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Rise of the Villains: Knock Knock Recap

Theo meets with Mayor James, ties him up, and puts his head in a box. He talks about how he has a jar with a spider, and is going to let it into the box on James' head... unless James tells his secretary that he is running off with a woman. James quickly agrees to the latter choice, and Theo opens the box and says that there is no spider... but James will wish there was one if he doesn't do what he asks. The philanthropist explains that monsters are coming and he has a great cleaning in mind for Gotham.

The next day, the Gotham Gazette is running a story about James' disappearance. As they talk, men go flying past the window. Everyone runs to the window... while on the roof, Jerome is having his fellow Arkham prisoners throw people onto the street below. Tabitha watches from nearby as Jerome and his men toss the last man over. The letters that the escapees sprayed on each man, lying dead on the street, spell out "Maniax!."

Commissioner Essen meets with the GCPD detectives, including the recently reinstated Jim, and reminds them of the six inmates that broke out of Arkham and killed seven men. She puts Jim in charge of the manhunt, and has him brief the others on the five escapees: Jerome, Arnold Dobkins, Aaron Helzinger, Robert Greenwood, and Barbara Keen.

At his penthouse, Theo congratulates his team on opening big. Now they're going to confront the citizens with what they fear and then offer them salvation. Theo says that they're going to be on TV and they have to learn how to present themselves with style. Jerome is a natural. Tabitha and Barbara lead Mayor James in, whipping him ahead, and complain that they're bored. Theo assures Barbara that her time is coming soon, and asks her to tell him about Jim.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred go through Thomas' underground office. Bruce prepares to turn on Thomas' computer, and Alfred warns that it may be too much for him. When Bruce ignores him, Alfred smashes the computer. He insists that it had to be done, and points out all of the guns and weapons in the cavern. Alfred refuses to let Bruce suffer the same fate as whatever killed Thomas. Bruce tells him to go and never come back because he's fired.

Jerome and the other men are fighting over swords when Theo comes in and stops them. He says that they're a team but Jerome and Greenwood argue about who is in charge. Theo takes out a revolver and puts one bullet in the chamber, and has them play Russian Roulette for it. Greenwood goes first and the chamber is empty. Jerome takes the revolver and takes the shot... and then a second. He pulls the trigger a third time and nothing happens, and he says that he's the boss... and gives the revolver back to Greenwood. Theo agrees that Jerome is the boss.

Jim goes to Harvey's bar and tells him about his new case. Harvey's fiancée Scotty comes over and figures that Jim wants Harvey to come back to work. Jim admits that he needs Harvey's help, and Scotty immediately refuses for Harvey. Harvey agrees with her, saying that he has a life, and points out that the victims were from Yellen Shipyard. He wonders why they did, and suggests that Jim find out why.

At the station, Jim tells Essen that Harvey isn't coming back but suggested a lead. The Maniax stole a refueling truck from the shipyard and it was fully loaded with gasoline. Jim has put out an APB already. He tells Essen that Jim is a happy man, and Essen wonders if he's ever thought about walking away. She admits that she did for a long time, but she's decided to be different from all of the previous corrupt commissioners.

At the manor, Bruce is sitting alone when Alfred comes in with his suitcase. He says that it's been an honor and a privilege to serve the Waynes, and admits that the suitcase and its contents are all he has. Bruce says goodbye and Alfred leaves to catch his chain.

The Maniax wait in the refueling truck until a school bus with cheerleaders goes by. They then drive off after them.

Kristin finds Edward in her records room and he finally asks her if she knew houseflies hum in the key of F. she says that she didn't and leaves, and Edward talks to himself about how he thought he was going to ask Kristin out. Nygma appears to him and says that he has confidence and maybe he'll ask Kristin out, and Edward tells him to go away. An officer hears him yelling and Edward tries to pass it off.

The Maniax cut off the bus and Jerome motions at the driver to open the door.

Alvarez tells Jim that they've spotted the stolen truck and Jim takes off.

The Maniax handcuff the cheerleaders to their seats and then spray them with gasoline. Once he's done, Jerome steps out and takes out a cigarette lighter. It doesn't light, and Jerome asks the cheerleaders if any of them has a light. The police pull up and the Maniax open fire, sure that the police can't shoot without setting off the gasoline. Jim move sin and Jerome tells Dobkins to light up the gasoline. Jerome drives off with Helzinger and Greenwood, and Jim knocks Dobkins unconscious. The lighter goes off as it hits the ground, and Jim drives the bus away before the flames can spread to the bus.

Afterward, Jim orders Dobkins to tell who broke him out. Dobkins wants a guarantee of his safety... just as a sniper kills him. As Jim takes cover, Tabitha puts away her rifle and leaves.

Bruce goes to the train station and sits down next to a waiting Alfred. He says that he understands that Alfred was trying to protect him, but there's nothing Alfred can do to stop him from carrying out Thomas' work. Bruce says that he doesn't want Alfred to go, but he has to be either with him or not. Alfred warns that he's not ready, and Bruce asks him to make him ready. He knows what he has to do and will even go back to school if he wants. Alfred considers and says that Bruce must do exactly what he says, when he says it, with no exceptions. Bruce agrees and they shake. However, Bruce says that he has to fix the computer.

At the morgue, Leslie examines Dobkins' corpse and tells Jim and Essen that a sniper was responsible. Essen wonders why, and Jim figures that they wanted headlines. As Essen goes to identify the bullet, Jim and Leslie briefly says that they love each other and then Jim leaves.

Alfred goes to a club and orders a drink. He talks to Lucius Fox, who is sitting next to him, and Lucius confirms that it's his regular spot. Alfred explains that he's Bruce's guardian and claims it's a coincidence that they met because he was just thinking about Lucius. Lucius finally asks what he was thinking about, and Alfred says about a criminal, Oslow, who asked him for a favor. He agreed not to let Alfred down, but he did and Alfred took care of him. What Alfred learned is that there are those who can be trusted, and those who can't. He asks Lucius which kind he is, and Lucius avoids the question. Alfred wants to confide in him and wants to know if he's trustworthy, and says that Lucius created the mess when he told Bruce that Thomas was a stoic. Now Alfred has no choice but to trust him, and warns that if he can't trust Lucius, then he will kill him. Lucius insists that he has the best intentions for Bruce, and Alfred orders another drink and one for Lucius... and asks how he is at fixing computers.

At the station, Jim gets a call from Barbara. He advises her to turn herself in, saying that she's sick, and Barbara laughs. Jim hears the echo in the squad room and sees her at the door. She walks out and Jim goes after her. Meanwhile, the Maniax come in dressed as cops. Jerome draws a gun on Essen in her office, while the others toss smoke grenades out and open fire, gunning down the detectives. Edward tackles Kristin and knocks her down before she can be heat.

Jim corners Barbara in an alley. She says that he was wrong about her, and it's too late to talk. Helzinger drops on Jim from the fire escape and beats him as Barbara looks on. She finally tells Helzinger it's enough and then sits on Jim's chest and says that she's free. Barbara kisses him and walks off with Helzinger.

Greenwood checks the morgue and finds Dobkins' body. Laughing, he walks out, unaware that Leslie is hiding beneath the gurney.

After everyone else is dead in the squad room, Jerome ties Essen to a chair and says that he wants dead cops and PR. Essen says that he's crazy, and Jerome insists that he's not crazy. She promises that he'll be dead and the world will go on without him. Jerome insists that she's wrong and promises that they'll spread across Gotham like a virus, shoots one of the Maniax, and laughs. Essen spits in his face and then head-butts him, and Jerome says that it's his turn.

Jim manages to stagger down the alley back to the station. He finds the few massacre survivors and Leslie tending to them. She assures him that she isn't hurt, and he explains that Barbara lured him away. They find a mortally wounded Essen, and she tells Jim that it's a new day with her dying breath.

Alfred brings Lucius to Thomas' cave and has him work on the computer. He tells Bruce that Thomas didn't tell him everything, and he helped him with technical resources. Lucius doesn't know what was on the computer, and didn't want to know. He warns that it will take some time to fix the computer, and Bruce thanks him for his help. After a moment, Lucius says that he loved Thomas, and regrets that he didn't help him more. Alfred comes in and tells Bruce that something has happened.

As Kristin gets Edward some aspirin, Bruce and Alfred arrive. Bruce finds Jim and says that he's relieved that he's okay. He apologizes for what he said at their last meeting, says that Jim has been a good friend, and hugs him. Jim then goes to Essen's office. Harvey comes in, back in his suit, and they agree that Essen was a good woman. Jim says that he doesn't have to come back, but Harvey says that they are who they are and there's no use fighting it. he figures that Scotty will understand... or she won't. On the TV, the news runs footage of Jerome boasting that they're all prisoners. He tells them to free and shoots his prisoners, and says that they'll be back soon.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2015

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