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Checkmate Recap

Oliver goes to a temple on the mountain, and confirms via radio that it's the place. Curtis says that it's the place according to Felicity's notes, but he's been unable to contact her. Oliver goes in and loses radio contact, and sees the students training. He tells them that he's a former student and they tell him that he's not welcome there, and then attack. Talia finally arrive sand tells the League members to die, and tells Oliver that he shouldn't have come there. Oliver says that one of her former students wants him dead, and Talia tells him that he means to destroy Oliver utterly. Two years ago he sought Talia out and had already learned much about Oliver. She says that Oliver killed his father and by then, Oliver had killed her father as well. She explains that her name is Talia al Ghul, and she and her father Ra's fought so she forged her own path. However, she says that she'll tell Oliver who Prometheus is because she wants Oliver to suffer, and says that Prometheus' identity is Adrian Chase.

Alena takes Felicity to the Helix base and finds it fully occupied and everyone busy. Helix is monitoring cell phone, and Alena tells Felicity that they're going to change the world together.

Oliver arrives at City Hall and tells his assistant to get Pike and Quentin in his office, and asks where Chase is. She tells him that Chase is in the conference room, and Olive goes in to find Adrian hosting a meeting. Adrian realizes that Oliver knows who he is, and Oliver asks to see him alone in his office.

Five Years Ago

Olive, Anatoly, and Anatoly's allies take cover behind the bar and return fire on Gregor's men. Oliver flanks one opponent as he prepares to shoot Viktor, and Gregor gets out. Anatoly warns that Gregor will promote new captains loyal to him and they will kill them all.


Green Arrow confronts Adrian in the parking garage, and Adrian points out that the city aren't fond of Arrow these days. Arrow says that he won't kill Adrian because that's what he wants, and Adrian tells him that he's done everything that he wanted. The DA says that he gave Susan an "exclusive", and she'll be fine as long as he gets her food and water. If he dies then she dies, and figures that Oliver won't be able to torture the information out of him. Smiling, Adrian walks away.

Back at the bunker, Oliver tells the others what he's discovered. Oliver admits that he underestimated Adrian, and asks where Felicity is. Curtis tells him that her phone is off, and Oliver says that he's made sure that Thea is safe. He tells them that they have to rescue Susan while Curtis finds Felicity. When Diana suggests that they go to Pike with Adrian's identity, but Oliver and Quentin point out that they have no evidence yet.

Diggle sends Curtis and Dinah to Opal City to get Chase's mother Amanda, and Oliver warns that it won't work. He's going to Chase's house, having found plans showing that it has a subbasement, and Diggle insists on going with him.

Five Years Ago

Oliver, Anatoly, and Viktor discuss what to do next. Anatoly points out that they don't have the proof that showed Gregor betrayed the Bratva, and Oliver figures that they need to kill Gregor before he tells anyone. They figure that he will go to ground in his stronghold, and Oliver says that he knows someone who can come in.


Dinah and Mr. Terrific go to Amanda's house and discover that Adrian has already moved her. Mr, Terrific sends one of his T-Spheres upstairs where it detects a resonance frequency. They hear a scream and run upstairs, and find a projector running a film of Susan. Prometheus is there and uses a knife to make her scream.

Rene and Quentin return to City Hall and Adrian is waiting for them. He says that he takes his job as DA very seriously, and Rene says that he'll kill him. Quentin promises Adrian that it isn't over, and Adrian says that it's just getting started. Once Adrian leaves, Quentin calls Arrow and tells him that Adrian is at City Hall.

Arrow and Spartan enter Adrian's house and split up to sweep the place. Adrian's wife Doris is there, and Arrow tells her that Adrian is the Throwing Star Killer. Doris doesn't believe him, and Arrow says that she knows on some level that Adrian is keeping something from her. The police break in and order Arrow down, and Spartan hears them over the radio. The head officer tells Doris that Adrian called them, and Oliver tosses down a flash-bang. By the time the smoke clears, arrow is gone.

Back at the bunker, Curtis and Dinah show the others the film. Curtis has found nothing to find a location, and they don't know how long ago it was made. Oliver figures that Adrian will keep her alive as leverage, and Felicity arrives and apologizes for being late. After sending out the others, Oliver tells Felicity that she doesn't work for him. He's worried that she's into something and she doesn't want to tell him about it. Oliver points out that keeping secrets hasn't ended well for either of them, and Felicity says that it isn't a current time with everything going on. She asks him to trust her and Oliver agrees, and then shows him a birth certificate she got from the petabyte of data from Amanda's computer. It indicates that Adrian's real name is Simon Morrison. The proof would be enough to get the ACU to arrest Adrian. Oliver heads to City Hall, explaining that he has to make a statement for the news about arrow breaking into Adrian's house.

When Oliver gets there, he tells the press that the mayor's office is in agreement with Adrian, and the situation has become untenable. He says that he will not let anyone terrorize Star City, and demands that Arrow turn himself in. Oliver gives him 24 hours and then he will give a shoot-on-sight order.

Oliver visits with Pike and gives him the evidence that Adrian's identity is false. He says that Adrian is the Throwing Star Killer and refuses to say who gave him the evidence, and tells Pike not say that he got the information from him.

Five Years Earlier

Oliver has Anatoly send Viktor away and puts on his Hood costume. He explains that he met a woman who taught him how to give his darkness an identity so that it doesn't consume him. Anatoly warns his friend that whatever is inside him can't be kept separate, and warns that the woman will one day be the source of Oliver's greatest pain.


Felicity shows Alena the video and asks her to search the cell phone database to find someone who entered the room. Alena says that they gave her Pandora and now people are starting to ask what Felicity is doing for her. Felicity agrees to help them, and Alena explains that they've been trying to break the encryption on a Homeland Security Drone. She won't tell Felicity why, and asks what Felicity is willing to do for them.

As Pike leaves the station, a figure in a hoodie stabs him. When Oliver gets word, he goes to the hospital where Pike is under treatment. Quentin is there and tells Oliver that Pike is comatose, and Oliver figures that Adrian was responsible. Adrian is in Pike's room, and Oliver goes in to confront him. He says that he won't let Adrian hurt anyone else, and Adrian points out that so far Oliver hasn't done anything to stop him. Oliver promises that he and his team will find Susan, and when they do he'll kill Adrian. When Oliver says that he doesn't feel like playing anymore, Adrian tells him that he doesn't have a choice. Adrian reminds him of all of the people that are dead and says that it's because of Oliver, and figures that Oliver is one loss away from being destroyed. He tells Oliver that if he kills him then he'll only be killing himself, and walks out.

Oliver goes to the bunker and smashes apart the equipment in a fit of rage.

Five Years Ago

Viktor and his men are at a hockey arena watching the players when they her gunshots outside. A guard goes to investigate and Oliver kills him. She continues through the complex, killing one man. Anatoly grabs another and breaks his neck, and they go to the arena and open fire on Viktor and his captains.


At the apartment, Felicity works with Curtis to hack the drone. Curtis asks why they're hacking drones instead of finding Susan, and Felicity says that it will lead them to Susan. He warns that it's illegal and demands an explanation, and Felicity tells him that her new friends helped get Diggle out of prison and are helping her fin Susan. She asks Curtis not to lecture her, and he realizes that Oliver and Diggle don't know what she's doing.

Diggle arrives at the bunker and finds the place tore up. Oliver tells him that he doesn't know what he can do to save Susan, and Diggle assures him that he's not alone. Despite that, Oliver admits that he can't see anything past creating more targets, and Diggle tells him that they're teammates and Oliver's strength. Oliver points out that Adrian has turned it into a weakness, and by getting close to Susan he gave Adrian a way to get to him. The same thing could happen with Diggle or Felicity or his son: they all make him vulnerable. Diggle admits that they might do that, but says that caring about people makes Oliver human. Oliver says that being a human may not be a luxury he gets to have. Felicity calls with the information, and Oliver tells Diggle that he needs Diggle to go after someone who makes Adrian vulnerable.

The team goes to the address that Felicity identified from the video and detects a few dozen heat signatures inside. They don't know if any of them are Felicity. Overwatch tells Arrow that Spartan has the package en route with ETA five minutes. The team goes in to the abandoned building and Mr. Terrific sends his T0Spheres on ahead. Meanwhile, Wild Dog and Dinah split up to search and find an incendiary device. It goes off, trapping them in a room. Arrow finds more devices and confirms that they're set to go off in five minutes. He sends Mr. terrific to free the others and get them out.

Arrow finds Susan in an elevator, and cuts her loose just as the doors close. He says that he's Adrian's target now and tells Susan to get to safety, and steps out to where Prometheus is waiting for him.

Mr. Terrific gets to the others and has his T-Spheres smash through the wall.

Adrian removes his mask and says that he prefers the two of them fasting face-to-face. Arrow says that he's going to keep them both together there until the building comes down. Adrian tells him that he won't let it happen, and shuts down the bombs by remote. When he boasts that he's still ten steps ahead of Oliver, Oliver says that then he'd know what he's done. Spartan brings Doris in and she's furious that he killed all those people. She insists that it's not him, and Arian hugs her and says that he's so sorry. Doris tells him that he has to turn himself in, and Adrian says that he's going to take care of it... and stabs her in the stomach.

Spartan gets Doris out while Arrow attacks Adrian. Overwatch sends an ambulance there, and Spartan sends the others to go help Arrow. Meanwhile, Adrian breaks away and says that he's not going to kill Arrow, and Arrow can't kill him. Arrow says that he can, and Talia comes in and shoots Arrow in the leg, taking him down.

Wild Dog, Dinah, and Mr. Terrific arrive a few seconds later and discover that Adrian and Arrow are both gone. They return to the bunker and tell Felicity that Adrian must have Oliver. Susan is at the precinct with Quentin, and Doris passed away en route to the hospital. Dinah asks Felicity to find Oliver, and she leaves to meet with Helix.

Five Years Ago

The two sides continue shooting, and Oliver moves in and chases Gregor out onto the ice, killing his men. He shoots Gregor down, and Gregor warns that if Oliver kills him than he'll only be killing himself. Unimpressed, Oliver ends his life.


At the precinct house, Adrian finds Susan and Quentin. He says that he's in mourning because Arrow killed his wife and Oliver is missing. Quentin asks why he shouldn't have him arrested, and Adrian says that he doesn't want Oliver back in pieces.

At the Helix base, Alena tells Felicity that everyone is impressed with her hack. Felicity is busy trying to find Oliver, and she'll do whatever they want if they help her.

Talia and Adrian visit Oliver in his cell where he's shackled. Oliver tells Talia that her father was an honorable man, and he'd be ashamed that Talia has allied with a psychopath. Unimpressed, Talia tells Adrian to make sure that Oliver suffers and walks out. Oliver says that his friends will find him, and Adrian says that he's still not interested in killing him. He explains that he told Susan that Oliver helped him discover who he really is, and he plans to do the same for Oliver.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 16, 2017

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