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Variation on a Million Bucks, Part 2 Recap

McGill boards the Panamanian freighter just before it departs. A seaman takes him to his cabin and McGill asks to talk to Captain Rivas. The seaman refuses, steps out, and locks the door behind him.

Michaels and Johnson question Taiko about McGill’s destination. She wonders if she needs protection, and insists that she knows nothing about the million dollars. Michaels shows her a photo of Max and explains that he was once a Russian espionage agent. He insists that he can find McGill then they can save his life, and Taiko explains that McGill wants the money because he wants to live a normal life. Taiko figures that Michaels is responsible for McGill’s disavowal, and he insists that no one person is ultimately responsible. She says that she’s going home to Tokyo and doesn’t know anything about when McGill plans on returning. Michael asks if he made any plans for the future, and Taiko angrily tells him that there is no future for them now.

Back at his office, Michael complains to his agents about how they lost McGill. He orders them to get McGill back and warns that there won’t be any more slip-ups. Michaels figures that McGill has the key to the safety deposit box with the million dollars... and intelligence documents that they have to acquire. The agents are to cover every ship and plane heading to the Mediterranean, where Max used to cover. One agent, Manny, suggests that McGill is working for the other side. Michaels tells him not to assume anything, and orders them to do whatever is necessary. Once the other agents leave, Michaels admits to Johnson that he hopes to tell people that McGill is innocent. Johnson points out that it’ll never happen, and Michaels says that he almost hopes McGill gets the money.

The freighter continues toward Lisbon and the third mate Ryan comes to see McGill. He says that the captain is unavailable and asks for McGill’s passport. McGill refuses to hand it over, and Ryan points out that he’s out numbered. When McGill reluctantly hands it over, Ryan is surprised to discover that it’s genuine, and talks about how he left home to avoid his parents. He wonders why McGill is paying the captain to smuggle him to Lisbon, and McGill doesn’t answer. Ryan tells him to stay in his cabin and McGill borrows his cigarettes before he goes.

In London, Bert makes a call and confirms that they have a contact on every ship to Lisbon. The one who finds McGill will receive $10,000 and another $1,000 if they kill McGill.

A seaman collects McGill’s food and McGill tries to leave with him. Ryan is waiting and tells McGill that Rivas wants to see him immediately. They go to the captain’s office and Rivas tells McGill that he’ll stay in his cabin and when they arrive, he’ll be taken to a safe house with a woman who knows nothing. After two days, the freighter will leave whether McGill is aboard or not. Rivas gives McGill the woman Lucia’s address and demands $500 for additional expenses. McGill reluctantly pays and Rivas tells him to stay away from the crew.

Michaels make travel arrangements for Taiko, and Johnson takes her to the airport. Before she goes, she asks Johnson to tell McGill her address so he can contact her if he returns. Bert is watching from nearby as Taiko boards her plane.

In his cabin, McGill checks his gun before hiding it, and checks the key bandaged to his side. Ryan escorts three seamen in to play cards, and says that he hopes to come into some money... soon. McGill takes a drink and salutes the seamen.

Johnson tells Michaels that Taiko is in Tokyo, and Michaels tells his underling to keep her under surveillance at all times in case he wants to contact her... and to keep her safe.

One of the seamen keeps losing, and Ryan orders McGill to hand over a thousand dollars so he can play. McGill refuses and Ryan points out that Rivas can’t protect McGill forever. The third mate deals one card to each man and tells McGill that they’re playing for high card. Ryan knows about the key and says that someone is offering $10,000 for it. He deals a 2 to McGill and tells him to give him the key to survive. McGill attacks them and Ryan stabs him in the shoulder with a knife. He orders the seamen out and then clubs Ryan unconscious.

Later, Rivas apologizes for the incident and offers McGill a drink. McGill pays the pharmacist’s mate to stitch him up, and Rivas asks about the key that Ryan has mentioned in his delirium. He advises McGill to keep his gun close and the safety catch off.

When the freighter arrives in Lisbon, Rivas escorts McGill to the hold and has him placed in a crate. A seaman nails the lid in place and a crane transfers the crate to a truck on the dock. The three seamen from the card game drive the truck to a quarry and let McGill out. He’s waiting with his gun and sees two of them, and tells them to back away. The third one ambushes him when he steps out and knocks him out. They take his money and drive away, and McGill confirms that he still has the key when he wakes up before staggering towards Lisbon.

In Lisbon, McGill goes to Lucia’s address and staggers in. He says that Rivas sent him and confirms that Lucia speaks English, and she turns off the lights. Lucia offers to get him some food and says that she doesn’t want to know his name. When she realizes that he’s injured, Lucia warns that he’s bled too much. She gets some scissors to cut open his bloody shirt and McGill passes out from blood loss.

Bert talks to Rivas and explains that he’s talked to the captains of any ships that docked in Lisbon. He offers him the reward and Rivas says that he can give him some information.

Lucia tends to McGill and he realizes that she took the key. He orders her to give it back and she does, and McGill says that when he opens it he’ll have everything he needs.

In London, Manny informs Michaels that they’ve picked up a report of Ryan in a Lisbon hospital with a concussion who is ranting about a key. Satisfied, Michaels sends Manny and Johnson to Lisbon and concentrate on the docks... and get McGill.

A feverish McGill wakes up and tells Lucia to get him some clean clothes, a strong paper bag, and lots of stamps so he can mail the bag. She refuses to go out and tells him to get some sleep. Delirious, McGill hallucinates Taiko asking who will be with him when he dies. He promises to bring her the money, but Taiko says that she’ll never see him again and transforms into a laughing Max, his hands covered in blood.

The next day, Manny finds Lucia’s house. Inside, Lucia gets McGill want he wanted and says that he talked about the million dollars in his delirium. She figures that there’s a girl involved, and asks how much McGill will pay her. McGill assures her that if he makes money then she will as well. He puts on the new clothing and says that he can bluff his way through even though the seamen took his papers. Lucia looks out the window and spots Manny watching the house, and McGill recognizes him from London. She tells McGill not to go but he goes anyway by the front door. Manny approaches him and warns that his men have guns on him. As Lucia watches from the window, McGill knocks Manny out, takes his gun, and takes a taxi away. Bert is secretly watching and drives after him.

At the bank, McGill tells the vault guard that he’s Max and identifies the box by the number on the key. The guard has him sign and McGill forges Max’s signature as best he can. After a moment, the guard approves it and takes McGill into the vault. McGill removes the box and escorts him to a private booth. Once alone, McGill finds the million dollars inside.

Bert enters the vault, posing as a customer. The guard takes him to the booth next to McGill’s and leaves. He then takes out a gun and waits. McGill puts the money in the bag and addresses it to a PO Box in London. When he comes out, Bert shoots him but hits the box instead. McGill shoots back, killing him. The guard lets him out of the soundproof room and McGill leaves, and spots Johnson. McGill runs for a nearby post box and Johnson grabs him and takes the package as McGill passes out.

When McGill wakes up in the hospital, Michaels comes in and gives him $30,000 for recovering the documents and the money. McGill tells Michaels to give Lucia half, and Michaels gives him a passport to return to England. When McGill worries about the dead man, Michaels says that Bert tried to frame Max. Max outsmarted him and took the million, and Michaels figures the Russians are glad to be rid of him. He gives McGill Taiko’s address and her message about whether McGill should send for her or not. Before he goes, Michaels gives McGill his suitcase from the ship and wishes him luck. McGill contemplates Taiko’s address and then crumples it up.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 4, 2015

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