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Into the Speed Force Recap

Barry stands in the cortex and blames himself for Wally being trapped in the Speed Force. He tells Cisco to get the breach room ready because he's going to save Wally… by going into the Speed Force. Joe wonders how Barry will find Wally in the infinite void, and H.R. asks why they can't use their knowledge to fashion a safety device for Barry. Cisco realizes that he has a good idea, and the others agree as well. Jesse insists that she's going in with Barry, and H.R. warns that Harry won't be happy with them if they let her go in. Barry asks her to keep Central City safe while he's gone, Jesse reluctantly agrees ad Barry talks to Iris privately. He promises that he'll find Wally and bring him back, and notices that she's not wearing his engagement ring. Barry asks if he lost her, and Iris walks away without responding. Joe comes out and tells Barry that it's the perfect time for him to explain what's going on between Barry and Iris. Barry admits that Iris called off the wedding.

Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian make a tracking device for Barry in the Speed Force, and they explain to Julian that they have a device that will alert Cisco if Barry is ready to come back, and he'll open a breach to bring him back. They give the device to Barry and Cisco warns Joe that he has no idea where Barry will land in the Speed Force. Barry and Joe hug, and Barry promises that he'll do whatever it takes to find Wally. Iris kisses Barry on the cheek and thanks him, and Barry says that he loves her. After a moment, she says that she loves him and steps back.

After Cisco vibes Barry into the Speed Force, he lets him go and Barry is on his own in the swirling void. He finds himself in his lab on the night of the particle accelerator explosion. Barry makes his way downstairs and hears someone moving. "Eddie" is waiting, and asks where he came back. Barry says that he came there to save Wally, and that it's fault that he's trapped there. The Speed force embodiment says that Wally is in the prison that Barry's future self created, and warns that thing have changed. They gave Barry is speed back because he said that he'd come to terms with his mother's death, but he went back in time and saved her, creating Flashpoint. They know and understand, and let Barry save Henry. However, they can't let Barry make any more choices like that. Now both Barry and Wally will have to live with their choices. When Barry says that he isn't leaving until he finds Wally, Eddie tells him to prepare to save an eternity there.

Jesse visits Cisco and asks him if he could use the shard that Savitar left in Barry to find the evil speedster. Cisco figures that he could and wonders what Jesse will do if they find Savitar, and she says that she'll defeat him. She warns Cisco that all they know is that Savitar is in the real world and they have to send him back to his prison. Cisco refuses to help her, while H.R. listens from the hallway.

Joe finds Iris in Harrison's vault, looking at the future newspaper story that once had her name on it. He points out that 2024 is a long time away and things could still change, and his daughter wonders if it's too late. Joe asks if Iris is having second thoughts, and she worries that she's making the wrong decision. He tells her that Barry would have gone to save Wally no matter what she did, and Iris agrees. Joe says that she should look deep into her heart and she'll find the answer that she's looking for.

In the Speed Force, Eddie tells Barry that Eddie would have married Iris until Barry changed things. Then he shot himself and his death is his legacy. Eddie asks if there is any other reason that he came there to save Wally, and Barry insists that's all. The doppelganger tells Barry that to save Wally, he'll have to go through the elevator doors... after outrunning a time wraith, Hunter Zoloman. The wraith emerges from the elevator and chases after Barry, who evades it and gets into the elevator. The doors close just in time.

The elevator takes Barry to STAR Labs, and he hears a baby crying in the distance. Following the cries, Barry finds Caitlin in the cortex holding the baby and singing to him. Ronnie appears and says that the baby is Caitlin's, and tells Barry that they have to talk.

Julian and Cisco examine the metal from Savitar's armor, and Caitlin points out that it is made of the same material as the Stone's box. As H.R. rambles on about Peanuts and Schrodinger's Cat, Jesse irritably asks if they can use the shard to track Savitar. Caitlin explains that the metal is in a constant state of internal molecular flux, and Jesse figures that it's trying to reconnect with the rest of Savitar's armor. Cisco figures the shard can lead them to Savitar. Jesse is really to go, but H.R. tells her that her attitude is the same attitude that got Wally trapped. The others agrees, and H.R. says that they'll find Savitar when the "real" Flash gets back.

Jesse takes offense and walks out. H.R. goes after her and she tells him to leave her alone. He figures that she wants to get payback on Savitar, and Jesse insists that on her Earth she's the real Flash. H.R. asks if she's fought anything like Savitar, and Jesse says that her and her father would do anything to fight Savitar. She tells H.R. to stop being her father and walks off.

Barry figures that Ronnie and Caitlin should have had a baby together. As Caitlin walks off, Ronnie says that the future doesn't always turn out the way they intend. Barry figures that the Speed Force is showing him all of the people who sacrificed themselves for the greater good, and Ronnie tells him that their sacrifices were for Barry just like Wally did. When Barry says that he's there to take Wally's place, Ronnie tells him that they can't allow it because Wally is in a hell of his own and it's not for Barry. Ronnie says that he should leave while he can, but Barry puts on his cowl and says that he's not leaving until he sets Wally free. The time wraith flies in and slams into Flash, and Flash speeds off through STAR Labs with the wraith in pursuit. Flash gets to the outside doors but the wraith pulls him back. Ronnie walks up and says that they warned him, and Flash says that he's right and never should have asked Wally to save Iris. He begs for the chance to free Wally, and Ronnie says that Flash must free himself first. Flash starts to transform into a wraith, and he mutters that he loves Iris. Then he slams his fist into the wraith.

In the real world, Cisco tells the others that the tether is destroyed and he can't bring Barry or wally back.

Barry finds himself in a hospital and comes to a locked room. Wally is inside, staring at his mother's empty bed. When Barry tries to go in, Len Snart appears and freezes the door handle.

Jesse is examining the shard when H.R. comes in and refuses to let her go. He admits that he's not her father, but warns her that she'll just get killed taking on Savitar by herself. Jesse punches him unconscious and runs off.

Len explains that Wally is trapped in an endless temporal loop, reliving the single most painful moment of his life over and over again. Barry says that Wally doesn't deserve it and he's seen his future. Len tells him to change it, and Barry insists that he has to take Wally's place because Wally is the only one who can save Iris. The doppelganger points out that Barry keeps saying one thing and doing another, and explains that Barry was the one who inspired the real Len to sacrifice himself. Barry says that he's no hero, and Len asks if he's ready to give it all up. he aims his cold gun at him and when Barry says that he's done fighting, Len tells him that he isn't and that's the problem. As Len moves in for the kill, Jay Garrick arrives and tells Barry that they're getting him out of the Speed Force.


Jesse hits the streets and tracks the shard to Savitar. It flies across the city and she follows it to Savitar. He says that she knew she would come for him because he's already lived through everything that happens. Jesse throws a lightning bolt at him, but he shrugs it off and blasts her back. H.R. is monitoring her vitals and realizes that she's in battle, and Savitar pulls the shard to him. It pulls Jesse along with it, and she asks H.R. for help. H.R. figures that Savitar is vulnerable beneath the suit and tells Jesse to find a gap and go for it.

Savitar grabs Jesse by the throat and says that he has plans for her in the future. Jesse jams the shard into a gap in his armor's shoulder, and Savitar runs off.

Jay helps Barry up and assures him that he's the real Jay. Cisco contacted him after they lost contact with Barry and told him what happened. Len blasts Jay and Barry speeds forward and uses Jay's helmet to deflect the next ice blast. The doppelganger says that they can't let Barry take Wally, and Barry tells him to try and stop him. He vibrates through the ice on the door, and he and Jay go in. Barry finally gets Wally's attention and tells him that it's over and he's free. As Wally walks out, Jay tells Barry that it's where he stays for a while. He says that they both know a speedster needs to take Wally's place, and that's why he's there. Jay is repaying Barry for freeing him from Zoom, and tells him to stop Savitar by being Flash. He then gives Barry his helmet and says that Cisco said Barry could use it to get back home. Barry promises to come back and free Jay, and Jay says that he'll see him soon. With that, Barry walks out and the door closes behind him.

In the breach room, Cisco manages to pull Barry and Wally back through the breach. Barry explains that Jay stayed back to save Wally, and Caitlin takes Wally to check him. Joe hugs Barry and thanks him for bringing Wally back. Iris hugs Barry and says that she thought she lost him, and Barry assures her that he's right there.

Later, Barry tells the team what happened. The doppelgangers taught him that it's his responsibility to stop Savitar. Barry says that they'll beat Savitar and get Jay out, and warns that what Wally saw will haunt him for a while. Until Wally gets over it, Kid Flash will have to take a break.

Jesse finds Wally in the speed lab and asks if he's okay. She says that she was doing the same thing Wally was when he went after Savitar on his own. Jesse tells Wally that she's going to Earth 3 so that Savitar can't use her in his future plans, and that Earth needs a speedster while Jay is trapped. She and Wally kiss.

Later, Jesse says goodbye to the others. She apologizes to H.R. for punching him, and thanks him for being a friend. They hug and then Jesse promises Wally that she'll see him again. Cisco opens the breach and Jesse goes through. H.R. explains about Savitar's weakness and he's no god.

Barry goes back to the apartment and finds Iris there. She thanks him again for saving Wally, and Barry says that he's lived with death and tragedy in his life. He was consumed by trying to save Iris, and Iris admits that she wondered if Barry proposed to her out of love or responsibility. She explains that while Barry was gone, she realized that she wants to be his wife. Relieved, Barry says that he loves her. But... he admits that he did propose because he thought it would save her. Barry plans to save her in the future by embracing it. Iris wonders what that means, and Barry tells her that the need some space for a while. Crying, Iris agrees and Barry says that he'll stay with Cisco.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 15, 2017

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