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Evil-Eye Parker Recap

The crew receives their mail and Parker receives a correspondence course book on hypnosis. Meanwhile, a nun writes McHale to tell him that her orphanage was hit by a tropical storm and they need help getting back on their feet. He passes around the hat but Gruber explains that they got cleaned out in a crap game with the Marines. Virgil suggests that they put on a benefit show, and Parker offers to put on a hypnotism act. He starts practicing and hypnotizes himself. McHale reminds the crew that they have to get Binghamton's permission to use the recreation hall, and Parker snaps out of his hypnotic spell.

After getting a call from the admiral, Binghamton calls Carpenter in and tells him that Senator Block is coming Saturday on an inspection tour. Block is the chairman of the Armed Service Committee and he hates frivolity. Binghamton tells Carpenter to close down all the clubs and go to around-the-clock combat alert. McHale and Parker arrive McHale asks to use the recreation hall. Binghamton doesn't want to hear why and tells them that there will be no show because Taratupa is a combat base. Once McHale and Parker leave, Binghamton leaves for the rehearsal, figuring McHale will disobey him.

On the island, McHale tells the crew what happened. He figures that if they put on the show Friday night on the other side of the island where Binghamton can't spot them.

Later, Binghamton and Carpenter sneak onto the island and set out to catch the crew disobeying a direct order.

Gruber is rehearsing his magic act at the hutch and McHale okays it for the show. Parker is next and McHale volunteers Willy to be his subject. Binghamton peers in through the window while Parker fails to hypnotize Willy. However, Binghamton is hypnotized and tells them that they can have the show. McHale has Parker pinch Binghamton make sure that he's under, and he is. They figure that Parker should keep Binghamton hypnotized, just as Carpenter arrives with evidence of the show. Parker says that Binghamton wants the show to go on because he wants it, and Binghamton agrees. He offers to dance in the show and dismisses Carpenter, and insists that Parker dance with him.

Later, Binghamton is out promoting the show with hula girls, while the crew sit in Binghamton's office and drink his champagne. They offer a toast to Parker, who calls in Carpenter to pour more champagne. McHale finds them and Parker explains that he's had Binghamton assign details to paint the sets. Unimpressed, McHale sends them to rehearse and reminds Carpenter that Binghamton ordered him to take out a set of sandwich boards.

Later, Parker finds Binghamton at the rehearsal hall shooting dice with Gruber. He reminds Gruber what McHale said about not taking advantage of Binghamton, and Gruber points out that Binghamton is winning. Binghamton invites Parker to join in, and Parker does so and snaps his fingers... bringing Binghamton out of his spell. McHale arrives and Binghamton figures that he has them playing craps. He refuses to let Parker wave anything shiny in his face, and McHale points out that Binghamton was playing. Unimpressed, Binghamton calls Carpenter in and discovers that he's in drag for the show. They point out that Binghamton authorized the show,

Later, the crew wonders what to do since they've already send the money to the orphanage and can't give refunds. McHale gets an idea and has Parker get on the phone outside the officer's club. Christy and Virgil get up on the roof and swing the overhead lamp in Binghamton's office back and forth, and Parker calls Binghamton. He hypnotizes Binghamton and hangs up, just as Carpenter enters the office with the court martial papers. Binghamton tears them up and says that they have a show to do for Parker.

The show begins and Binghamton dances soft shoe. Meanwhile, Block arrives early and the guard explains that Binghamton is at the rec hall dancing. The senator goes to the hall where Gruber is performing with Binghamton as his assistant. Gruber gets Binghamton into a cabinet and cuts him in half. When the band slows down, Gruber snaps his fingers to have them speed up. Binghamton snaps out of his spell and demands to know what's going on. He yells for the SPs and McHale quickly closes the curtain..

Block comes backstage and says that he came to congratulate Binghamton for putting on a show on his own. Binghamton has no choice but to agree, while Gruber tells McHale that he forgot how to put Binghamton back together.

Later, it's mail call again and the nun sends a message thanking them for the money. Parker gets a course on self-taught brain surgery, complete with a scalpel, and everybody runs.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 10, 2017

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