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Ladies Drink Free Recap

A girl, Hayden Foster, comes out of a bar checking her cellphone for online texts. As she texts, her brother Ben comes up behind her. As they walk home through the woods, Hayden suggests that they go back and offers to get him a drink. She hears something moving in the woods but Ben dismisses it as nothing and goes into the trees to prove that there's nothing there. Satisfied she's ditched him, Hayden walks off. When Ben hears her scream, he runs back and finds her lying on the snow. A masked figure appears behind him and rips out his heart, and then looks down on Hayden.

At the Men headquarters, Sam and Dean wait for Mick. Just as Dean is ready to go, Mick comes in and apologizes for running late. He admits that they've had their hands full since the vampires attacked the compound. Mick explains that they received a report of an animal attack in Wisconsin. Hayden is in the hospital and her brother lost his heart, and Dean suggests the killer got spooked before he could finish the job. Mick isn't convinced, explaining that he did research into lycanthropy at the Men's school. He figures that they're looking for a pure-blood, and says that he's tagging along. Sam warns against it, but Mick says that most of them were thinkers not fighters, and he wants to be ready for whatever is next.

As the brothers wait for Mic to join them, Dean warns Sam that Mick is dead weight. Sam insists that they're working with the Men and the better they are, the better they area. Mick joins them as Dean tells Sam that he's babysitting Mick.

The brothers drive to Wisconsin and Mick talks about the equipment the Men have developed to deal with werewolves. The men killed all of the werewolves, and Sam says that some of them can control their transformation. Like their friend Garth. As they argue, they arrive at the three-star hotel that Mick reserved for them. Sam is impressed that he got them all separate suites, and dean is eager to check it out.

The next day, Sam and Dean wait outside and Dean goes on about the door. Sam explains that he read through more of Mick's lore books and discovers that the Men came up with a possible cure for lycanthropy. A valet brings the Impala around and Dean disses the room. They go to the hospital where Mrs. Foster is sitting with her sleeping daughter. Sam and Dean insist that Mick wait outside and introduce themselves. Mrs. Foster refuses to let them talk to Hayden, and Mick comes in posing as an attending doctor. He asks Mrs. Foster to wait outside, and Dean and Sam go with her.

Hayden wakes up and Mick examines her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Foster says that she thought Hayden was at a friend's house. She says that she's glad the Bigfoot truthers aren't there, and they thought one had attacked Hayden. Mrs. Foster came by and says that some girl came by saying she was with Fish & Wildlife, and gives the brothers the girl's card.

Mick finds clue wounds on Hayden's arms and tells her that she'll be okay. He goes out into the hallway and tells Mrs. Foster that Hayden's wounds are healing up. Once the woman goes back inside, Mick tells them that Hayden wasn't bit. The brothers recognize the girl from Mrs. Foster's description.

Claire Novak is at a convenience store texting to Jody, who thinks she's on a college trip. Dean calls her and Claire recognizes his voice. She meets them in the hotel bar and says that she's working a werewolf case. Mick brings over beers and introduces himself, and Claire says that she's been on the case a day and discovered that Hayden was drinking at a bar on the sly, and the bartender was grabby. Mick abruptly dismisses himself, saying that he has to make a report, and Claire says that Jody is busy with sheriff stuff. The girl asks if they should go to the morgue, and Sam suggests that they all get a decent meal and charge it to Mick.

At the hospital, Mrs. Foster leaves her sleeping daughter. That Mick enters the room still dressed as a doctor and apologizes to the sleeping Hayden, and then prepares to inject a drug into her IV. Hayden transforms into a werewolf and attacks Mick, clawing his shoulder. He plunges the syringe into her chest. The girl transforms back and collapses to the floor, and then flatlines. Mick walks away as Mrs. Foster finds her daughter dead and screams.

The next day, the doctor calls the group there and says that they haven't determined how Hayden died. The wounds on her arms are gone. The doctor steps aside to take a call, and Mick claims that he didn't notice anything unusual. Sam wonders if Claire turned but Dean points out that Mick claimed that Hayden wasn't bitten. Mick says that he might have made a mistake and Dean starts arguing about bringing Mick along. Claire cuts him off and points out that the attacker is still out there, and Sam suggests that the werewolf let Claire go so she would turn. They figure that someone she knew or someone at the bar turned her, and Dean and Mick go to the bar while Sam and Claire talk to Hayden's friend she was crashing with.

When they drive to the friend's house, Claire insists that everything is fine. She tells Sam to wait in the car while she talks to the girl.

As they go to the bar, Mick tells Dean that he screwed up and it won't happen again. They go in and ask the bartender, Justin, if he recognizes a photo of Hayden. Justin claims that he doesn't, but Dean figures that he's lying about serving an underage girl. The bartender says that Hayden started coming in a few weeks ago after the other bartender, Conner, got hired, and Conner and Hayden had a thing. Conner comes in and the two men talk to him privately. He insists that he let Conner in and let her in on the night of the attack, but he didn't see her leave. When Conner hesitates, Dean says that it's a simple question and asks Mick the same thing. Mick eventually gives him an answer, and Conner insists that he went home and didn't do anything to Hayden. As he goes, Dean asks if Claire was there. When Conner says that she was, Dean tells her that if he touches Claire again he'll wreck his face. Outside, Dean tells Mick that he almost bought Mick's alibi, and asks what Mick did to Hayden. Mick says that he did what needed to be done and injected he with silver nitrate. He tells Dean that he had orders, and reminds him that killing monsters is what they do. Dean says that he used to think it was simple, but things aren't as black and white as Mick thinks. He describes the case with the psychic girl, and Mick says that they have a code. Disgusted, Dean says that now Mrs. Foster gets to bury two kids instead of one.

Claire returns to the Impala and tells Sam that Hayden was hooking up with an older guy but he was ultra-possessive so the friend told Ben. Claire figures that she did good, and Sam asks why Jody thinks Claire is in Madison looking at college. He says that he didn't tell and asks why Claire is lying to Jody. Claire says that Jody wants her to be normal and doesn't let her hunt, and figures that she's better off on her own. Sam tells Claire that she needs to tell Jody the truth, and Claire says that she's sick of them treating her like a stupid kid. He tells her to stop acting like one and walks off.

As Claire walks down the road, she senses someone following her. She turns and the masked figure comes at her. Claire draws a knife and fights, but the man shoves her to the ground and bites her arm. He runs off and Claire realizes that she's been bit. Sam finds her and gets her back to the hotel.

At the hotel, Dean treats Claire's wound and tells Sam what Mick did. The brothers refuse to let Mick near Claire, and admit that they don't know how long Claire has until she turns. Dean tells her that she can live with it, but Claire figures that she can't handle it. Rather than hurt Jody and Alex, or anyone else, Claire says that she'd rather die. Sam checks Mick's lore about the lycanthropy cure, and discovers that only one out of nine mice was cured. Mick explains that they experimented with the blood of sire werewolves, and the one human subject that they tested it on died in agony. Claire still wants to go through with it, and Sam figures that it's her life. Dean figures that Mick considers it a great solution either way, and Mick says that there are no great solutions. Claire asks Dean to agree, and he does. Mick says that they need live blood from the werewolf who bit her, and Dean figures that it's Conner. The full moon rises in an hour, and Dean tells Mick to stay with Claire and promises to kill him if anything happens to her.

Conner leaves the bar and Dean and Sam take him. Sam threatens him with silver knife, but Conner doesn't react and they realize that he's human.

At the hotel, Claire looks out at the full moon. She looks at the wound in the mirror and sees it heal, and then goes for Mick's gun. He grabs it and Claire tells him to shoot her. Mick says that he would know a man who would shoot Claire without hesitating, and he feels the same... but his instincts haven't been so great. He tells Claire that he's going to restrain and sedate her, and Claire wants to call Jody. The masked werewolf barges in and slams Mick across the room. He then takes off his mask, revealing that he's Justin, and punches Claire unconscious.

When Sam and Dean return to the hotel, they find Claire gone. Mick wakes up and tells them what happened, and says that he put a tracker in Claire's pocket.

Justin takes Claire to a cabin in the woods and says that they should have let him have Hayden. The two of them were planning to leave because Hayden was miserable in town, and Justin had to know if Hayden could survive the change. Claire moans in pain and Justin says that eventually it feels good. He explains that Hunters showed up and wiped out most of his pack, and insists that he's a nice guy. He forces her to eat a human heart and says that she's alone like him. Claire spits it out and says that she has a family and they love her, and screams in pain.

Sam barges in and tackles Justin. Dean and Mick come in the back, and Ca partially transformed Claire rips free. Mick jams the syringe of silver nitrate into Justin's shoulder, and then attacks Dean as he throws off Claire. The British Man shoots Justin dead, takes his blood, and gives the syringe to Dean. He injects Claire with it, and she screams in pain as she drops to her knees.

The trio gets Claire to the couch and she writhes in pain. Dean can't stand to watch it anymore and goes out, and Claire finally passes out. Sam calls Dean back in and they watch as she transforms back into a human and opens her eyes.

The next day, the group leaves the hotel and watch Claire prepare to drive off. Dean thanks Mick for helping them, and the brother agree to give him a second chance. Claire comes over and thanks them for being there for her. She doesn't know if she's going to tell Jody what happens, and Dean tells her that they've got her back no matter what. When Claire goes back to her car, she calls Jody and tells her that she's been hunting alone. She admits that it's scary but it's something she has to do for a while, and Jody helped prepare her. Claire then gets in her car and drives away.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 31, 2017

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