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Felling Tree with Roots Recap

Harold is in the hyperbaric chamber in his penthouse when two Hand agents pull him out. They tell him that the Hand is concerned about Harold disobeying them and point out that he left the penthouse. Harold insists that he had to check out the man claiming to be Danny, and they explain that Danny and Gao met earlier. When Harold claims that he has no idea what an "Iron Fist" is, they say that they have to punish foolishness and prepare to cut off one of his fingers. Harold insists that he's done nothing wrong, just as Danny comes in and says that they have a problem.

Grabbing the knife, Harold kills one man while Danny dodges the gunshots of the other one and takes him on until Harold cuts his throat. He wonders why Danny didn't summon the Iron Fist, and Danny says that he can't because he used it in the tournament and it drains his chi. Harold starts dragging the bodies away and explains that Gao is the one who brought him back to life in return for his service to the Hand. Danny tells Harold that Gao said she knew Wendell, and Harold claims that Wendell never shared his knowledge of the Hand with him. He tells Danny that he knows what needs to be done to end it, and says that he'll make the bodies disappear. However, he'll have to make it look like they did their job before they left, and cuts off his own finger.

Back at Ward's office, Joy says that Ward was acting stupid. He figures that no one recognized them at the urgent care and says that he's fine, but Joy doesn't believe it. Ward tells his sister that he can't tell her what he's going through, and Joy insists that he needs help. He tells her to stay out of his business Harold calls using his text name of Frank Stein, figuring that he's Ward's dealer. Ward refuses to explain and Joy storms out. Once he's alone, Ward takes the call. Harold says that he needs Ward's help at the penthouse, and Ward finally agrees to come over.

At the dojo, Colleen stitches Danny's arm wound and she warns him that the hospital isn't safe. He tells her about Gao and that she knew his father, and Colleen suggests that she was lying to undermine his will to fight. Claire calls and says that Sabina is safe, and Colleen offers him a drink. Danny talks about how he and his friend Davos drank wine in K'un-Lun, and Colleen asks him about the dragon tattoo. He explains that it's the mark of the Iron Fist, and is passed down from generation to generation. The Iron Fist is given to one student to wield, and Danny earned it. It lets Danny focus his chi, but he warns Colleen that he can't summon it at the moment. Colleen blames herself for not protecting Radovan at the hospital, but Danny points out that the chemist was his responsibility. She figures that Danny will keep trying to stop the Hand, and Danny says that he can't quit. When Danny prepares to go, Colleen asks him to stay and kisses him. They undress and make love.

Ward goes to the penthouse and checks himself in the mirror before going inside. Harold is busy breaking out the dead men's teeth with a hammer, and Ward vomits at the site. Once he recovers, Harold tells him to take the bodies to the park. Ward takes them to his car and loads them in, and then takes some pills. He drives to the park and imagines one of the bodies talking to him. Ward then dumps the bodies into the pond, then confirms the money in his personal account. He then drives back to the city.

The next morning, Colleen finds Danny looking out the window. She tells him that she wears the same cloak of bravado that he does, to keep people at bay, They assures each other that they liked the sex and Colleen tells Danny that he doesn't have to put up a front with her.

Later, Danny arrives at Rand and tells Megan to find all of his father's old files, and look for any references to Gao. Joy ushers Danny into his office and gives him the statement that he has to recite to the board that afternoon. She says that it will save the company's image. Danny asks about the plant that is making people sick, and Joy says that she cares about the people but she also cares about the company. She tells him that he needs to do the hard work... just as Danny sees Gao come in.

Danny goes to his office where Gao is waiting. Gao says that she has been in Rand far longer than Danny has, and doesn't plan on leaving. He reminds her of what he can do, and Gao says that she's not the first Iron Fist that she has met. However, he's the first that would back down from a duel to save one girl. Gao points out that Danny is in dereliction of his duty. She suggests that Danny end his war with the Hand and enjoy his life as a billionaire. Danny asks if she made an offer to his father, but Gao simply smiles and enters the elevator, using a key card to go down to the 13th floor. He pries the doors open, summons the Iron Fist, grabs the cable, and slides down.

Gao looks up as Danny lands on the elevator roof. She and her two guards leave when they reach the 13th floor. Danny drops into the elevator ad gets out before the doors close. One of the heroin saleswomen, Sophia, walks by, and Danny goes after her.

In his office, Ward is checking flights to Central America when Joy comes in and says that Danny will apologize to the board. She apologizes for snapping at him the previous night, and suggests that he go into rehab. Ward agrees and Joy assures her brother that she's there for him.

Sophie reports the heroin distribution plans to Gao. Danny listens from outside the conference room, She assures Gao that they'll reach their sales goals within the next three months, and Gao assures her that Radovan is almost ready to give up the formula. She goes out with her men, and Danny slips in. Sophie senses him behind her and attacks him, and he easily subdues her. Sophie says that what they're doing isn't so different from what he's doing, and dares him to kill her. Danny realizes that she's scared and doesn't have a choice, and points out that she can't go back to Gao because she killed the last person who failed her. He tells Sophie to leave and never come back, and give him her password so he can find them before they find her.

Colleen is exercising at the dojo when her old teacher Bakuto comes in behind her and comments on her sloppy form. Bakuto says that he's heard that Danny owns the building now, and Colleen tells him about the Iron Fist. He warns her that Danny is attracting a lot of attention and Colleen needs to be cautious. Bakuto says that he'll be in touch and leaves.

At Rand, Danny comes in and Megan notices that his clothing is askew. They go into his office and Megan gets him some new clothing from the closet, and he finds one box of his father's files. She says that was all she could find in storage, and Danny finds a pass key. Danny asks her if Rand is a good company to work for, and Megan finally says that her mother lives on Staten Island where the plant is, and she plans to call her.

Danny enters the board room late and Joy gives him the statement. Ignoring it, Danny says that he's made a decision to shut down the plant until they're sure it's not causing cancer. Lawrence tells him not to be a jackass, but Danny says that his father is nowhere in the company and he plans to stand and fight. When the board tells him that no one will listen to him, Danny tells them that he's already gone to Karen Page at the Bulletin. He tells them to look deep into the better part of themselves and realize that they're doing the right thing, and then says that there's someplace else he has to be.

At Harold's penthouse, Danny tells him the information he got using Sophie's password. It shows the Hand's heroin distribution plans, and Harold claims that he didn't know about the Hand's offices on the 13th floor. He insists that they're going to get the Hand out of Rand and make the company honest again, and says that the information contains the address of the warehouse in Brooklyn where Gao is making the synthetic heroin. Danny figures that Radovan is there, and Harold tells him to strike Gao down while he has the element of surprise.

When her class comes in, Colleen says that it is Darryl's last day and he's been selected for an elite training program that comes with a full scholarship to a university. She tells Darryl that he deserves it, just as Danny comes in. Colleen shakes Darryl's hand and says that he's part of something bigger than himself. Afterward, Danny tells her that the Hand knows who she and Claire are. Colleen says that she can protect herself, and Danny tells her that they have to go to get more men.

On his way to the airport, Ward receives word that his reservation has been cancelled because his credit card was declined. Ward checks his account and discovers that all of his money is gone.

Danny and Colleen go to the Triad restaurant and tell Yang that he can join with them and take out the heart of the Hand operation. Yang concedes that they can fight, but warns that the Hand is legion. Danny tells them that he's heard Gao's plans for them and if they do nothing, they'll be dead by the end of the week.

Joy is reading the Bulletin article when Lawrence comes in. Two security guards come in with him and Lawrence says that the board has held an emergency meeting and ousted Joy, Ward, and Danny from Rand.

At the Hand warehouse, the lights go out The Triad members charge in, while Danny and Colleen break in through a side door and take out the guard. They find Radovan and Danny tells him that Sabina is safe. Radovan says that he told Gao how to make the heroin and she left for Anzhou. The chemist dies and Danny says that his parents were taking him to Anzhou before their plane crashed.

Ward goes to Harold's penthouse and asks how he knew. Harold says that he always knew that Ward was embezzling, and he's been hiding the transactions for years. He stopped Ward from leaving the country, and tells him to stop acting like a child. Harold punches Ward in the gut and tells him that he's his creation. He then shows Ward the file that Danny gave him, showing that the Hand is everywhere. Ward picks up a knife and stabs his father in the stomach repeatedly, making sure that he's dead. He then takes Ward's body to the pond and sinks it.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 4, 2017

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