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Into the Speed Force

Barry enters the Speed Force to rescue Wally, and meets some familiar faces. Meanwhile, Jesse ignores H.R.'s advice and sets out to find and defeat Savitar on her own.

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By Gadfly on Mar 15, 2017

Barry stands in the cortex and blames himself for Wally being trapped in the Speed Force. He tells Cisco to get the breach room ready because he's going to save Wally… by going into the Speed Force. Joe wonders how Barry will find Wally in the infinite void, and H.R. asks why they can't use their knowledge to fashion a safety device for Barry. Cisco realizes that he has a good idea, and the others agree as well. Jesse insists that she's going in with Barry, and H.R. warns that Harry won't be hap…

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Episode Discussion

WilliamDAGwood posted 7 years ago

The Iris crap and hugging. Good way to describe it. I have grown a bit tired of all that. Other than that, good, strong episode. Not enough Jay Garrick though. There is never enough Jay Garrick. Also, can we bring Captain Cold back yet?

pentar posted 7 years ago

This show goes really fast when you skip over all the Iris crap and the hugging.

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