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Secrets Stolen Recap

After taking blood samples, Brooke gives John apple juice to clear his heads. She points out that he tried to stab her, and says that she knows he's Jack the Ripper and came to 2017 in a time machine. As she unstraps John, Brooke says that she also knows that Vanessa is aiding Herbert, but she knows that John is alone and figures that he could use a friend. She tells John that he has to trust her, and he collapses on the floor. Brooke tells him that she'll come back when he's feeling more like himself and walks out of the lab.

At Vanessa's townhouse, Herbert experiments with a laptop and looks up information on the Internet. He accidentally sets off some porn advertising as Jane comes ins she says that she enjoyed it when they kissed the previous night when they kissed, and apologizes if she was too forward. Herbert assures her that she isn't a harlot. He tries to explain how he finds 21st century sexual relations casual, They start to kiss just as Vanessa and Doug come in. Doug reports that they have identified the man that attacked them as Chad. He has a history of petty crime but no reason for why he attacked them. Herbert figures that something has happened if he hasn't reached them after his deadline, and they wonder if he ran into Chad. Vanessa says that she has some business to attend to while they check on Chad's place.

Vanessa meets with Griffin, who claims that he's still dealing with the fact that the real H.G. Wells is there. He says that people would kill for a time machine, and Vanessa assures him that it's secure. Griffin asks if they should cancel the war veterans charity that night, and Vanessa insists that they should continue.

Herbert and Jane convince the landlord to let them into Chad's apartment. She admits that Chad gave her the creeps and they go inside. The couple find the board with all of the Wells and Stevenson clippings and photo on it, Herbert realizes that Chad was following both of them, and wonders how he knew that they would be there. Jane looks around and finds a satchel containing Chad's personal belongings with the initial RH on it. There's a letter with the same emblem that Herbert sent to Vanessa, and a set of coordinates.

A guard, Alex, watches over John, and Brooke comes in. She asks if he'll behave himself, and explains that she locked him up out of necessity. After a moment she unlocks the lab door, and Brooke explains that they're in her basement lab. She brings up John's DNA report and warns that she might not like in his brain. Brooke knows all about his background and the fact that he has a son: Henry Ayers. Henry's mother Pauline was a nurse that John met in Paris in 1891. John insists that it's impossible, and Brooke asks that she wants to study John's psychopathy. She explains that the time machine is under lock and key and offers to get it for John. John wonders why Brooke is so interested in him, and she tells him that there's only one Jack the Ripper.

Back at the townhouse, Martin tells Herbert and Jane that the coordinates are for a residential area in Glen Cove, Long Island. The next numbers are a date, September 15, 1980. The remaining numbers are the time 1;42 pm. They figure that Chad was trying to get to the time machine to go to the specific date and time, and Martin has found nothing significant in the archives. Herbert says that he's going to the time and place and Jane insists on coming with him. They set the coordinates and arrive in a forest in 1980. There's nothing but forest at the coordinates, but they hear people talking nearby.

Herbert and Jane follow the sounds and find a garden party going on outside an expensive house. A girl runs over and a woman calls to the girl, using the name Vanessa. Herbert realizes that they're at Vanessa's parents' house. He and Jane blend in at the party, and Jane gives Herbert a brief rundown on the time period. A woman, Bethany, comes over and greets them. Jane says that they just bought an area nearby and Bethany says that the Anders house is for sale. She's heard that husband David's business isn't doing well.

Griffin enters the ballroom and tells Vanessa and Martin that he was hoping to learn more about Herbert. Martin explains where they went and Vanessa asks for the exact coordinates. As they work, Griffin pockets a key card from the desk. Meanwhile, Vanessa realizes that the coordinates are her childhood home and tells Martin to let her know when Herbert and Jane get back.

In 1980, Vanessa runs over and hugs Herbert. She says that she's three, and Vanessa's mouther Courtney comes over and introduces herself. David joins them and Courtney tells him that he has a guest. A man is lurking around the edge of the party, and David goes over to talk to him. Once Courtney and Vanessa leave, Herbert warns Jane that they can't do anything that would alter the timeline. They realize that the man David is arguing with has a satchel like the one in Chad's apartment, with the same initials.

Brooke tells John that her father developed DNA that lets her manipulate how people think once it's injected into the brain. John realizes that she plans to change him, and Brooke asks if he wants to change. She says that his son was a doctor, and John admits that he isn't. As they talk, John pockets a copy of a birth certificate that Brooke has. John notices the door out and asks Brooke why he's so important to her. She asks John to be patient, and John runs for the door. He goes out and Brooke tells Alex to stop. John runs into a room and finds a man sitting on a bench. He snarls and tackles John, and starts beating him. Brooke and Alex guard arrive and Alex shoots the prisoner with a tranq dart.

In 1980, Jane goes back to Bethany and asks who the man is. Bethany says that he's married and slaps Herbert's butt, and explains that the man's name is Robert Holland. Robert grew up there and has been married five years, and his wife is cheating on him. Bethany confirms that Robert has a son named Chad and then goes off to talk to someone else. Herbert wonders why the day is so important, and spots David going back to Robert. The two of them walks off, and Jane and Herbert follow them.

Back in Brooke's lab, Brooke leaves and John asks Alex about his tranq gun as Alex reloads it. Brooke goes into the cell to check on the prisoner, and John jabs two tranq darts into Alex's back. He then goes up the stairs but Alex grabs his legs and attacks him. However, he finally passes out from the tranqs and John kicks him in the head before walking to the door. Brooke comes out with a gun and tells John to stop. She says that she can help him, but John says that he doesn't need a gun. he points out that she needs him alive and walks out, and heads down the street.

Herbert and Jane follow the two men into the garage, and David tells Robert that it was stupid for him to come there. Robert says that he has the files on all the drug research, and shows them to David. David confirms that it's everything on Project Utopia, and Robert assures him that he covered his tracks. Once they get the drugs on the market, no one will be able to prove that the drugs were stolen. David gives Robert all the cash that he has, but Robert refuses to hand the file over until he has all of the money he was promised. When he turns to go, David attacks him. the two men fight and David hits Robert in the head with a wrench. Robert goes down and David confirms that he's dead. He puts the body in the trunk of a car, and Herbert and Jane quickly leave.

Courtney finds Herbert and Jane just as David comes out. The couple runs when they realize that David knows that they were inside. They get to the time machine and depart just before David arrives.

The couple returns to 2017 and Herbert reminds Jane that they can't change history. Martin tells them that Vanessa wants to see them, and they send him home for the night. As they go to Vanessa office, Jane figures that they shouldn't tell Vanessa what happened. She suggests that they find out more about Robert and Project Utopia.

In the main room, Vanessa and Griffin are meeting with their donors. Vanessa spots the couple and Herbert explains that they met briefly. She asks if they saw their parents, and wonders how her parents are connected to Chad. Herbert doesn't tell her what they saw, but says that they overheard David mention Project Utopia. Vanessa says that she's never heard of it but offers to look into it once the fundraiser is over. Once she goes back inside, Jane assures Herbert that he did the right thing.

John goes to Vanessa's townhouse and spots the caterers going in the back. he slips in through the back door that they're using. Once inside, John makes his way to the kitchen. When a caterer tells him to check in with security, John knocks him out and hides his body, and then picks up a kitchen knife and continues on.

At the fundraiser, Doug tells Vanessa that someone is asking for her. It's Brooke, who Vanessa recognizes. She assures Brooke that she's always welcome and takes her to her brother, Griffin. Brooke whispers to Griffin that they need to talk. They go into a private room and Brooke says that John escaped and may be coming there. Griffin tells Brooke that Herbert traveled back to 1980 and doesn't know if he found about Project Utopia. Brooke says that they need to take the time machine, warning that if Herbert learns that that Robert sold their father's research to David then it's all over.

In Jane's room, Jane looks up information on Project Utopia. Herbert figures that it involves him and Chad knew it. The newspaper obituary reports that Robert had an accidental fall, and they figure that David covered it up.

John makes his way into the townhouse, hiding when Carl goes past.

Jane finds nothing on Project Utopia, and Herbert realizes that his invention is destroying the world rather than bettering it. They kiss and Jane says that they'll figure it out. She suggests that she contact a museum specialist to do the research, and goes to get her phone. Meanwhile, John finds the security door to the ballroom. He hears two guards coming and moves off before they can arrive. He runs into Jane, who realizes that he's there for the time machine. John asks how many people he has to hurt to get into the ballroom, and Jane says that she has the key. She claims that it's in her purse, but hits him with it and runs away. Jane bumps into Carl and tells him that John is there, and John arrives to stab him. When Jane yells for help, John has no choice but to run

As the guards tend to the wounded Carl, Herbert arrives and Jane tells him that John is after the time machine.

At the fundraiser, Vanessa asks Brooke if she's seen Griffin. A guard asks for a word with Vanessa, and Brooke watches them go.

Griffin goes to the ballroom and uses the stolen key card to open the lock. John comes up behind him, knocks him in, and smashes the lock. The two men fight and John slashes Griffin across the chest.

Jane and Herbert find Vanessa and tell her that John is in the house. She tells her guards to steal the house.

Griffin continues fighting until John finally chokes him unconscious. Outside, Doug and the others arrive and find the door locked. As Doug breaks the door down, John gets into the time machines, sets the coordinates, and activates the machine. The others get in just as the time machine vanishes. Herbert uses the remote to bring the time machine back, but John has already left it.

Vanessa takes Griffin to her study and calls her doctor. Brooke arrives and asks what's going on, and Vanessa says that there was an intruder and Griffin tried to stop him. Once Vanessa leaves, Griffin tells Brooke what happened.

Jane checks the machine's coordinates and discovers that he went to March 30, 1918. The latitude and longitude are for Paris.

John looks around Paris.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 20, 2017

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