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The Red Scare Recap

Flynn makes sure everything is clear, and assures his daughter that there are no monsters in the closet. His daughter Iris worries about the monsters, and Flynn promises that he'll always protect her.


Flynn wakes up when Emma comes in and says that two of Flynn's men bailed. Flynn says that he only asked one more mission, but Emma points out that the last two missions didn't fail. He asks if she wants to leave, and Emma says that she just wants to make sure that Flynn doesn't kill her like he killed Anthony.

The Lifeboat arrives in the present at the warehouse in Oakland, and Wyatt says that their friend is badly wounded. Lucy says that she knows who they can call. They bring in Lucy's fiancé Noah, who warns that he's doing what he can but they need to get Rufus to a hospital. Outside, Lucy talks to Noah, who is angry that Lucy disappeared and then called him out of the blue to patch some guy up. Lucy says that she's sorry and Noah needs to leave, and admits that she can't explain to him what happened. She tells Noah that the person he fell in love with isn't her and never will. Noah wonders if it's because of Wyatt, and Lucy says that it isn't and that Noah deserves someone who loves him.

When Lucy goes back inside, she finds Denise and Jiya there. Wyatt tells them that Flynn just jumped to DC in 1954. Lucy figures that it's where the Rittenhouse summit is, and Wyatt warns that Flynn knows they can't chase him without Rufus. He says that Flynn is rabid and almost killed Rufus, and asks Rufus if he's okay to fight. Rufus immediately agrees, and Wyatt asks Jiya to come along as co-pilot. As Rufus warns that the Lifeboat was only intended for three, Denise sees Rittenhouse agents outside on the security monitor. She tells the others to leave while she holds them off.

Everyone gets inside and the Lifeboat departs just as the Rittenhouse agents burst in. Jake is leading them, and Denise glares at him. Conor comes in as the agents arrest Denise, and she merely asks for her attorney. Jake sarcastically says that he'll get right on it.

The Lifeboat arrives at a warehouse in 1954 and Lucy suggests that they start with Joe McCarthy. She figures that he's with Rittenhouse, and as she and Wyatt head out, Jiya points out that they're not wearing era-appropriate clothing.

Flynn visits Joe in his office and says that he knows of Communist spies and can only tell Joe. However, first he asks where the Rittenhouse summit is. Joe denies any knowledge of Rittenhouse, and Flynn threatens to expose Joe's fake aerial missions. The Senator warns that if he tells Flynn that he's a dead man, but Flynn says that no one will find out. Joe writes down an address and rants about enemies, and warns Flynn that he'll never defeat Rittenhouse. Flynn then hands over photographs of Lucy and Wyatt and says that they're the Communist spies.

Once they get appropriate clothing, Lucy and Wyatt head for the Capital. FBI agents are waiting and arrest them, and plant a Russian pistol on Wyatt.

At the Lifeboat, Rufus notices that Jiya's eye is red. He wonders if it's because they put four people in the Lifeboat, but Jiya dismisses it as nothing.

The agents separate Wyatt and Lucy, and Flynn visits Lucy. He says that Lucy's grandfather Ethan will be at the Rittenhouse summit, and he doesn't know what will happen to Lucy. Lucy wonders why he's telling her, and figures that Flynn wants her to stop him. She says that she thinks Flynn is a broken person, and says that they'll help him stop Rittenhouse but not by killing. Flynn asks how they'll do it, and realizes that Lucy doesn't have an answer. He says that there is no other way and bids her goodbye, and then leaves.

The Capital Police take Wyatt to Joe's office. Joe says that Lucy is fine, assuming that she's Wyatt's wife. Wyatt figures that Flynn told him that he was a spy, and Joe asks who he's working with. When he threatens to put Wyatt in front of a Senate subcommittee, Wyatt says that Joe won't because he's a coward, and afraid that people will find out that he's a fraud. Joe tells the officers to beat Wyatt, and he easily subdues both of them.

A few minutes later, Wyatt tosses Joe into Lucy's room and tells her that they should go. The officers seal the building, and Wyatt figures that they'll have to find another way to the summit. Lucy says that Carol told her that Ethan was a White House aide, and they realize that they can follow him to the summit.

Conor visits Denise in her cell and says that he's disabled the security system and the guards work for him. He asks her to come with her, and Denise has no choice but to agree. Conor takes Denise to a surveillance room and explains that Rittenhouse gave him access to the NSA servers. He's found out everything on Benjamin, enough to put him away for good. Conor explains that he's telling Denise because she's dull but honest and will take the evidence to the government. When Denise wonders why he's helping, Conor says that Rittenhouse will kill Rufus and figures that his protégé deserves better.

Wyatt and Lucy steal a car and Wyatt hotwires it. Ethan comes out of his house and drives off, and Lucy and Wyatt follow him. Lucy's grandfather drives to a bar and Lucy figures that it's a gay bar.

Rufus tries to reach Wyatt on the radio. Wyatt doesn't respond, and Jiya tells him to relax. She points out that her eye isn't red anymore, As Rufus stares in horror, Jiya passes out.

At the bar, Wyatt figures that Ethan was deep in the closet if he had a child. Ethan glances over at Wyatt, and they approach Ethan. Lucy explains that they know Ethan's son is Benjamin, and say that they need him to take them to the Rittenhouse summit.

Rufus holds the unconscious Jiya in his arms and talks to her about how he loved her but never said it. He suggests that if she hangs on then he'll stop holding back. Jiya goes into convulsions and Rufus screams in frustration.

Ethan drives Lucy and Wyatt to the summit, and Ethan says that Lucy looks familiar to him. She says that her father is in Rittenhouse, and Ethan wonders why Flynn wants to wipe out Rittenhouse. He warns that if Rittenhouse finds out that he's betraying them, they'll kill him. Ethan breaks into tears, saying that he loves his wife and son, but his homosexuality is a bad habit. Lucy assures him that there's nothing wrong with him, and Wyatt agrees. Ethan wonders how they are, and Lucy says that they're people that he can trust. Her grandfather explains about how after his father caught him with another boy, he beat him and then told Ethan about Rittenhouse. Ethan figures that if Flynn destroys Rittenhouse then he might thank him.

They come to an estate and Wyatt figures that Flynn is in the basement. He tells Ethan to distract the guards at the back door, and Ethan agrees. When he does, Wyatt and Lucy enter the basement and finds Flynn planting a charge. Before Wyatt can shoot, Lucy steps in his way and tells Flynn that she wants to help him. Flynn aims his gun and warns that if they shoot him then the explosives will go up. Lucy tells them both to stop and says that she knows Flynn doesn't want to kill all of the men. Flynn says that he has to if he wants to bring his wife and daughter back, and they'd do the same thing. Lucy agrees with him and says that they're all continuing to hurt more people because they're caught up I their grief.

Flynn says that he prayed to God to give him answers, and Lucy suggests that God led Flynn to her. She tells Flynn that she knows a way that they can really take out Rittenhouse by focusing on the present. She reminds Flynn that her journal says that she's going to help him, and suggests that the day has arrived when she does. Lucy then turns to Wyatt and asks if he trusts her. After a moment, Wyatt lowers his gun.

The next morning, Ethan drives Lucy, Wyatt, and Flynn to the warehouse. Rufus tells them about Jiya and then sees Flynn, and they assures Rufus that Flynn isn't there to hurt him. Lucy introduces Ethan and explains about the time machine and how they're from 2017. Ethan figures that the Lifeboat is a film prop, and Rufus says that they have to get Jiya back. Lucy tells them to go back to 2017 while she goes with Flynn to the Mothership. She needs Ethan to see the Lifeboat in action. Wyatt refuses to lose Lucy again, but Lucy asks him to trust her a little longer. Rufus and Wyatt agree and get into the Lifeboat with Jiya.

Ethan watches in shock as the Lifeboat disappears, and Lucy tells her grandfather that it's all real. She then explains that she's Ethan's granddaughter, and Ethan says Lucy is the splitting image of his mother when she was young. Lucy says that they can take out Rittenhouse but they need Ethan to join the organization and live a double life. After a moment, Ethan asks them what they want him to do.

Later in the present, Lucy and Wyatt go to see an elderly Ethan. Ethan remembers them and says that he'd almost given up. Lucy apologizes for taking so long, and Ethan says that he often considered running away until Benjamin told him that he fathered a girl named Lucy. He tells Wyatt to pick up a clock and opens it to reveal a piece of paper. Ethan gives it to Lucy, and she opens it to find an address.

The next day, Wyatt and Lucy go to the address where Ethan assembled all of the information against Rittenhouse. Denise and Conor come in and Denise explains that Conor is with them. Conor says that once they give him the Rittenhouse names, he can use his software to give them every communication that they've made.

Rufus visits Jiya in the hospital and she says that she heard everything that Rufus said in 1954. When he asks what he said, Jiya says that she's been waiting 60 years to tell him that she loves him, too. With that, they kiss… and Jiya's eyes turn white. She looks outside the window and sees the Golden Gate in ruins for a moment. Jiya then snaps out of her trance and realizes that the bridge is whole.

Denise and her NSA agents return to Mason Industries and place Jake and Benjamin under arrest.

Flynn meets Lucy in an open spot. She's alone, and gives Flynn a flash drive with the name of the people involved in his family's assassinations. Once Flynn saves his wife and daughter, Lucy tells him to surrender the Mothership and then it's over. Flynn agrees and gives Lucy her journal. He says that he won't be needing it anymore, and says that Lucy gave it to him sometime in her future. NSA soldiers arrive and arrest Flynn. Denise is with them, and tells Lucy that Flynn is a terrorist. Lucy tells Flynn that she's sorry and had no idea, and Flynn yells that she has no idea what she's done as they take him away.

Later at Mason Industries, Lucy and Wyatt meet with Denise. Denise says that they've made over a hundred Rittenhouse arrests. Agents are on the way to pick up the Mothership, and Denise says that Flynn will be tried by the book. She refuses to apologize for doing her job, and has secured permission for Lucy to take the Lifeboat out and make sure that Susanna meets Amy's father Henry.

Once they're alone, Wyatt says that he'll be heading back to Pendleton for another mission. Lucy thanks him for everything, and they promise to stay in touch. They hug and Wyatt suggests that he wasn't planning on missing the chance to see Amy. Lucy apologizes for Wyatt not being able to get Jessica back, and Wyatt echoes her words about concentrating on the present instead of the past. He figures that he should be open to possibilities and he's not ready to say goodbye. Conor comes up and says that the Lifeboat will be ready in three hours, and Lucy tells Wyatt that there's one thing she has to do first.

Lucy goes home and Carol hugs her in relief. Once she's done, Lucy sits her mother down and explains about Mason Industries and the time machine. She tells Carol that Amy was wiped out of time after her first mission, and explains that Amy is her best friend. Carol says that Amy doesn't exist, but Lucy insists that she did and now she's going to get Amy back. However, she warns that Carol was sick in the original timeline. She hopes to save her but doesn't know if she can, and tells Carol that she loves her. They hug and Carol promises her daughter that she won't lose her… because Rittenhouse would never allow Lucy to take the Lifeboat. Lucy draws back in shock, and Carol says that she and Benjamin both come from strong Rittenhouse families. She tells Lucy that she's made everyone so proud, and has an incredible future.

Emma kills the NSA agents and boards the Mothership.

Carol says that soon Rittenhouse will control the past, the present, and the future. Together they will change history.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 21, 2017

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