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The Wrath of Savitar Recap

Flash, Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick run through Central City as Cisco and Caitlin monitor them from S.T.A.R. Labs. H.R. takes all the credit for Kid Flash going faster, but Caitlin suggests that Kid Flash doesn't want to be beat by his girlfriend. When Kid Flash complains of dizziness, H.R. tells him that the course is designed to simulate his fighting Savitar. Barry and Jsse reach the final mark and Kid Flash arrives. He knocks over Flash, and Flash realizes that Kid Flash is fast enough to save Iris from Savitar. As they hug, Kid Flash sees Savitar on the overpass. When he looks back, Savitar is gone.

Julian arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and says that Barry told him he had something to tell him. he and Caitlin avoid touching, and Caitlin takes Julian into the cortex. They explain that Jesse decided to stay there, and everyone wonders why Barry summoned them there. Barry and Iris arrive with coffee for everyone, and then announce that they're engaged. Joe is shocked and everyone else congratulates the couple, After a moment, Joe finally comes over and hugs Iris, saying that she's grown into a beautiful woman marrying the bets man he knows. Barry asks Cisco to be his best man, and Cisco accepts as long as he can bring Gypsy.

Joe talks to Barry out in the hall and assures him that he couldn't be happy. He wonders why Barry didn't ask his permission, and Barry says that he knew Joe would say yes and he wanted to surprise him. Cisco interrupts to say that there's a fire and Jesse is preoccupied with Iris' engagement wing, so it's just Barry and Wally.

Flash and Kid Flash arrive at the building and Kid Flash is suddenly knocked down. He sees Savitar standing over him and smashes him into the wall. Flash turns and sees an invisible force attacking Kid Flash. When he goes over, Savitar disappears and Kid Flash sees Flash where Savitar was standing.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin examines Wally. Wally explains that he's been seeing Savitar for a week but thought he was imagining things. Barry isn't happy that he's been keeping secrets, and Wally says that it was the first time Savitar touched him. Caitlin offers to run a brain scan to see if Wally is affected like when Julian was possessed, and Barry says that Wally shouldn't be there. He explains that Savitar might be spying on them through Wally, and insists that he's out. Wally storms off and Caitlin goes to talk to him. Barry figures that he needs to talk to Savitar again, but Julian refuses. Caitlin says that they can't, but Cisco points out that they still have Savitar's spatial frequency. Julian refuses to help and walks out, and Barry insists that everyone needs to trust him.

Caitlin finds Julian, who says that he's not going to volunteer to be abused again. She wonders if he doesn't want to do it because he doesn't want her to see him under Savitar's influence, and Julian agrees. Caitlin assures him that she can see the real him no matter who speaks through him. She takes his hand and Julian impulsively kisses her.

The team hooks up Julian to the device and Savitar tells them to bow before his greatness. Barry says that Savitar is just a man like him, and Savitar says that Barry is the villain. He tells H.R. that he's a coward and survived a wrath, and explains that Barry trapped him in the future long enough to lose his mind. Savitar dismisses Cisco as small when he could be a power, and Barry asks why they're enemies. The God of Speed says that they had to be because only one of them could live. Savitar says that they took everything from him and he's only the way he is because of them. He tells them that they will be there when he becomes who he is, and he created himself. Barry points out that he's still trapped because they got rid of the Philosopher's Stone. Savitar stands up and wonders if they really got rid of it, and says that they're bringing him closer to escape with every move they make. There's only one more thing he needs. He looks at Iris and says that one of them has to die and they can't change the future because he is the future. Savitar tells Barry that he'll never get over the pain of losing Iris, and Barry shuts down the device.

Afterward, Barry wonders if the Stone they had is part of a larger piece. Cisco suggests that they talk to the acolyte, Craig, and his GPS has him near Mount Buccellato. Flash speeds there and finds a group of acolytes praying to Savitar. He speeds forward and knocks them down, taking the box that held the Stone. Craig says that Savitar is ten steps ahead and Barry should move up the wedding.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team tries to analyze the box without success. Julian figures that it's the same box, and Cisco checks it for radioactive residue.

In the speed lab, H.R. monitors Wally as he speeds around the pipeline. Wally slows down and H.R. says that he's afraid. He tells Wally that he can't run from a place of fear, and Wally wonders how the night went. They go to Cisco and ask him to vibe the future to see Iris' death and learn how Wally can stop him. Cisco warns that Wally wont' be able to see it, but Wally insists. Cisco vibes with Wally and they watch as flash tells Savitar not to do it. Savitar kills Iris and Wally runs forward as Flash holds Iris' corpse in his arms. Wally sees that the engagement ring on Iris' finger is gone. When Cisco ends the vision, Wally says that it helped and leaves.

Wally goes to the cortex and complains that Barry isn't telling them everything. He explains what happened and tells Barry to tell iris the real reason that he proposed to her. Barry finally admits that the night that Savitar killed her, she didn't have a ring on her finger. He hoped that proposing to her might change the future, and iris walks out. Barry goes after her and insists that his love for her has never changed. Iris tells him that she needs time to think and leaves.

In the cortex, Julian approaches Caitlin and asks if she's okay. She says that she's worried, and Julian worries that he's the one that Savitar predicted would betray them all. Caitlin says that they know who it is and shows Julian a small piece of the Stone that she hid. They go to the others and Caitlin explains that she kept the piece in the hope that she could use it to cure herself of Killer Frost. She admits that it was all her, not Killer Frost's mental influence. Barry figures that they need to hook Julian up to the machine, and Julian refuses. However, Barry points out that they have to end it for everyone's sake, and H.R. refuses to cooperate.

Julian goes downstairs and Caitlin goes after him. She apologizes for not telling him that she kept the piece, but says that she can't live the rest of her life waiting to use the mental battle against Killer Frost. Julian accuses her of only inviting him on the team to be her metahuman specialist and leaves.

Joe goes to the loft to cheer Iris up. He tells her that Barry loves her, and says that with the kind of lives that they have, the love between them is the one thing that should stay simple.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team hooks Julian back up to the device. Savitar speaks through him and Barry promises that he'll never get out of his prison while Cisco scans for his location. The God of Speed promises that Barr will beg for mercy and get none. They shut off the device when they get a hit, but Cisco warns that the whole city registered as a hit. Cisco says that he can pin it down but will have to use his powers, and Barry leaves.

At the West house, Wally is packing when Jesse comes in. He says that he wants to go back to S.T.A.R. Labs and train, and Jesse says that they have to help each other rather than point fingers. Wally admits that the situation is messing with his head, and explains that he got his powers from the Stone. He figures that Savitar has some kind of hold on him, and Jesse assures him that he can fight it. Wally doesn't know if he'll be fast enough to save Iris, and Jesse assures him that he won't be alone.

Wally's mother Francine appears and assures Wally that he's never alone. Only Wally can see her, and he hugs empty air as Jesse looks on. Meanwhile, Francine tells Wally that she's proud of what he's become. She then says that Wally has to stop because he's working so hard, and he doesn't see how dangerous it is. Francine tells him that he's not fast enough and never will be, and Wally realizes that it's another of Savitar's hallucinations. He says that he has what he needs to escape his prion, and speeds off to get the piece of the Stone. Wally tells Jesse that he can stop Savitar by himself and speeds off.

Barry arrives at the loft in response to Iris' message. She tells him that she's not angry at him and he wants to keep her safe. When Barry proposed to her, she thought he was asking out of love rather than fear. Now there will always be a part of their relationship that is tainted. Iris doesn’t want to be someone that he's saving for eternity, and Barry gets an idea.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco tells the others that all he can see is Savitar speeding through a storm-like area. Barry arrives and they realize that the Speed Force keeps pulling Savitar back. When Barry threw the Stone into the Speed Force, they gave Savitar what he needs to escape... but he still doesn't have the one piece. Jesse speeds in and tells them what happened, and they confirm that Wally took the piece. Wally has turned off the suit's telemetry.

Kid Flash speeds to the lumber company but can't open a portal to the Speed Force. Savitar appears and says that Kid Flash isn't fast enough to throw the piece into the Speed Force. The God of Speed promises that it will escape and kill everyone that Kid Flash loves, and that he gave Kid Flash his speed. Kid Flash says that was Savitar's biggest mistake and he speeds around as fast as he can. He opens the portal and throws the piece in, and it starts to pull him in.

Cisco detects the power surgeand Flash speeds there while Cisco brings up the security footage. The team watches as tendrils of energy pull Kid Flash into the portal. His uniform drops to the ground, smoking, and as Flash picks it up Savitar claws his way out of the portal and screams in triumph, declaring that he's finally beaten Flash. He explains that Wally has taken his place in the Speed Force, and that when Flash created Flashpoint he gave Savitar the idea to make Wally fast enough to replace him in the Speed Force The God of Speed says that wally is suffering for all eternity, and Flash lunges at Savitar.Savitar knocks him away and says that if Flash had the strength to end his life, he would have done it in the future. He knows that Flash can't kill and attacks him, promising to destroy Central City like he did in the future. Once he does, Flash will treat him as a god.

Flash manages to land a punch and then grabs Savitar's neck and demands that he show his face. Savitar impales him in the shoulder with his hand and says that he will kill Flash after he sees Iris dies. Flash vibrates his hand and cuts through Savitar's hand, and Savitar speeds off. The team gets Flash back to S.T.A.R. Labs and pull the shard out.

Later, Barry wakes up and sees Joe holding Wally's costume. Cisco says that he might be able to do something with the shard, and Joe tells Barry that what happened isn't his fault. Jesse runs out, sobbing, and H.R. goes after her. Cisco remembers Savitar's prophecy that one of them would suffer a fate worse than death. In the hallway, H.R. tells Jesse that he isn't her dad and doesn't know what the right words are, and she hugs him.

Joe says that he can't lose Wally and walks out. Iris takes Barry's hand and he realizes that she isn't wearing the engagement ring. She leaves and Cisco and Julian go as well. Caitlin apologizes for keeping the piece, saying that she was afraid, and Barry tells her that his fear is the reason for everything.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 8, 2017

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