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Wayne Dream Team Recap

Emily and Jackie are going to a street vendor to get Danishes street and Emily insists on talking about her new apartment. Jack-O-Lantern flies over and blasts everything, destroying the vendor's cart.

When Emily and Jackie get to work, they arrive at the conference room with the others. Van talks about how he stayed in an ice hotel in Greenland at a Wayne Industries Management Retreat, and they're green-lighting the team's anti-rubble umbrella. Emily says that they'll have it done by the end of the week, but Teddy suggests that they propose a reasonable timeframe again. Van prefers Emily's idea and tells them to get to work.

Late, Emily asks Jackie if the team would want to go bowling. Jackie warns her that a boss can't be friends with her employee, and Jackie goes over to join Teddy, Wendy, and Ron. They're watching a Super Hero League update and they're discussing their picks. Emily tries to get involved but they tell her that the League is full. They go to the lab to check the anti-rubble umbrella. Teddy and Ron drop rubble to demonstrate and it knocks the dummy's head off. Emily says that they'll be working late but can have fun.

Van shows Jackie a picture of the Wayne Dream Team and complains that he's not in it except for his shoulder. He figures that if he wants stuff done he should do it himself, just as HR director CEO Samuel Greene comes in and points out that his face is in the picture. Emily arrives and is impressed with Emily.

The team continues testing their anti-rubble umbrella without much success. They're playing the League game, but assure Emily that they know how to manage their team. Later, they're still playing and Emily complains to Jackie that they're not motivated. Jackie tells Emily to be a dick. Samuel comes in and points out a woman, Susan, with a photo of her daughter's swim team on her computer. He says that it makes an uncomfortable work environment and tells him to get rid of it. Emily figures that somebody has to be the bad guy, but not her.

Emily visits Samuel and asks what the company policy is about people using their computers to play Fantasy League. Samuel says that they turn a blind eye unless it's a problem, and then it gets fun.

Jackie goes to Van's office and finds him shooting photos of himself to Photoshop it into the Dream Team photo and hang it up in the lobby. She offers to help him before he does something stupid, but Van tells her that it's too late.

Emily checks with her team, which has discovered that the Fantasy site is blocked. She feigns ignorance, and they soon discover that the entire Internet is blocked. Wendy figures that HR did it, and Emily agrees. She suggests that they get back to work, but Ron figures that they should figure out how to get the Internet back. They decide to put everything else aside until they figure it out.

Emily goes to Samuel and asks him to restore the Internet. He closes the door and explains that he has to look like he's doing something to keep his job. When Emily tries to convince him otherwise, Samuel threatens her with a six-hour anti-bullying video and she quickly leaves.

The team manages to cut off everything else in the building and still don't get the Internet back. They see Emily come back from HR, and she says that she was trying to get the Internet back. The team is impressed that she stood up to Samuel, and Ron admits that he thought Emily was the reason the Internet was shut down. Teddy invites her to join their Fantasy league and they go back to work.

Van and Jackie check out the new photo, and Van says that he told the art department to do it on their own. He's making finger-guns in the picture. Once Van leaves, the team comes out and sees the picture, and asks for the photo that Van used. Jackie is more than glad to provide it.

Later, Emily visits Jackie and tells her that the team is back on track and they've invited her into their League. Jackie insists that it's not possible for a boss to be friends with her employees, and Van comes in and agrees. The team goes by and makes finger-guns at Van, who makes them right back. When Emil wonders what's going on, Van takes her to the picture... and discovers that the team has put up dozens of Photoshopped pictures of him making finger-guns. As the team come by with a cardboard cutout of Van making finger-guns, Samuel comes out and demands an explanation. Emily says that it was a joke, but Samuel says that they'll be watching an anti-bullying video. When Emily says that he's ridiculous, Samuel loudly says that Emily betrayed them.

Later, Emily finds the team letting new co-worker into the League to replace Emily. Emily apologizes but they don't accept it. She says that she only did it because they didn't do their job, and Teddy insists that they would have gotten it done at the last minute. They say that they'll have the project done and Emily will look great.

Jackie takes Van to the picture and shows him that he's back in the picture. She explains that the photographer cropped Van out because he was being a dead, and she told him that Van was dying and she needed the picture for the funeral. Van figures that Jackie is smug that she handled it when he couldn't, and she walks off making finger-guns.

The team makes up the test dummy to look like Emily. Samuel comes in and tells them that the Internet is back on and they don't have to watch the anti-bullying video. He says that he's not on liberty to say why and walks off. Samuel then goes to his office where Emily has offered to watch the anti-bullying video four times and fill his quota. He warns that the video has broken Navy SEALS and leaves.

The video goes on... and on... and on. Recovering super-villain Prince Evillo is required to talk about it, and Jackie tells the team. They come by at Hour Twenty-Four, and they go in and get Emily out. The team thanks Emily for taking the bullet for them, and they assure her that she's their boss and not their friend. Teddy explains that they haven't finished their League draft yet and invite her to join.

Van asks Jackie to go to Greenland to get his cufflinks. She already has them, but didn't polish them. Emily wonders why Jackie puts up with Van, and she says that he always remembers her birthday and got her kid into a good school. She takes Van to the lab and the team demonstrates the umbrella... which finally works. As he leaves, the League comes on and it turns out that Emily's pick won.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 10, 2017

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