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Abra Kadabra Recap

At Stagg Industries, two security guards are working afterhours. A man--Abra Kadabra--comes in and says that he's taking some of the tech, and disappears. Abra Kadabra reappears inside of a cabinet and then switches places with them. Water pours into the chamber and the guards are unable to escape.

At Jitters, Iris and Barry show Cecile and Joe their engagement ring. Iris explains how Barry proposed to her, and Cecile suggests that they go to Hamilton together. It's the first week in July, after Barry saw Iris died. Iris hesitates but Barry says that they'll all be there.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco views the future where Savitar kills Iris, and tells the others that nothing has changed. Caitlin suggests that they work out what they knew, and Julian points out that all of the headlines except one have come true. A call comes in about the break-in at Stagg Industries, and they head out Caitlin tells Julian that he received an envelope from the Central City Opera. He explains that he got them for the two of them a while back, but tells Caitlin that now she can go with whoever she likes. Once they're alone, Cisco points out that things seem cold between Caitlin and Julian. Caitlin says that Julian still doesn't trust her, and Cisco assures her that he'll come around.

At Stagg Industries, Barry points out that there's no water access in the building. There are no security cams, and Julian tells them that no one is saying anything about the stolen tech. Barry warns Joe that they're running out of time to change the future, and Cisco calls to tell Barry that there's a robbery in progress at Kord Industries.

Flash arrives at Kord Industries and finds Abra Kadabra leaving with a piece of technology. Abra Kadabra calls Flash by name as Barry and says that he's from the future. He knows about Savitar killing Iris, and Flash speeds forward. He grabs Abra Kadabra's arm but it's fake and it explodes. As Abra Kadabra runs, Gypsy breaches in and vibes Abra Kadabra. He tosses playing cards at them, and Flash speeds through them only to discover that Abra Kadabra has vanished.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Gypsy explains that the villain is from Earth-19 and he has nano-technology built into his body that lets him perform his "tricks." She says that Abra Kadabra is from the 64th century, and he's on the most wanted list on her world. He showed up a couple of weeks ago and looted some tech, and they figure that he needs Earth-1's tech as well. Cisco is eager to team up with Gypsy, but Gypsy only wants to capture Abra Kadabra and take him back to his love. Caitlin goes to check with Julian, and Barry tells Iris that Abra Kadabra knew about Savitar and the future he saw. Iris points out that Gypsy will take Abra Kadabra back to Earth-19 if she captures him, but Barry says that they'll figure it out later.

Cisco vibes to find Abra Kadabra but sees nothing. Gypsy warns him that he's invisible to them, and starts checking the satellites to find differing vibrational frequencies. Cisco offers to come to Earth-19 and set her up with some of his technologies, and suggests that he stay with her. He points out the kiss that they shared and figures that it needs to happen again, and Gypsy says that she's been preoccupied. The alarm goes off showing that Abra Kadabra is at one of Mercury Labs' satellite offices.

Flash and Kid Flash run to mercury Labs and find Abra Kadabra. Vibe and Gypsy breach in behind him and blast him, only to discover that he's a hologram.

Julian tells Caitlin and Joe that he found particulate residue at Stagg Industries. Abra Kadabra teleports in and turns Joe's gun into a squirt gun. He sets off an explosion and the trio runs out. When Abra Kadabra comes after them, Joe fires a blaster at him but the villain teleports behind him and knocks him out. Flash arrives and handcuffs Abra Kadabra, who says that if Flash lets him go then he'll tell Flash Savitar's real name. Gypsy comes in and tells them to hand Abra Kadabra over, and Flash punches the villain unconscious.

Once the team locks Abra Kadabra up in the pipeline, Barry tells Gypsy that he needs to talk to him before she takes him back to Earth-19. She agrees and promises Abra Kadabra that he'll die for all of the things that he's done. Gypsy storms out, and Cisco goes after her. Abra Kadabra says that he knows everything about Savitar: he was the first speedster and Flash defeats him... after Savitar kills Iris. The villain refuses to give up Savitar's name and gloats that Flash is too slow. He warns that he'll die if they hand him over to Gypsy, and the decision lie with Barry. Wally shuts the chamber and Iris says that they can't let Gypsy take him. Joe agrees and Barry admits that he doesn't know.

Cisco asks Gypsy why she's taking the assignment so personally. He realizes that Abra Kadabra took someone from her, but Gypsy vows that she won't let anyone stop him from bringing the villain to justice.

Caitlin tries Julian's cuts and apologizes for hurting him. She asks him to forgive her, but Julian doesn't say anything and Caitlin walks away.

At the West house, Iris tells Barry that they'll figure it out. She wonders if they know how he's telling the truth, but Barry is convinced that Abra Kadabra knows what he claims. Barry figures that they deserve one win, but Iris says that Barry is the one who can save her life. She doesn't want Abra Kadabra to walk free to save her life, and she figures Barry doesn't want that either.

Joe opens the cell door and Abra Kadabra says that he figured Joe was the only person who would do anything. The detective wonders why he's there, and Abra Kadabra says that it's beyond his understanding. He promises to release Abra Kadabra if he tells him who Savitar is. Abra Kadabra tells him to open the door first, and Joe does so.

As Cisco and Gypsy argue, they realize that the cell is open.

Joe orders Abra Kadabra to give him the name. Abra Kadabra starts to say the name, but Gypsy runs in and Abra Kadabra teleports away. He goes to the time vault removes a glowing crystal. He heads for the elevator and Joe fires a warning shot. He reminds him of his deal, and Abra Kadabra says that he's altering the deal. The villain tosses a sphere and it explodes as Caitlin and Julian arrive. A piece of rebar takes Caitlin in the side.

The team takes Caitlin to the medbay and Julian warns that it's bad. They can't take her to a hospital because they'll ID her as a meta. Cisco suggests that she turn into Killer Frost because it will slow down her metabolic rate, but Caitlin refuses and says that she'll walk Julian through the operation.

Gypsy confronts Joe and demands to know what he was doing. Joe says that he took an oath to protect her family and he doesn't give a damn about what Gypsy wants. She says that Joe is the one who let Abra Kadabra out, and Joe walks away. Cisco is watching, and asks if Gypsy would do the same for someone she cares about. Gypsy says that she did and explains that she had a partner and a lover. Abra Kadabra shot him dead three years ago, and she had him until Joe messed it up. Gypsy promises that Abra Kadabra will pay for what he did and walks out.

Julian begins operating as Caitlin watches via a mirror. He takes out the shrapnel and they work on the main piece of rebar. Her BP goes up but Caitlin tells them that she would rather die than remove the inhibitor necklace. Julian removes the final piece and Caitlin passes out. The team tells Joe that Caitlin will be okay, and Iris works out that Abra Kadabra is stealing the tech to build a time machine and get back to his own time.

Abra Kadabra assembles the pieces of stolen technology to power his time sphere.

The team reviews the surveillance footage of Abra Kadabra taking the crystal. Cisco figures that the components are what he used to build the time sphere two years ago, and the crystal is the power source. They figure that he'll have to open a temporal wormhole and they can nail him, but Gypsy says that he's hers. Barry tells her that she can't do it alone, and they need her help to save Iris.

Abra Kadabra flies the time sphere through Central City and opens up a wormhole. Flash and Kid Flash arrive and chase after Abra Kadabra as he takes the sphere through a side street. Vibe and Gypsy breach in front of him and drive him off, while Flash and Kid Flash speed after him. When Abra Kadabra blasts Kid Flash off a rooftop, Vibe opens a breach to bring him safely to the street.

Flash chases after the sphere as Abra Kadabra opens up another wormhole. The speedster leaps onto the time sphere and vibrates through it, grabbing Abra Kadabra as he passes through. The sphere goes through the wormhole unoccupied, and Gypsy puts Abra Kadabra under arrest for mass murder. Abra Kadabra boasts that they'll never find out what he knows and Iris will die.

Gypsy takes Abra Kadabra to the breach room and the team watches as she prepares to return to Earth-19. When Gypsy asks what they're going to do, Barry says that he isn't going to stop her. He tells Abra Kadabra that he has nothing to offer him for the terrible things that he's done, but says that he's a man and has family friends. Barry hopes that there is a glimmer of light inside of Abra Kadabra, and asks that part of him to help. Abra Kadabra says that in the future they have been enemies for years, None of Flash's enemies have hurt him like Savitar did, and now it's like he gets to kill Iris, too. Barry steps aside and Gypsy asks Cisco where it leaves them. He says that he doesn't know, and Gypsy departs with her prisoner.

In the medbay, Julian holds the unconscious Caitlin's hand. She wakes up and Julian tells her that Abra Kadabra is gone for good. Julian says that he can't believe what she did, and admits that he's going soft on her. With that, he kisses her until he brushes her side.

At the West house, Joe tells Iris that he should have been stronger. Iris says that he showed strength by letting Abra Kadabra go, and assures him that he makes her stronger as well. Joe talks about how he watched over her as a baby, terrified that she might die. He doesn't know what he can do to save her, and Barry comes in and says that he knows how to save her. Since their enemies are armed with the future, Barry is going to go to the future to find out how to save Iris' life.

As Iris watches video, Cisco brings her some lime Jell-O. He admits that his heart is broken, just as H.R. comes in. He says that he's been with a woman, Rhonda, and Cisco doesn't want to hear it. Caitlin interrupts their squabbling and H.R. eats her lime Jell-O. Caitlin goes into convulsions. Julian and H.R. run in as she flatlines. They try to revive her but fail, and realize that she's gone. Julian removes the necklace and after a moment, her heart starts beating. The injury heals and Caitlin transforms into Killer Frost. She blasts the three men back and then fires another ice blast.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 29, 2017

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