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Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell Recap

Sheridan County, Nebraska

At a campsite, Gwen Hernandez is chopping wood and her boyfriend Marcus tries to show her a video. Gwen insists that they came out there to get away from civilization. She ends up watching it anyway and Marcus says that he thought they came out there to have sex. Gwen snuggles with him by the fire and they talk about how she's going to Washington for college.

Marcus goes to get more firewood and rehearses wedding proposals once he's alone. Meanwhile, Gwen moves Marcus's backpack and she finds the case with the engagement ring.

As Marcus gathers firewood, he hears something moving in the forest. Something invisible growls at him and advances. He comes back to the camp and tells Gwen to run, just as the invisible creature--a hellhound--brings him down. It then advances on Gwen and she hits it with an axe and then runs off into the forest.

Sam and Dean return from three Hunts and Sam suggests that Dean take a shower and change his clothes. As they talk, Sam's computer algorithm notifies him that they have another case and Sam tells Dean to shower first.

Later, the brothers drive into Sheridan County and arrive at the campsite. Sam has been talking with Mary, and Dean with Castiel. Castiel is in Ohio checking on another case of someone killing angels.

In Ohio, Castiel goes to a diner posing as an FBI agent and speaks with the manager, Herb Nelson. Herb knows why the angel is there and takes him to his lead-lined vault in the back. Herb is a conspiracy buff, and Castiel asks him about the dead angel, who posed as a waitress named Sara. The newspaper reported that Herb said that an alien killed Sara. Castiel figures that he's nots, but Herb shows him surveillance footage of Kelly and Dagon confronting Sara and another person. Castiel realizes that Dagon has yellow eyes, takes the video, and leaves.

The sheriff tells Sam and Dean that he figures a cougar got Marcus and dragged off his body. Gwen survived but the sheriff warns that he's pretty shaken up and claiming that an invisible wolf attacked them and it's coming after her next. Once the sheriff leaves, Sam and Dean figure that they're dealing with a hellhound.

Gwen is sleeping at her apartment and reliving Marcus' death in her nightmares. Sam and Dean pull up outside and Sam figures that they should say something to give Gwen some peace. They figure that Marcus made a deal with a devil and the hellhound came to collect. They're unaware that the hellhound is behind them.

Gwen answers the door and finally lets them in, and the hellhound slips in with them. The Winchesters claim that a bear killed Marcus, and they found it and put it down. They insist that she's out of danger, but Gwen tells them that she knows what she saw. She tells them to get out and they have no choice but to leave. After they drive away, Gwen sees the hellhound's claw marks on the wood floor and realizes that it's there. She screams and runs into the bedroom, and the hellhound comes after her. The Winchesters hear her screams and come back, and Dean shoots at the hellhound. It leaps out the window and Sam confirms that Gwen is okay.

In his base, Crowley taunts the imprisoned Lucifer. Lucifer promises that he'll eat Crowley's soul, and points out that they both know he'll eventually escape. Crowley assures him that he's ten steps ahead of him, and Lucifer just smiles. Two demons--Thomas and Victor--knock at the door, and Crowley muzzles Lucifer and then meets with them. They note that Crowley is late for the weekly meeting and there are a thousand matters that need his management.

Sam tells Gwen that the creature is a hellhound and that they're Hunters. She admits that it sounds insane but she knows what she saw. Sam points out that hellhounds only come after people who sell their souls to a demon, and Dean asks if she sold her soul ten years ago. Gwen says that she hasn't and neither did Marcus, and Sam figures that they know who they can go to for more information.

Thomas and Victor give their report, and Crowley finally says that he doesn't care. Dean calls him explains that they have a situation with a hellhound that is going after people who didn't sell their souls. Crowley insists that it isn't possible, and then asks Thomas and Victor if they have something to tell him about hellhounds. They say that one of the hellhounds, Ramsey, got out. Crowley tells them to have the kennel guards killed and teleports to Gwen's house.

As Castiel leaves the diner, the man from the video--Kelvin--hails him as a fellow angel. He says that he's tracking down Kelly and suggests that they work together.

Crowley tells the others that Ramsey is "the" hellhound. God made the hellhounds and then decided to put them down because they were too vicious. However, Lucifer found Ramsey and took her in, and she's only loyal to him. Crowley doesn't know why Ramsey is after Gwen, and Gwen says that when Ramsey attacked them she hit it with an axe. The King of Hell says that Ramsey holds a grudge and if they don't kill it then the hellhound will kill Gwen. He tells them that he'll help them because it makes him look like he's not in control.

Lucifer notices someone trying the handle to his cell. Thomas and Victor come in, happy to discover Crowley's secret, and Lucifer cheerfully waves to them. Thomas immediately kneels to Lucifer, and a disgusted Victor explains that they knew Crowley was hiding something. He explains that they released Ramsey to create a distraction and he stole the key from Crowley. However, before they let Lucifer out, they have a few requests.

The team drives back to the campsite and put on glasses treated with holy water to spot Ramsey. Dean and Crowley go looking for it while Sam keeps Gwen safe. Dean tells Sam to keep the Impala safe, and Sam drives off as Dean and Crowley head into the forest. Ramsey secretly follows them.

Castiel and Kelvin go to a bar and Kelvin says that Lucifer's baby has brought them all together. He says that they're all needed, and they want Castiel because of his field experience. Kelvin knows that Castiel is working with the Winchesters but says that it would be better if he could rely on the angels for backup. The angel asks if Castiel misses Heaven, and says that all of Castiel's sins in Heaven could be forgotten if he helps them track down Kelly. Castiel doesn't believe him, and Kelvin says that Joshua has the power to assure it happens. Joshua has returned to the fold now that Lucifer's baby is coming, and they only ask that Castiel hear Joshua out... for the greater good.

Victor lays out all of their "requests," and Lucifer irritably agrees and motions for them to let him loose. Thomas chips in to say that he only cares about making Hell great again. Victor frees Lucifer, who casually disintegrates Victor. He prepares to disintegrate Thomas, who says that he understands that Lucifer can't leave witnesses and offers up his life. Lucifer says that he's making it weird and disintegrates him.

As night falls, Crowley points out that Dean is predictably. Dean observes that Crowley has gotten soft, helping them save Gwen, and suggests that maybe they rubbed off on him. Crowley suggests that maybe he rubbed off on the brothers.

Sam drives to keep ahead of Ramsey, and Gwen apologizes for dragging them into her situation. She tells Sam to pull over, and he does.

Dean spots Ramsey's den with Marcus corpse inside. They wonder where Ramsey is.

After Gwen throws up, she gets back in the Impala. She tells Sam that she doesn't know what okay is anymore, and explains that going camping was her idea. Gwen knew that it was over between them but she invited him anyway, and Marcus loved her more than she ever loved him. She wonders if he's still be alive if she had told him the truth, and then says that they should go.

Sam sees Ramsey in front of the Impala as it leaps onto the Impala. As the hellhound breaks in through the rear window, Sam grabs an angel knife and goes out to face the creature. It easily pins him down, and Gwen gets out and hits Ramsey with a case. Despite losing the glasses, Sam manages to stab and kill it.

Later, Dean and Crowley arrive and Dean is less than thrilled to see the damage to the Impala. Crowley says that it's over, and Gwen hugs him in relief. Sam reluctantly thanks Crowley for his help, and Crowley just smiles and teleports away. The Winchesters take Gwen home.

Crowley discovers that Lucifer has escaped. He finds Lucifer waiting for him on his throne, and Lucifer punches him to the floor and begins to manifest his full power. Crowley snaps his fingers and the manifestation dies away. He telekinetically breaks Lucifer's arms and takes his throne, and explains that the chains were just accessories. The vessel is Lucifer's true prison, warded with runes and spell work from the cage. Crowley tells Lucifer that he's going to put Lucifer back in his prison, and then find and rip apart his spawn, and then he'll just be getting started.

The Winchesters return to the bunker and Castiel calls to say that Kelly is with Dagon. Dagon is mostly known for her psychotic savagery, and Dean says that they'll spread the word. Once Castiel hangs up, he and Kelvin prepare to return to Heaven through the portal.

Dean figures that Castiel sounds weird. Sam gets a call and tells Dean that it's Mick Davies. He explains that the British Men of Letters have been feeding him cases, and he didn't tell Dean because he knows how much he hates him. Dean points out that they both hate the Men, and Sam says that they get results and if they can save people then it doesn't matter. He apologies for lying to Dean, and Dean says that it's okay. Dean doesn't like or trust the Men, but they work with people they don't trust all the time. He figures that if Sam wants to give it a shot then they'll do it. They both agree that if something feels wrong then they'll bail. Mick calls again and Dean tells Sam to answer... and he does.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 11, 2017

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