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6. The Point of No Return Recap

Harry goes to a pool hall, meets Eve, and tosses the envelope with the flash drive onto the table. She says that she needed to get his attention and he needed to know, and Harry says that he can handle Isabella. He takes a pool cue and starts playing, and Eve warns him that Isabella is dangerous.

A private jet lands and the stewardess tells the passengers to prepare for departure. One man clutches nervously at his bag. The woman opens the hatch and the man outside dressed as ground crew shoots her dead. He enters the plane and shoots the passengers dead one at a time, and the flight crew when they come out of the cockpit. Once everyone else is dead, the killer takes the bag and leaves. He cuts through the perimeter fence, pulls up his hood, and walks away.

The next day, Harry and Suri arrive at the airport. She warns him that if Clare's solicitor presses assault charges than she could get sacked. Suri worries that she lost control, and Harry says that he'll smooth things over for her. She refuses to let him do it, saying that she'll keep her head down and stay away from trouble. Alistair is waiting for them and warns that isn't likely, He shows them the passengers' bodies in the hangar and explains that the shooter used a silenced pistol. No terrorists have taken credit for the attack, and Steven shows them CCTV footage of the killer leaving the plane. They check the jet and Harry figures the killer was after something they don't know about. Isabella texts Harry and he ignores her, and Suri says that the killer took all of the passengers' camera phones. A phone ring goes off and Harry finds it beneath a seat. Outside, they check the footage and get a blurry shot of the killer's face.

Daisy is at home looking at her laptop, and hastily shuts it when Anna comes in. Anna takes it and brings up the video Daisy was looking at, of Harry crossing the freeway. The girl says that Harry has superpowers, insisting that no one is that lucky, and Anna says that it's just CGI. She figures that Harry is going through a mid-life crisis, and Daisy says that it's what gets Harry through his day now that he's lost them.

At the station, Harry and Suri get into the elevator together. She curses at the pain in her hands from hitting Clare, and Harry asks her why she's in the police force. Suri says that the crime in the world makes her angry, and Harry explains that they're all angry and that's why they're police. He tells her that the secret is to know when to let her anger take control. Isabella texts again and Harry hangs back to take it. he' says that he's been too busy with work to return her calls, and Isabella figures that he owes her dinner for her saving his life. Suri calls Harry in and he quickly hangs up.

Alistair briefs the DIs on the killer, Jurgen Bloch. He's a South African national who has worked as a mercenary and now takes personal contracts. Jurgen has done high-profile, high-casualty hits around the world. The trail went cold eight years ago until he was spotted at a Dutch airport three days ago. Harry figures that Jurgen deliberately killed the other passengers to cover up that he was after one particular target, and Suri realizes that he has a second target connected to the first. Alistair tells them to get on to Pathology and see if there's anything that suggests a target. Suri notices a mark on Jurgen's neck in the photo and Harry realizes that it's a scar.

Harry goes to Eve's place and asks for information on how Isabella's children died in Denmark eight years ago. Isabella explains that someone blew up a man's car in an assassination, and he used too much plastique. The explosion killed Isabella's children as well, and she went after the killer and ran him off the road in Morocco. Isabella then nailed him to a tree by the palms of his hands, cut his throat, and left him there to die. The killer's name was Jurgen Bloch, and Harry shows her Jurgen's photo. There are scars on Jurgen's hands as well, and Harry tells Eve that Jurgen is alive and in London.

The next day, Rich makes bacon for breakfast and Harry comes down. Isabella comes in and kisses Harry, and Rich quickly excuses himself. Harry asks Isabella how close they are, and brings up the footage of Eve interrogating Rui. Isabella dismisses it as nothing, but Harry figures that she's killing innocent people. She says that people just get the luck they deserve, and says that it's best if she leaves London. As they talk, Isabella notices the photos of Jurgen and realizes that Harry knows who he is. Harry claims that he doesn't know when it was taken, and Isabella realizes that Jurgen is still alive. She says that she's going but that she and Harry have something good and it's up to Harry whether he throws it away.

At the morgue, Ralph tells Harry and Suri that Jurgen took his time with one victim, Elliot Aimes. Back in the squad room, Suri reports that Elliot was a post-graduate art restoration student who took a year off to travel in the Far East. He spent a month coming home via backwater roads and private charters, and the bag he boarded with was never found. Elliot had a girlfriend, Hannah Okoye, who runs an art gallery. Harry tells Steve to come along with them.

At the gallery, Steve comments on the art stylings of a sculpture... much to Suri's surprise. Hannah is preparing for a showing that night, and she says that she's not with Elliot anymore. Suri tells her that Elliot was murdered, and she says that he was a silly sod. Hannah admits that she went traveling with him when he traveled on his parents' credit card. They cut him off but Elliot had made friends with two backpackers, Olivia Warren and Anders Sorrenson. They convinced Elliot that they could find him some money, and he ended up in a relationship with both of them so Hannah came home. She hasn't spoken with Elliot in months and has no idea if he was involved with drugs or anything else.

As the trio goes back to their car, Steve confirms that Anders is a Swedish national. The backpackers both travel extensively, and are currently in London. They both took different routes back from Macau and returned to London the day before. Harry half-heartedly praises Steve's work, and Steve says that he's still transferring. Harry tosses a coin to see which one he'll check out and which one Suri and Steve will investigate, and he gets Anders.

Isabella looks at a photo of her two daughters and then at herself in the mirror.

Harry goes to Anders' flat, and Suri calls to say that someone got to their target and took the hard drive. Anders is walking off and Harry goes after him. As Harry calls to him, Jurgen shoots Anders in the leg from down the street. Harry grabs Anders and leads him off as Jurgen comes after them. When Jurgen prepares to shoot them, someone knocks a flowerpot off the windowsill in the apartment above. The flowerpot knocks off Jurgen's shot, and Harry gets Anders onto a double-decker that leaves before Jurgen can get there.

Later at the station, Suri tells Harry that Jurgen's bullet hit a major artery in Anders' leg and the backpacker didn't make it. They go through Anders' things and Harry finds a sketch in a case, hidden in the lining of Anders' backpack. He goes to see Rich and shows his brother a photo of the sketch. Rich explains that it's worth six million Euros, and is one of a series of paintings the artist did. There are two more in the set, and all together they'd be worth 20-30 million. He explains that if something was stolen from an art collector, they don’t go through the authorities because it makes them look weak. Instead they hire a hitman, and Rich confirms that the sketches were stolen in Macau a month ago. Harry calls Suri and tells her what he's learned, and figures Olivia has the third sketch so she's Jurgen's next target. Steve finds a note on one of Anders' books referring to Andre Stark. Rich recognizes the name and says that he's a major art fence, and is opening a gallery in London that day.

As Harry leaves, he finds Daisy at the door. She says that she's staying over because she and Anna had an argument about Harry's superpowers, and Harry is less than thrilled to hear that Anna knows about his bracelet's powers. He tells Rich that Daisy is staying and he's going, and quickly leaves.

Isabella goes to the abandoned bar where Eve is staying and says that they need to talk about Eve torturing her staff. She shoves Eve down, and Eve gets up attacks her. Isabella easily dodges the punches, pointing out that the odds are good that she'll dodge them. Eve manages to tag her and Isabella kicks her back and demands to know what Harry told Eve about Jurgen.

Rich and Daisy watch movies, and she figures that Rich knew about the bracelet. She figures that Harry needs someone to help him, and suggests that it should be them. Rich half-jokingly agrees.

Harry heads to the Stark art house and gets a text from Eve that Isabella knows Jurgen is in London. He calls Isabella, who says that she and Eve are having a drink together. Isabella tells Harry to step aside for 24 hours and let her handle him. Harry refuses and Isabella warns that if they don't start helping each other then they might fall out. He says that he can put Jurgen away for life, but Isabella insists that Jurgen never deserved justice. Harry refuses to tell her where Jurgen is, just as his GPS goes off and announces that he's heading to the art house. Isabella tells Harry that she'll see him there and hangs up.

Suri and Steve arrive at the art house and Stark's assistant directs them to him. The DIs go in and find him seated on a couch... dead, a bullet wound in his chest. They hear sounds of a struggle in the next room, and Jurgen comes out holding Olivia and training his gun on the Dis. He has them toss their radios on the floor and pass him the sketch on the floor. As Steve tries to negotiate, Harry sneaks in and Jurgen breaks Olivia's neck. He shoots Steve in the chest, and Suri shoves a tool cart into Jurgen and grabs his gun. He picks up the sketch and says that he has to go, and Suri shoots him in the shoulder. She then goes to Steve and confirms that his bulletproof vest stopped the shots.

As Jurgen heads out, Isabella intercepts him and says that he should be dead. He remembers who she is and what she did to him, However, Jurgen admits that he doesn't know why she did it. Isabella describes the car blast that killed her children, and invites him to shoot at her.

A worker knocks over a ladder, which hits a stanchion. The rope unknots, dropping a chandelier on Jurgen. Harry runs in and tackles the killer, knocking him out of the way just in time. Jurgen knocks him way and tries to shoot Isabella, but his gun jams. Harry tries to grab his leg but Jurgen kicks him unconscious.

When Harry wakes up, Isabella tells him that they've reached the point of no return. She says that Harry let Jurgen go, and says that he was going to die. Now she'll have to track him down all over again, and points out that she is above the law. Harry insists that no one is, and says that he knows what she is. Isabella says that she knows exactly where Jurgen is going and figures that Harry wants him almost as much as she does. As sirens approach, Harry agrees to go with her but says that he's driving.

Jurgen's ride picks him up and he digs Suri's bullet out of his shoulder.

As Harry drives, Isabella tells him that Jurgen flew himself in and has his own plane at Ripley Airfield. She's paid an air traffic controller to keep an eye on Jurgen's schedule, and he's leaving in the next hour. When Harry points out that they can't get there in time, Isabella concentrates on the bracelet and all of the lights turn green.

At the art house, Alistair tells Suri and Steve that the need to put an APB out on Jurgen. He congratulates Suri on shooting Jurgen, and tells her that they'll worry about the paperwork later.

Harry arrives at the airfield and flashes his badge to get them in. Once he parks, Harry tells Isabella that she doesn't have to kill Isabella. She says that Harry doesn't get to decide, and he says that he can't let her do it… and handcuffs her to the steering wheel. Harry spots Jurgen going to his private plane and goes after him.

Isabella searches the car and finds a discarded earring under the seat. She uses it to pick the lock on the handcuffs.

Harry sneaks up on Jurgen, but Jurgen doubles back and attacks him. They struggle and Harry squires fuel into Jurgen's face from a tanker hose. Isabella walks up and picks up Jurgen's discarded gun, and Harry says that the two of them are having a row and Jurgen ended up in the middle of it. He tells Jurgen that he can fight with Isabella and it will end when she drops a helicopter on him, or he can come with Harry. Jurgen figures that they're both insane, and Isabella puts the gun to his head. He tells Isabella to shoot him, and Harry begs her not to. Isabella says that she's not a murderer, and Jurgen will get what he deserves even if she doesn't pull the trigger.

Isabella drops the gun and tells Harry that she'll do it his way. Jurgen grabs the gun and fires, and the bullet just misses Isabella and ricochets off the tanker. The spark sets off the gas on him and Jurgen burns to death. Isabella picks up the gun and puts it to Harry's head for a moment, and then walks away

That night, Harry tells Alistair that he followed Jurgen to the airfield, intercepted him before he could reach the plane, and then Jurgen was set on fire when they struggled. Alistair points out that a lot of accidents happen around Harry and gives Harry the chance to tell the truth. Harry tells him that he has nothing to add, and that he just needs a change of luck.

Back in the squad room, Harry finds Suri and Steve. He gives Suri a framed copy of her first official warning, and Steve jelly babies to thank him for looking after Suri. Steve insists that he's still getting a transfer.

Eve is playing pool when Harry finds her and says that he got bitten. She says that they both did, and explains that when they were young they both didn't want much. Eve thought that Isabella seemed good and kind, and thought that if she gave Isabella the bracelet then she would do good. Harry figures that Eve gave him the bracelet to clean up her mess, and Eve admits that she didn't know what would happen. He says that he's seen what Isabella is capable of but he can't prove it, and Eve tells him to end the game.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 3, 2017

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