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Under Leaf Pluck Lotus Recap

Three women walk down the street and then split up, going different directions. Each one presents a new heroin drug administered by patch to a prospective buyer. One buyer brings in a junkie to try it out, and the junkie falls over . The rep tells the buyer to wait, and the junkie recovers and says that it's like the first time.

Danny is in his office receiving a report on the drug sample he received from the Triads, and the researcher Sandi Ann reports that the drug is chemical and perfectly legal. He says that he'll deal with it and thanks Sandi Ann for her help.

Joy is in a meeting for a class action suit testifying that their production facility had nothing to do with a recent cancer outbreak. She insists that Rand followed the government law and if there is any fault, it's the government's. One client, Regina, breaks into tears, and Joy says that they're done.

Danny confronts Ward about the fact that the heroin is being shipped in through the new Rand pier. Ward insists that it has nothing to do with them, and Danny says that the Hatchetmen syndicate told him about it after Rand Enterprises bought the pier. He explains that the symbol on the bag represents Shou Lao the Undying, the dragon from K'un-Lun that made Danny the Living Weapon. When Danny explains that the Hand is using their company to smuggle drugs in, Ward tells him and Harold to deal with it. Danny leaves and asks his new assistant Megan to find out when the next shipment is coming in at the pier.

Ward and Joy head to lunch and Joy tells Ward that the lawyer Melvin Ortiz that doesn't have a case. She admits that she's questioning if they're on the right side of things. Joy says that the Yang Clan had a deal with Patel to use the pier before they bought it, and Ward wonders what she's trying to say. His sister tells him that the meeting was brutal, and Ward tells her that she's a good person but also a good businesswoman who has to make hard decisions. He says that she does better than most of them at finding a balance between the two, and Joy wishes that there was something she could do for the suffering people.

As Danny leaves the building with the information about the next pier shipment, Regina approaches him and shows him a photo of her fourth-grade son. She explains that her son has cancer and got it from the Rand chemical plant, and Danny says that they'll make it right, while Melvin records the encounter.

At the dojo, Colleen is training Claire Temple. They take a break and Colleen assures her that she's progressing faster than any other student. As they go back to work, Danny arrives and Colleen asks him what he wants. He says that he wanted to talk with her and ordered takeout, and Colleen says that she's in the middle of a lesson. Waiters come in with takeout and Colleen wonders if it's a date. Danny quickly assures her that it isn't and says that he needs her help. Claire offers to have takeout with them and Colleen quickly accepts.

Melvin sends Ward and Joy the video, and Ward figures that Danny is an idiot. He tells his sister that they're not going to settle after they asked for double the original number. Joy points out that the company's primary shareholder has accepted responsibility, and Ward suggests that they release a statement saying that Danny was coerced into giving the statement. He figures that fighting in court will still be cheaper than settling, and tells Joy not to let her emotions cloud her judgment. Joy warns that they have to consider what it looks like, and Ward says that he'll think about it. He says that Danny was talking to him about a dragon and figures that he's crazy.

Once Joy leaves, Ward looks at the packet of heroin Danny left, and then takes some pills. Harold sends a text telling Ward to do what Joy says, and Ward looks around nervously wondering how his father is monitoring him. He then gives his father the finger.

Before Danny, Colleen, and Claire eat, Danny offers a Buddhist prayer. He talks about how he and his friend Davos used to sneak out of the monastery to eat donkey. Danny then says that he focused on his martial arts training to avoid the grief of losing his parents, and vowed to avoid all distractions. Claire wonders why he waited so long to come back, and Danny tells them that the way was closed until recently. Colleen asks Danny what he wanted to talk about, and Claire quickly excuses herself.

Danny explains that criminals are is using Rand Enterprises to distribute heroin He can't go to the police because that would ruin the company's reputation. Colleen suggests that Danny get evidence to convince Ward, and Danny tells her about the shipment. He wants Colleen to come with him and watch his back, Danny tells her that he knows she's been testing herself in the underground fight club and understands that she feels restless, and points out that her students will die from it as well. When Colleen hesitates, Danny tells her that he bought her building and is now her landlord,

At the board meeting, Ward tells the members that Danny couldn't be bothered to show up. He says that he's calling Melvin's bluff and refusing to settle. One board member, Lawrence Wilkins, objects. Ward asks if he's willing to sacrifice $200 million but Lawrence says that the bad PR could cost them more. The other board members agree with Lawrence, but Joy sides with Ward and points out that his decisions have always been impeccable. She then calls for a vote.

Danny tries Colleen's katana and then asks her to show him her style. She comes at him, smiling, and Danny concedes that she's pretty good. He demonstrates his own skill with a pair of nunchaku and tosses them to Colleen, and she replicates his moves. Danny says that she's amazing and Danny checks his phone. He realizes that the office has been calling but leaves with Colleen.


Ward is watching a newscast about the video after it goes public, Harold texts but Ward ignores it and pours himself another drink, then takes more pills. After a moment he takes the packet of heroin and contemplates it as his phone rings.

That night at the pier, Danny and Colleen pull up their hoods and go in. They spot the guards with machineguns. Colleen has second thoughts and Danny tells her that she can go home and fight strangers in cages. She says that at first she convinced herself it was just about the money. It felt good when she hurt her opponents, and Danny says that doing what they're doing might help. He leads Colleen in past the guards and duck into the shadows, and Danny thanks Colleen for helping him. They continue on and Colleen admits that she's not good at talking. Danny sympathizes and Colleen apologizes for misreading his intentions with the takeout.

Danny and Colleen get to the trailers and discover that they contain equipment rather than drugs. He figures that they have something to hide because they have guns, and Danny goes down to check the boxes in one trailer. Colleen spots two guards approaching. They lock the trailer door, trapping Danny inside, The semi drives off and Colleen follows it on foot. She comes to a guard by her SUV and knocks him out, and then drives after the semi.

Danny finds a door in the back of the trailer and opens it. Inside is a small apartment and a chemist, Radovan Bernivig, watching TV. Danny introduces himself and a guard on the couch sits up. He shoots at Danny, who takes cover. The bullet goes out the back, hitting the SUV's windshield. Meanwhile, Danny throws a frying pan and fights the guard hand-to-hand. In the struggle the guard accidentally stabs Radovan before Danny can take him down. Using the Iron Fist, Danny smashes open the trailer door and motions Colleen forward. She speeds up and Danny grabs Radovan and jumps onto the hood of the SUV.

Colleen pulls over and Radovan says that he's a wanted man in several countries. Danny figures that they have to get the chemist to a hospital, and Colleen says that she knows a nurse.

Joy goes to Ward's office to tell him about the video, and finds him passed out on the couch. She realizes that he took something and says that she needs his help to fix the problem. Ward just giggles and says that he's doing it to "him," not himself. He sits up, staring into space, and says that there's no way out. Joy promises that they'll fix it because they're family.

Colleen calls Claire and have her meet them at the dojo. She uses Danny's credit card as a makeshift seal for Radovan's collapsed lung, letting it re-expand. Danny suggests that they move Radovan to Colleen's bedroom, and Radovan tells them to take him back. He explains that the Hand is holding his daughter Sabina, and Claire recognizes the name from when they attacked her hospital. She warns Danny that he just started a war, and Radovan explains that he invented a heroin formula and brought him to NYC to make it.

Danny says that he'll rescue Sabina, and Claire warns that it's something a rich kid can't handle it. She tells Danny to accept his limitations, and he says that he's been training his entire life to fight the Hand. Colleen agrees to help him and it's her choice.

Gao and her men meet with the guard from the semi where it's parked. She examines the wrecked trailer door and asks if the intruder used his fist. The guard admits that it might have been, and Gao kills the guard with the blade in her cane.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 29, 2017

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