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Ladies Drink Free

Mick convinces Sam and Dean to take him on a case involving a werewolf attack. However, they soon discover that the British Man of Letters has an ulterior motive.

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By Gadfly on Mar 31, 2017

A girl, Hayden Foster, comes out of a bar checking her cellphone for online texts. As she texts, her brother Ben comes up behind her. As they walk home through the woods, Hayden suggests that they go back and offers to get him a drink. She hears something moving in the woods but Ben dismisses it as nothing and goes into the trees to prove that there's nothing there. Satisfied she's ditched him, Hayden walks off. When Ben hears her scream, he runs back and finds her lying on the snow. A masked fi…

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pentar posted 7 years ago

That was a bit too convenient, if you ask me.

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