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Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Two campers are attacked by a hellhound, and Crowley reveals to the Winchesters that the creature is the First Hellhound. Meanwhile, Lucifer negotiates his release from Crowley's imprisonment, and an angel approaches Castiel with an offer.



By Gadfly on Mar 11, 2017

Sheridan County, Nebraska At a campsite, Gwen Hernandez is chopping wood and her boyfriend Marcus tries to show her a video. Gwen insists that they came out there to get away from civilization. She ends up watching it anyway and Marcus says that he thought they came out there to have sex. Gwen snuggles with him by the fire and they talk about how she's going to Washington for college. Marcus goes to get more firewood and rehearses wedding proposals once he's alone. Meanwhile, Gwen moves Ma…

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Episode Discussion

valleyhillbilly posted 4 years ago

Lucille? In the opening scene in the bunker, Dean and Sam are just returning from a job. Dean drops a barb wired wrapped bat onto the table, and says that "Dad loved this thing!" Dad being played in earlier years by Jeffery Dean Morgan, who now plays "Negan" on the "Walking Dead"...and always carries aroound his barbed wire wrapped bat, he calls Lucille.

pentar posted 4 years ago

Mark Pellegrino is a hoot!

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