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Hook Recap

Somewhere in Uruguay, Mac and Jack are up to their necks in quicksand. He explains that most people die of dehydration or starvation, and Jack suggests that Mac think of something. Mac starts screaming for help but doesn't get a response.

Later, Jack dares Riley to hang for five minutes and throws things at her. She wins anyway in their game of Truth or Dare, and everyone demands the truth from Jack about what happened between him and Matty in the CIA. Jack refuses and Wilt points out that if they're good, why Jack didn't invite Matty there. After a moment, Jack describes the plot of Die Hard. Everyone realizes what he's doing and dares him to drink hot sauce. He'd rather do that.

Matty calls the team in and realizes that Jack is miserable from drinking hot sauce. She explains that Aaron Deckard works for an Armenian crime syndicate as a fixer. His boss, Armen Morsofian, has killed at least nineteen law enforcement officers but no one has proven it because Deckard makes the bodies disappear. Four days ago, Deckard was pulled over and the police found three bodies in his trunk. However, they could only hold him on possession of an unregistered firearm. Matty tells them to get Deckard, and have learned that he's stealing cars and heading south from St. Louis to Mexico. If he leaves the country then they'll never see him again.

Jack and Mac head to Louisiana and move in on the location of Deckard's stolen car. While Jack drives, Mac tries to get Jack to talk about his past with Matty. Jack recites the movie plot of Armageddon, and says that it was the worst moment of his career and doesn't want to talk about it. They move in on Deckard's car and discover that there are two sets of skid marks. There's no sign of Deckard, and a canister of pepper spray in the front seat. Mac wonders if the police ran Deckard off the road, and there's marks that a non-police truck ran Deckard's vehicle off the road. Jack figures that a bounty hunter was involved.

The agent head down the road and spot a vehicle that matches the paint scratches parked at a bar. Mac sends the license plates to Riley and they go inside. One man, Billy Colton, is boasting to a pool player that he captured Deckard. There's no sign of Deckard, and they go over and ask Billy what he was talking about. They ask if Deckard is tied up, and Billy says that Deckard won't get free. Mac joins the game and works out the next shot, and Billy figures that they're bounty hunters. He spotted them a few miles back and speeded up his timetable, then stopped so they'd catch up and he could check out the competition. Jack suggests that Billy hand Deckard over, and Mac points out that it's two against one. Billy says that he's got friends and three of the bar patrons come over.

Billy leaves his new friends to their fun and leaves. Jack improvises a pair of nunchaku out of a broken pool cue and goes after Billy, who has hidden Deckard in a nearby bus's luggage carrier. As he gets Deckard into his car, Mac rips off a bumper sticker from a vehicle and uses it to stick his phone to the bottom of Billy's truck as it drives over him. Jack runs out and Mac asks for his phone to call Riley. Once Jack hands it over, Mac confirms that Riley has a bead on his phone and they follow it.

As they drive, Mac and Jack call in and report to Matty. Riley confirms that the plates are fake, and tells them that the phone stopped moving. They pull up to a diner where the truck is parked, and Jack gets the VIN number from the truck. Riley starts the trace, and Matty steps out. The hacker gets an idea and tells Jack that she got the CIA file on Jack and Matty's last mission together. It's heavily encrypted and she needs some time with the Phoenix servers, and Wilt says that he knows where she can do it.

Mac and Jack enter the diner and there's no sign of Billy. The owner, Mama, comes out and the agents ask about Billy. Mama says that she saw Billy go to the bathroom in the place, and warns that she doesn't want trouble in her diner. As Mac and Jack go in the back, Riley calls and says that the truck's address is the diner. Mama and her children Billy, Jesse, and Frank come in with guns and Mama asks how she can help them.

The family escorts Jack and Mac out front, and Mama demands the truth. She then serves them buttermilk pie and wants their honest opinion. As they eat, Mac claims that their bounty hunters and Jack really likes the pie. She puts some whipped cream on it and then tells Mac that she knows they're not bounty hunters. She figures that Jack is ex-Delta and demands the truth. Mac admits that they work for a secret government and they'll double the bounty for Deckard. Mama insists that she can't be bought and Mac suggests that they just pay the Colton's employer. She doesn't want to deal with someone who won't tell her the truth, and they always finish the deal. Mama refuses to let what they've done with Billy stand, and then bursts into laughter. Her children join in and put away their weapons, and Mama that it's best that she never sees Jack and Mac again. She explains that Billy and Frank are Jesse are going to drive the agents way out of town.

Billy and Jesse take Jack and Mac out past a horse trailer, and they figure that Deckard is inside. Jack tries to pick a fight with Billy, pointing out that Mama isn't fond of Billy after he screwed up a job, and Jesse jumps in. Meanwhile, Mac peers in the trailer and confirms that Deckard is inside. He then punctures the pepper spray containers on the Coltons' hips. Mac and Jack then drive off in the truck attached to the horse trailer. While they drive north to the exfil point, Mac points out that Jack and Matty are just like Mama and Billy, and their rift makes their team vulnerable. The Coltons get ahead of them and block the road, and then open fire. Jack goes off the road and the Coltons move in.

Wilt checks with Riley in the lab. Riley has found a video file, but it turns out to be a video chat. Matty is shocked that it took them so long to find the fake file, and says that Jack and Mac have gotten themselves in trouble again.

Jack continues riding Billy, and Jesse and Billy zip-tie them and load them in the horse trailer after taking their phones. Jesse warns that Mama won't like it if she sees them again, advises them to stay put, and drives off with her brothers. Jack reveals that he stole his phone back from Billy when he was riding him, and Mac dials Phoenix while telling Jack that he has to fix whatever he has with Matty. Matty answers and the agents admit that they don’t have Deckard. She says that she's sending in a team of Phoenix agents to do what they couldn't, and glares at wilt and Riley. They head out and Matty hangs up. Jack figures that it's over and he's let Matty down again.

Mac jumps on Billy's phone to break it, and then grabs the circuit bar and scraped it down into a blade. Once they cut themselves free, they run to the nearest gas station and Mac tries to bring up Matty again. Jack says that Matty took a personal hit bailing him out of trouble, and there's nothing he can do to fix the situation. At the gas station, they steal a truck and head out.

At the diner, Wilt and Riley pose as a married couple and claim that they need the Coltons to find a fake investor who stole their money. Riley and Wilt bicker over how they met, and Mama asks for more information. Meanwhile, the Phoenix assault team turns on a water faucet. When Frank goes to investigate, the soldiers grab Deckard and get him out. They text Riley that they have Deckard, and Riley excuses herself and Wilt. Once they leave, Mama tells Frank and Billy to find out who their visitors were.

Outside, Riley and Wilt get into their truck. Jack and Mac arrive and Riley explains what happened. Three SUVs pull up and the team realizes that it's Morsofian and his men. Mac figures that Morsofian hired the Coltons to hand Deckard over, and that they just got the Coltons killed. He then goes in and holds up his hands.

Jack, Riley, and Wilt sneak up and tells wilt to follow Mac's instructions.

Mac claims that he works for Mama, and Mama plays along. Once they're alone, Mac says that his people have Deckard and Mama's clients are international criminals. He points out that her family is danger whether she hands him over or not, and Morsofian wasn't going to pay them. Mama confirms that mac's previous offer stands, and Mac has her send Jesse to get Deckard. Jesse comes back and Morsofian realizes that something is wrong. One of his enforcers spot a hooded tied-up man running past. They run out and open fire, then drive after the disguised Jack. Riley overrides their electronics with her laptop, and Jack removes the hood and laughs.

Inside the diner, Mac pours Mama's moonshine into the whipped cream dispenser. He then sprays the Armenians as they prepare to shoot the Coltons. When the criminals prepare to shoot anyway, Mac points out that he just sprayed them with highly flammable moonshine. One shot will set off a huge fire. Mama lights a match and threatens to light them up herself, and the Armenians surrender.

As the FBI take the Armenians away, Billy apologizes to Mama for screwing up. She hugs her son and assures him that it's all right. They go over to join the others, and Mac insists that they lied for a good cause. Mama demands their money, and Jack says that Mac will have to talk to Matty. The diner owner says that it wasn't too bad working with the, but there will be hell to pay if they steal her mark again. Billy admits that Mac was pretty impressive, and Jesse tells Jack that she'll see him later.

Back at Phoenix, the team reports what happened to Matty. Matty is less than thrilled that Phoenix is on the hook for $4 million and orders them all out. Mac glances at Jack, who hangs back and when they're alone, tells Matty that they need to talk.

Back at Mac's and Wilt's place, the team enjoys buttermilk pie. Matty comes in and asks for some of the pie that jack won't stop talking about. When she goes to get a plate, Jack sits down with Mac and admits that he was right. Wilt suggests another game of truth or Dare, and Matty says that she loves it. She promises that it will get awkward for Jack because she knows all of his secrets, and Mac gets out the hot sauce.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 18, 2017

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