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The End Recap

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Nick jerks awake and looks at the corpses of Hank and Wu. He goes to Wu and tries to use the stick to bring him back, but nothing happens. Nick then goes to Hank and tries the same thing, but the stick still doesn't work. Trubel runs in and sees the carnage, and Nick tells her that their friends are dead and the stick isn't working. He wonders why Zerstorer didn't kill him, and tells he that bullets didn't work against Zerstorer. Trubel says that they have to kill Zerstorer the same way that their ancestors did, by cutting off his head.

Adalind gets Nick's call and he tells her and Renard that Zerstorer killed everyone at the precinct, including Hank and Wu. He explains that the stick didn't work, and Adallind tells him that Zerstorer wants Kelly as well as her. Nick tells them that he's sending Trubel to them while he goes to the spice shop. Once he hangs up, Nick gives Trubel the keys to his car.

At the spice shop, Rosalind suggests to Eve and Monroe that Zerstorer may be unkillable. Monroe finds a reference to the "strength of one's blood" can destroy the destroyer. Rosalind remembers a potion that requires the blood of three opposing forces: a Grimm, a Wesen, and a Hexenbiest.

The trio is working on the potion as Nick arrives. He tells them that Zerstorer wiped out everyone at the precinct but him, Nick says that they have to go to the cabin to get Adalind's blood, and admits that he doesn't know how he'll get close enough to Zerstorer to cut his head off. He then gets an axe from the weapons cabinet.

At the cabin, Renard tells Adalind that they did one thing right: Diana. They apologize for what happened between them, and Renard promises to do everything he can to protect Diana and Kelly. Trubel arrives and Adalind explains that Renard is on their side, and she says that she'll be outside on watch.

Rosalind pours the poison into a thermos, and Monroe and Rosalind head out in their car. Nick goes to get a gun to use with the poison, and Eve apologizes for her blood no longer being Hexenbiest. However, she assures Nick that she definitely isn't done and has no regrets. Zerstorer bursts in and Nick attacks him. The intruder blasts him back and immobilizes Eve as she grabs a knife. He then magically her to stab herself in the stomach as Nick looks on. Eve goes to her and turns to realize that Zerstorer is gone. She says that she has no regrets and dies in his arms,

Nick carries Eve and tries to use the stick on her as he did before. It doesn't work and Nick screams in frustration. He yells at Zerstorer to come back and fight, smashing apart the shop in his fury.

Monroe and Rosalind arrive at the cabin and Trubel greets them. They go inside and explain about the potion, and that Nick will be there soon.

Nick drives out to the woods and tells Trubel what happened. They go inside and he tells them that Zerstorer killed Eve, and figures that the stick is protecting him from Zerstorer. Adalind explains that they have to cut all three of their hands at the same time and le their blow flow into the bowl, and Renard takes the knife. They perform the ritual and the potion melts the spoon that Rosalind uses to stir it.

Diana comes in and says that she feels different, and tells them that Zerstorer is coming because the stick told him where they are... and he wants it. The building shakes and Zerstorer comes in. He knocks back everyone except Diana, who waits calmly for him, her eyes glowing. Zerstorer woges back to his human form and leads her out. Renard attacks Zerstorer while Nick tells Trubel to get Kelly and go out. Rosalind tells Monroe that she isn't leaving without him.

Outside, Diana tells Renard not to hurt Zerstorer and that he needs her. Renard woges and Zerstorer knocks him back and woges. He then impales Renard with the staff, just as the others run out with the poison. He calls to Diana and dies, and Nick attacks Zerstorer. Zerstorer knocks him back and Monroe throws the poison into Zerstorer's face.

Trubel gets Kelly and prepares to get her out.

Nick tries to cut off Zerstorer's head, but he grabs the axe and throws the Grimm away. Adalind yells at Trubel to run, but Zerstorer seals the cabin door with his staff. Monroe grabs it and attacks him, but Zerstorer sends him flying. Rosalind goes to him while Nick tries to hold Zerstorer back. The cabin windows are sealed as well.

Adalind summons Nick's axe to her hand and attacks Zerstorer, but he grabs it and kills her. She tells Nick to save the children and dies, while Adalind grabs the staff. Zerstorer turns it into a snake and it bites her in the throat. Monroe pulls it away, but it bites him as well and they both collapse, dying next to each other. Nick tries to revive Monroe without success, and he screams at the sky.

Diana enters the cabin and tells Trubel to stay away from her brother. Zerstorer comes in behind her and Trubel attacks her. He realizes that she's a Grimm and has his staff bite her in the throat just as Nick runs in. Diana says that they're ready and that Kelly likes him as well, and Zerstorer looks at Nick.

Nick says that Zerstorer isn't going to take his son, and Zerstorer woges back to human form. He says that none of what Nick has seen needs to happen, and admits that the stick is what he wants. Nick realizes that Zerstorer can't kill him as long as he has the stick, and Zerstorer offers him something for it. He touches his staff to Trubel and brings her back to lie. Zerstorer offers Nick the lives of his friends for the stick, and Nick goes to Kelly. After stroking his son's cheek, Nick tells Zerstorer that he can have the stick. Trubel wonders why Zerstorer doesn't just take the stick. Zerstorer tells Nick to ask his children what to do and walks out.

Zerstorer walks outside and Nick goes after him, offering him the stick. Trubel warns that it will be the end of humanity and can't let him do it. Nick attacks her and she grabs the stick and runs. He chases after her but the sick burns her hand and she drops it. Nick tackles her and they fight, Nick finally knocks her down but then takes the shift and goes back to the cabin as storm clouds form overhead for a moment.

As he walks back to the cabin, Nick's mother Kelly appears and tells him to stop. She says that he can't give away the stick, and Nick tells her that he doesn't have a choice. Marie appears and warns him as well, and Kelly says that Nick has to give him the stick and that's why Zerstorer has killed them all. The women tell Nick hat he can kill them with the blood of all of the Grimms inside of him. The strength comes from their family, and together they can defeat any evil... together.

The trio goes to the cabin where Zerstorer is waiting. Trubel runs up as Nick holds up the stick. He drops it on the ground and tells Zerstorer to come get it, and he woges and walks over. The four Grimms attack him and Trubel manages to stab him in the leg. Zerstorer knocks her back, and Marie stabs him in the neck. Kelly cuts off his arm, and Nick grabs his staff. The stick leaps into the gap, and Nick drives the staff into Zerstorer's chest. He dies and Kelly tells Nick that they could feel that he needed them. Marie explains that they're all descendants of the first Grimm, and the stick is part of a much greater power. Kelly tells her son to guard it well, and to take care of her grandson

Trubel staggers over and says that the two of them took Zerstorer down. Nick wonders what she means, and turns to discover that Marie and Kelly have disappeared. He says that he did nothing for his friends, and tosses away the staff. Nick kneels over Adalind and removes the Black Claw ring from her finger.

Diana comes out and asks where Kelly and Marie went. Nick realizes that he can bring his friends back to life, picks up the staff, and tells Trubel that if it worked for her then it will work for them. Zerstorer collapses into ash and the ash forms into a portal. The portal pulls the staff in and Nick as well as all as he hangs onto it.

In the past, Nick shoots through the mirror. The others are there, and Diana tells Adalind that she got Nick back for him. Nick and Adalind kiss, and Nick realizes that Adalind is still wearing the ring. He hugs Eve as the others arrive, and Nick hugs them all, relieved that they're okay. Trubel comes in and says that she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen again. Diana tells Eve that she's a Hexenbiest again, and says that Zerstorer is dead. She says that she isn't afraid anymore and Nick says that he isn't, either. He goes to Kelly and says that he's thankful they're all there. Nick explains that when he was in the Other Place he felt would it be like to lose them all.

The staff is nearby, and Monroe asks where it came from.

20 Years later

At the trailer, the newest Grimm--an adult Kelly--reads Nick's journal about how he defeated Zerstorer with Trubel, his third cousin on his mother's side. The world was changed as a result. An adult Diana comes in and tells Nick to come on because their parents are waiting and they have Wesen to kill, and the triplets are waiting. Kelly gets the staff and leaves, and Diana looks at the journal and closes it with her powers.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 1, 2017

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