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A Wondrous Place Recap

At the loft, Emma tells David that Hook killed David's father. She explains that Hook left town, apparently on the Nautilus,

Deep underwater, the Nautilus is sucked through a rift. Once everyone recovers, Nemo realizes that Gideon sent them to another realm. Hook says that he has to get back to Emma, but Liam tells him that it isn't possible. Nemo says that they need Kraken's blood to travel between realms and Gideon used the last of it. The pirate sys that they need to find a Kraken and take its blood,

Jasmine continues her search for Agrabah, and Aladdin complains that they've been searching for day sand found nothing. Her wish took them to an empty field in the Enchanted Field, and Aladdin suggests that they go home. Jasmine points out that her home is gone, and Aladdin suggests that she make a home in Storybrooke with him. She hesitates to kiss him and then walks away. As they argue, a ring drops out of Jasmine's pocket. Jasmine doesn't recognize it, and figures that the wish put it there. She realizes that the wish gave her a reminder of how she failed Agrabah, and sees a rowboat on the nearby lake… and says that she knows what she needs to do.

Many years ago...

In Agrabah, the Sultan shows a rare gem and says that it will be his future son-in-law's dowry. Prince Achmed eyes it appreciatively, and Jasmine comes in and says that there will be no engagement. Her father says that he knows she wants to marry for love, but they need a prince with an army to defend against Jafar. Jasmine says that she has found a hero, Aladdin. Jafar comes in and tells them that Aladdin is broken, and the princes that have gathered are no heroes. When Achmed challenges him, Jafar transforms him into a wooden staff and says that the Sultan is right to marry Jasmine off. However, the only way to save the kingdom is for Jasmine to marry him. Jasmine says that it will never happen, and Jafar tells her that if she doesn't by sundown then Agrabah will be destroyed.

The Enchanted Forest

Aladdin rows Jasmine across the lake and a Kraken emerges from the water and grabs the rowboat. Jasmine drops the lamp, and they fight off the tentacles with oars. The Nautilus surfaces behind them and Hook throws a harpoon into the Kraken, forcing it to retreat. He tells them to come aboard and explains that he's trying to leave the Enchanted Forest.


Emma and David go through the files at the sheriff's station. Regina comes in with a two-for-one coupon at a new bar, Aesop's Tables. She suggests that she, Mary Margaret, and Emma take a ladies night out, and glares at David. He realizes that Regina expects him to switch places with his cursed wife, and Emma says that she has work to do. Regina tells her that she can't hide from her grief, but Emma says that she isn't.

The Enchanted Forest

Nemo tells Hook and the others that they have repairs to make. Hook complains that he needed the Kraken's blood to get back to Emma, and asks Jasmine to loan him one of her wishes. Aladdin explains that Jasmine's wish didn't take them to Agrabah, and Jasmine figures that Jafar took Agrabah. She admits that she can't face Jafar again because he ripped away everything that she cares about. Aladdin admits that Jafar scares him, too, and Hook tells them that there's a way to find Jafar. They have a compass that will lead them to a man desiring revenge like Jafar. Once they find Jafar, Hook will convince him to send him back to Storybrooke. He assures Jasmine that she has nothing to fear because she won't face Jafar alone, and Jasmine agrees.

At home, Emma is putting away Hook's things. Henry listens to his headphones, and finally notices his mother looking at Hook's engagement ring. He asks if she's okay, and Emma's phone rings. She gets called to a fight and leaves. When Emma arrives at the place, she discovers that it's Aesop's Tables, and the bartender says that there haven't been any fights. Regina and a slightly drunken Mary Margaret are waiting with drinks, and Regina invites Hook to sit down and tell her all about Hook.

On the Nautilus, Hook looks out the porthole. Jasmine says that she knows he is missing home, Hook admits that he misses Storybrooke . He asks what's with her and Aladdin, and Jasmine says that she failed her responsibility as a princess and doesn't deserve love. Hook tells her that he used to feel a while, but then he realized that hiding behind the guilt is a coward's answer. Jasmine admits that she is a coward and always has been.


A disguised Jasmine walks through the marketplace and sees a street vendor accuses a hooded figure of being a thief. She assumes that it's Aladdin and goes after him. Meanwhile, the street vendor corners the thief and takes the necklace that they're wearing. The figure--Ariel--transforms into her mermaid form. Jasmine arrives and pays off the street vendor, and then gives the necklace back to Ariel. Ariel transforms back to her human form and introduces herself. Jasmine explains that Agrabah is her city and she hates it when guests are ill-treated. Ariel says that she has a prince to find, and he said he was traveling to Agrabah. Jasmine confirms that the prince, Eric, has a navy. They leave on the flying carpet and go to the caravans. Ariel spots Eric's flag and Jasmine takes the carpet down.


Aladdin visits Hook and asks if Jasmine is around and if she said anything about him. Hook is busy trying to get them to Jafar, and doesn't want to put up with Aladdin's questions. The Nautilus shakes and Nemo says that the seal shaft has expanded. They can't get to the dive room, and Nemo tells Hook that his ship is lost. Jasmine comes in with the lamp and wishes for Aladdin to take them to the island. After a moment, Aladdin teleports them all away.

At Aesop's Tables, the three women drink and Regina stares at Emma. She finally asks her how she feels, and Emma says that she doesn't know. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret sees some Viking leaving without paying and accuses them of leaving without paying. She grabs the leader's knife and throws it into a target, and suggests that the loser pays both tabs. The Vikings join in and Emma tells Regina that she'd rather be distracted.

The group finds themselves on the island, and Nemo says that he was forced to abandon his ship. Hook says goodbye to Nemo and his brother Liam, and they leave for the Nautilus. Hook, Aladdin, and Jasmine enter the forest and find a hut. They go inside and find it filled with relics. A trap swings down and they narrowly avoid it. Jasmine says that she knows who it is, just as Ariel comes in. She explains that Eric is visiting some of her landlubber friends, and she set the trap to protect her collection. She introduces them to Hangman's Island and Jasmine says that she needs her help.


The carpet lands at the caravan camp and Ariel hesitates to go into Eric's night. She says that Eric won't remember her, but jasmine assures her that it's true love and Ariel can't miss another chance with him. They go inside and find Eric there. He recognizes Ariel and says that he thought she changed her mind about him. Ariel admits that she's a mermaid and apologizes for not telling him, and he immediately accepts her. "Eric" says that he loves her people, poached, and then transforms into Jafar. He reminds Jasmine that marrying him is the only way to protect of Agrabah. There are only ten minutes left until sundown.


Ariel finds a bottle that is the only thing in her collection from Agrabah. The compass points to it, and Hook figures that if he's a genie then they'll set him in free in return for his restoring Agrabah. Jasmine braces herself and opens the bottle, and Jafar emerges. He recognizes Jasmine and breaks the genie bracers. Jafar thanks them for his freedom and makes Hook, Ariel, and Aladdin pass out.


Outside the tent, Jasmine hopes that there is someone with the heart of a hero in the camp. Ariel tells her to tell Jafar no, and reveals that she stole a potion from Jafar. She assures jasmine that she can do it, just as Jafar comes out and says that Jasmine's time is up. When Ariel tries to intervene, Jafar teleports her to the sea and prepares to destroy Agrabah. Jasmine agrees to marry him for the good of Agrabah, and offers her the crown jewel of Agrabah. As Jafar puts it on his finger, he tells her to remember the moment when she failed her people. The sorcerer explains that he never wanted to marry her or rule Agrabah, so he will wipe the city out of existence. Jafar admits that Agrabah is protected by the jewel, but since Jasmine gave it to her then he can destroy it. Jafar concentrates and teleports the city away,


Jasmine points out that Jafar has taken everything from her and there's nothing more he can do. Jafar concedes the point and says that he has a score to settle with those who imprisoned him. He asks if she really loved Aladdin, and describes how he saw him broken and weeping. Jasmine insists that she's a hero and demands to know where Agrabah is, and Jafar agrees to tell her because it's practically at her fingertips. Jasmine realizes that it's inside the ring, and Jafar gloats about how she's failed to carry out her duties as a princess. He tells her to hand over the ring, but Jasmine refuses. She takes out the potion that Ariel stole many years ago and tosses it at Jafar's feet. Nothing happens and he advances on her, but she slams the remaining potion in his face, transforming him into a staff. As the others wake up, Jasmine says that she knows how to get her city back.

At Aesop's Tables, Emma talks to the bartender. He admits that he's Aesop, and couldn't write his own story. He went to the Land of Untold Stories to write stories about others, and describes the simple story of how an artist loves his wife but she doesn't love him. Aesop realizes that Emma lost someone, and she explains that she thought that Hook would stay with her. Instead, he took off when things got tough. She starts crying, and Mary Margaret and Regina come over. Regina says that she didn't want Emma crying, and Emma says that it's what she needed to move on.

On the island, the group makes camp outside the hut. Hook sits alone until the others join him, and he hopes that if she can get Agrabah then someone there can help her. Jasmine says that she will still use her last wish to free Aladdin, and he says that he'll do anything for her. She remembers that her father told her that duty had to come before love. Now Jasmine has realized that the way to get Agrabah back is with the love that can break any curse. She kisses Aladdin and Agrabah is restored. Ariel takes the ring for her collection, and Aladdin realizes that he's free. Jasmine takes him to see her world, and Hook and Ariel go with them.

Hook and Ariel make their way to the market, and Hook puts the Jafar staff in a booth. Ariel assures him that she can get home, and figures that Hook will find someone to take him back to Storybrooke. She says that they can get a signal back to Storybrooke via mermaid magic, and Hook says that he has a similar device at home.

Emma returns home and finds Hook's things lying out. She takes them to the shed but hears Hook calling. Emma opens the box and takes out the item, and hears Hook calling to her. He says that he was going back to her when Gideon sent him away. The pirate says that he loves her and won't stop until he gets home.

The connection goes dead, and Aesop walks up holding the napkin that Emma cried into at the bar. "Aesop" explains that as long as he holds the tears of the Savior, Hook can't contact her. He transforms into Gideon, and admits that he made a terrible mistake trying to steal her powers. Gideon needs her to help him. When Emma refuses, Gideon says that Hook will stay where he is until she helps him. She asks what she has to do, and Gideon says that he needs her to kill the Black Fairy.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 3, 2017

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