wear Terrence out. They spot hummers coming and realize that they're the Russians: it's a trap.

Terrence reforms and tells Daisy that all he has to do is deliver her. She blasts him again and tells Jemma that she can't keep it up much longer.

Jeffrey tells Fitzsimmons that he's the blocker, and goes to confront the Russians while Fitzsimmons drive to Daisy. Once he's alone, Jeffrey injects himself with the serum and winces in pain. He then runs forward and stops one hummer with his bare hands. The Watchdogs surround him and the Superior asks if Jeffrey is bulletproof. The Russian figures that they have the Inhuman director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Watchdogs taser Jeffrey unconscious.

Daisy tells Terrence that he's a freak like her. He keeps coming and Daisy triggers him to explode. Fitzsimmons arrive and drive through Terrence's gaseous form, capturing it in the containment unit.

Aida tells Agnes that she's doing well and hooks her up to the Framework. Holden assures Agnes that she'll never suffer again, and Aida puts the VR helmet on Agnes. The LMD downloads Agnes' consciousness into the Framework.

As they head back to base, Coulson tells Mack that Agnes made her choice. He admits that he would have done the same thing, and tells Mack that he's not letting go of Melinda. Coulson figures from what Holden said that Melinda is the subject in the framework.

Agnes finds herself in her old apartment with the painting that Holden promised her. In the real world, Aida warns Holden that there's nothing that they can do sustain her in the real world. Holden kisses Agnes hand as Agnes flatllines. He says that it doesn't matter because Agnes' consciousness will live forever. Once he leaves, Aida removes a necklace from around Agnes' neck and puts it on her own.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 8, 2017

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