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Sine Deo Nihil Recap

After Alex and the other defenders run out of ammo against the invading eight-balls, Alex steps forward and bares his arms. He mutters the eviction ritual, and a golden light surrounds him as the markings move on his arms. The eight-balls collapse as a burst of energy shoots from Alex, and he moans in pain as he drops to his knees. Claire and Noma run up, and Noma says that she's seen it before. She tells Alex that he held the tunnel but warns that he can't do it again. The eight-balls start to get up, but Alex tells his people to hold his fire. They realize that all of the lesser angels have been exorcised from their hosts. Alex tells them that it's not safe here, and has one man take them to safety. As they go back up the tunnel, Claire tells Alex that he is the Chosen One.

In Vega, eight-balls run through the streets, attacking anyone they can find. Alex, Claire, and Noma grab one man. He says that the gates are all open and its' over. The man runs off and the trio keeps going for Riesen Tower and the command center. Claire says that she left David there and he got them firing, and is sure he wouldn’t' have opened the gates. Several trucks drive by and Riesen is in the lead vehicle. Alex tells Claire that she needs to know what happened to her father in New Delphi.

In Mallory, Gabriel kicks Michael awake and points out that there are no eight-balls in the empty town. He gasps and clutches at his chest, and Michael realizes that the Darkness is killing him. Gabriel demands to see Lucifer and the Prophet, and wonders where the citizens are. He tells Michael that if he doesn't find Lucifer then his brother will die.

25 Years Earlier

Gabriel and Noma watch the house where a baby Alex is with his mother Charlie. The archangel is sure that when Alex dies, Michael will come back to their side. Noma pledges her sword to Gabriel, and they enter the house. Charlie grabs a gun and shoots at Gabriel.

Michael arrives and finds a blood trail leading into the kitchen. He follows it to where Charlie's corpse is lying, and Gabriel grabs him and shouts at Noma to do it. Michael breaks free and runs to the open door leading outside.


Gabriel tosses Michael into the church and looks at the shrine. As Michael starts to give up, Gabriel blames Lucifer for creating the modern world and driving Father away. But the archangel insists that they destroyed Lucifer using God's wrath, and there's no coming back from that. Michael admits that he took Lucifer's body out to sea without destroying it, because he was the greatest of them. He refused to destroy his older brother's body and gave him a burial at sea. Gabriel can hear nothing and hacks at the shrine, insisting that Lucifer is dead. He then turns to Michael and promises to burn the church down once he kills Michael. The Prophet comes in and tells Gabriel not to do it.

In Vega, Alex warns that Julian changed Riesen by making him a dyad. Riesen knew about the Luxor tunnel and could have told the eight-balls. Claire wants to help her father, and insists that Riesen would never have betrayed Vega. Riesen goes on the air and tells the citizens that Vega has fallen. He orders them to deliver Alex to him within an hour or he'll kill every human being in Vega. The trio head out.

In the control room, Arika arrives and finds David cradling William's body. David explains what happened and how the city can't be sealed again. Arika wants to make amends and get Claire to safety, and wipes some of William's blood on David and says that William is more a part of him now in death then he ever was in life. She says that she doesn't want to carry David with her, so she's going to get him out of Vega.

Alex says that they have to kill Riesen, but Claire insists that her father wouldn't betray them. She refuses to leave Vega, but Alex says that Vega needs their leader. Claire and David arrive and Alex grabs David. David tells Alex to kill him, but Alex says that he deserves to die scared and alone. Furious, he tells David to run. Arika says that she has a helicopter ready to leave Vega and it can take them all. Alex tells Claire to go with Arika while he sneaks into Riesen Tower and kills Riesen. When Claire objects, Alex tells her to leave Vega for both of them. She realizes that it's goodbye, but Alex says that it isn't. Claire tells Alex not to let her father kill him and he runs off with Noma while Arika gets David and Claire to her helicopter.

As they head for the helicopter, Claire takes a knife from a dead soldier and hides it in her boot. She tells the others that Alex is more important than any of them, and knows how to get there first. David leads Arika off while Claire tells the approaching eight-balls that she's Riesen's daughter.

Alex and Noma enter the Tower and Noma asks if Alex still loves Claire. He says that Claire is his life and his home, but he fell in love with another woman a long time ago. Noma smiles and says that she's glad he wised up.

25 Years Earlier

Michael flies into the forest where Noma has taken the baby. She steps out and he shoves her to the ground, assuming that she killed the baby. Michael hears the child crying and Noma admits that she couldn't do it. The archangel picks up the baby, and asks why she let him live. Noma explains that she felt Father's presence around the baby. Michael says that she'll be judged but they have something to do first, and flies off.


The Prophet tells Gabriel to stand down, and says that he moved the people of Mallory after their card game. He knew that Michael would return, and watches with Michael as Gabriel collapses. Michael asks if Lucifer can still heal, and asks the Prophet to ask Lucifer to save Gabriel. When the Prophet refuses, Michael points out that Lucifer has a second chance because of him and he expects his older brother to pay his debt. The Prophet concentrates and then lights Gabriel on fire with a torch. Gabriel screams in agony as the flames consume him.

The eight-balls bring Claire to Duma in Riesen's body. He introduces himself and Claire says that she's there to negotiate a surrender. She appeals to her father's memories concerning the rules of war, but Duma suspects a trap. He has his eight-balls find the knife in her boots.

Alex and Noma approach the private elevator to the penthouse. When Alex enters it, Noma says that she's staying behind as they hear eight-balls approaching. The elevator ascends and Alex finally shoots out the Muzak speaker.

Noma opens fire on the eight-balls.

In the penthouse, Duma orders the eight-balls to leave. Once they're alone, Duma says that he will kill the Vegans until he has the Chosen One. Claire insists that Alex is the only one who can end the war and demands to speak to Riesen. Riesen resurfaces and says that he needs to know that Claire is all right. She finally hugs him and apologizes for making him leave.

Alex enters the penthouse and sees Claire with Riesen. He holds back, and Riesen warns that Duma will soon be back. Claire begs him to keep fighting, and Alex barges in and shoots the eight-ball guards. Duma takes control and grabs Claire, holding a gun to her head. Claire tells Alex not to do it, but Alex kicks his guns over. Duma throws Claire to the floor and points out that mankind survived for 25 years despite Gabriel's extinction war. He raises his gun and easily catches Alex's hand when Alex tries to attack him. However, Riesen fights for control and Duma is unable to pull the trigger. Riesen tells Claire to shoot him, and after a moment she shoots and hits her father in the chest. Duma takes control and shoots Claire, just as Noma bursts in and hits Duma with a dozen rounds, knocking him back through the window.

As Duma crawls down the wall, Alex cradles the dying Claire in his arms. She promise that she'll see him again one day, and will follow him wherever he goes... and dies. Noma says that they have to go, and orders him to his feet. Alex reluctantly leaves with her.

In Mallory, Gabriel continues burning until he collapses. The flames go out, and the Prophet says that Gabriel is healed. He tells Michael that Lucifer's debt is paid. Gabriel wakes up and apologizes for letting the Darkness consume him, and the Prophet says that they're all family despite what happened in the past. Michael realizes that somehow the townspeople's faith is healing Lucifer. The sacrifices they make are healing Lucifer, and Michael figures that Lucifer needs to sacrifice Alex to complete his healing. The Prophet chuckles.

25 Years Earlier

When Jeep returns, Michael says that angels attacked and Charlie sacrificed herself to save Alex. He omits how Noma was one of those angels. Jeep agrees to protect the boy with his life, and Michael transfers the markings to Jeep so that he can carry them until Alex is ready. Once the transfer is complete, Michael tells Jeep to take Alex and run while he does his best to delay Gabriel. Once Jeep leaves, Michael tells Noma that he lied for the child, not for her. He says that he'll expect her to sacrifice her life in return for killing Charlie.


Arika and David arrive at the helipad, where Sarah is waiting with the girl they rescued earlier. David tells Arika to go without him, because he can't leave Vega. Arika gives him a gun and they kiss briefly, and David shoots at the approaching eight-balls as the helicopter departs. They quickly overwhelm him and pull him down.

Alex and Noma take the tunnel out, and Noma says that she's with him just as she always has been. When he blames himself for Claire's death, Noma asks if he's going to fulfill the destiny that Claire died to protect. More eight-balls approach them and Noma gives him two revolvers, and they go to kill them all. The first wave of eight-balls go down, but more close in on them. Human resistance fighters arrive and open fire on the next wave of eight-balls.

The helicopter approaches Helena.

Michael demands Lucifer's remains, but the Prophet says that there are dozens like him ready to follow Lucifer's words. Gabriel and Michael promise not to let anyone harm Alex. The Prophet says that it's already done, and Michael realizes that Noma serves Lucifer... and is with Alex. He and Gabriel fly off.

The resistance leader explains that what Alex did spread throughout Vega. Alex says that Claire is dead and she paid the ultimate price to protect the city and to save him. He tells them that he's no leader and he's not special, but he promises that if they join together then they will kill every eight-ball and either take the city back or burn it to the ground. Noma kneels before Alex and after a moment, the resistance fighters do as well.

25 Years Earlier

As Michael has Noma swear to protect the chosen one, Gabriel returns and realizes what has happened. Michael reveals that he's already transferred the markings, and Gabriel promises to punish him forward. Noma says that she and the Chosen One are bound forever, and Gabriel warns that Noma will eventually betray Michael like she did him.


Julian makes his way to his office and talks about close he is to oblivion. But he remembers the whispers he heard in the darkness, of the lower angels beseeching him to fight and hope.

Noma stands up and kisses Alex, and then turns and walks out.

Julian rants about how there is no God to classify them, and all of the angels are equal.

The Prophet removes the rug from the shrine, revealing a trap door below.

The eight-balls take David to Duma.

Julian insists that it is just the beginning.

The Prophet enters the hidden chamber and looks at the markings on the ceiling... including the constellation representing Lucifer. He chants and a figure starts to emerge from the waters.

Alex asks what's wrong, as she hears the Prophet's words that "it's time." She says that she needed to be whole after giving up her wings. White wings emerge from her back, and Alex wonders what she has done.

Julian says, "You're not alone."

Written by Gadfly on Oct 2, 2015

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