The End

Nick faces off against Zerstörer in final battle, and the devil-wesen gives him an unthinkable choice: hand over the stick or let his friends die. However, Nick receives help from two unexpected allies.


By Gadfly on Apr 1, 2017

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Nick jerks awake and looks at the corpses of Hank and Wu. He goes to Wu and tries to use the stick to bring him back, but nothing happens. Nick then goes to Hank and tries the same thing, but the stick still doesn't work. Trubel runs in and sees the carnage, and Nick tells her that their friends are dead and the stick isn't working. He wonders why Zerstorer didn't kill him, and tells he that bullets didn't work against Zerstorer. Trubel says that they ha…

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Episode Discussion

Petrak28 posted 2 years ago

A beautiful end

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

I can understand you pentar, the questions you raised are legit, but I loved the whole ride and I forgive them the time travel stuff, after all those last 3 episodes were a hell of a ride to end it :)

pentar posted 2 years ago

All of a sudden Nick can see dead people?? How did that happen? And why couldn't Trubel, she's a Grimm too? And why could Diana? She has no Grimm blood.

And the time travel crap back to when everybody was alive was the biggest deus ex machina plot device I've seen in a long time. And it seemed totally unnecessary as Zerstorer demonstrated that the staff could be used to bring someone back to life, and the historical texts from the previous episode suggested it was a holy relic. Why not let Nick use it on his friends?

And Black Claw is gone just like that after creating so much trouble? Hmmm...

And speaking of the staff, mighty Zerstorer with his staff couldn't simply take Nick's now seemingly inert stick? Why not simply kill Nick? Wouldn't that release any magical connection to Nick if that was the problem? Another deus ex machina plot device used by the lazy writers to justify killing all the main characters and not Nick.

I didn't care much for the flash forward either. I can understand Kelly being a Grimm and hunting Wesen, but Diana is not a Grimm, nor are the triplets. I understand Nick often enlisted Wesen to help him but this sounded like they were all full time Grimms. And "Mom and Dad are waiting?" Are they implying Nick is Diana's father? Seems this ending was cobbled toghether really quickly.

petrd1 posted 2 years ago

When all is said and done, It's a Wonderful Grimm Life.

GregClark posted 2 years ago

wow, after 6 seasons and 123 episodes it all comes to an end tonight!! lots of ups and owns laffs and scares, its been nothing short of a awesome supernatural ride!! Grimm ROCKS!! gonna miss this show!

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