Abra Kadabra

A new villain, Abra Kadabra, seeking out high-tech items. When Flash captures him, Abra offers the speedster Savitar's name if Flash lets him go. Meanwhile, Julian is forced to operate on a badly injured Caitlin.


By Gadfly on Mar 29, 2017

At Stagg Industries, two security guards are working afterhours. A man--Abra Kadabra--comes in and says that he's taking some of the tech, and disappears. Abra Kadabra reappears inside of a cabinet and then switches places with them. Water pours into the chamber and the guards are unable to escape. At Jitters, Iris and Barry show Cecile and Joe their engagement ring. Iris explains how Barry proposed to her, and Cecile suggests that they go to Hamilton together. It's the first week in July, af…

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