The Superior sends Terrence to trigger Terragenesis in Nadeer, believing that she's an Inhuman. However, they all got an explosive surprise. Meanwhile, Coulson and Mack track down the woman that Aida's appearance was based on and try to use her to find Melinda.


By Gadfly on Feb 8, 2017

In Spain, Coulson is at a sidewalk café talking to Mack over his earbud about how he often follows his worst instincts. Recently, he's heard Melinda's voice in his head telling him to stay on mission. Mack spots their target and Coulson approaches her, figuring that they can take her to Melinda. As the woman, Agnes Kitsworth, walks past Coulson, they realize that she looks like Aida. Aida removes the VR helmet from Holden, who is astonished to discover that they've built a world to keep Melin…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted a year ago

It was much worse on the 100...this isn't bad, but as you say, as long as it doesn't linger. The good news however, is that cbag foreign senator is finally dead!

kevin87 posted a year ago

Not gonna lie, this Framework stuff is pretty stupid, just like it was on The 100 last year as the City of Light. Just hope it doesn't take up as much storyline for Agents of SHIELD as it did for The 100.

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