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Rise of the Villains: Knock Knock

Theo sends his team of Maniax out on a new assignment, but it's only the prelude to something much larger and bloodier. Meanwhile, Alfred tries to protect Bruce, and turns to Lucius Fox for help.


By Gadfly on Sep 29, 2015

Theo meets with Mayor James, ties him up, and puts his head in a box. He talks about how he has a jar with a spider, and is going to let it into the box on James' head... unless James tells his secretary that he is running off with a woman. James quickly agrees to the latter choice, and Theo opens the box and says that there is no spider... but James will wish there was one if he doesn't do what he asks. The philanthropist explains that monsters are coming and he has a great cleaning in mind for…

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Episode Discussion

Bero2211 posted 5 years ago

I think that just because of all the shocking twists its very exciting

MrCorleone posted 5 years ago

Not as good as previous episode

SilverSurfer posted 5 years ago

Me likey but I'm not sure this show can continue with a body count like this episode ... there was a lot of blood and death for a genre network show that usually keeps such violence in check

gjuniorX posted 5 years ago

This show is amazing,Gotham:Rise of the Villains theme for season 2 is wicked,I have seen worse on the news & seeing how the Villains are all escaped from Arkham Asylum for the mentally insane i am not sure what people would be expecting. Cameron Monaghan as Jarome aka The Joker is amazing,I almost forget that he is an actor & was starting to think they actually hired a insane person to play his part..

dsphilippines posted 5 years ago

I only hope it will not continue this sick! Was excited to see saison 2 after finishing saison 1 but it turns into more sick then expected... Continuing like this hopefully will cancel this series... Age limit is set to adult I hope...

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