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What If... Recap

Daisy goes into her bedroom and wonders if Lincoln is in the bed under the sheets. She tugs at the sleeper's leg and realizes that it's Grant. Daisy tries to use her power but nothing happens, and she quickly apologizes to Grant, claiming that he startled her. She says that they got called into work and Grant goes to get dressed, calling her Skye. He complains that their bosses won't give them a brief. Daisy gets dressed and asks him who he thinks is running the brief, but Grant says that he doesn't know. Grant hugs Daisy and asks who texted, and she plays along and says that it's someone that figured he'd slept in. He gives Daisy her badge, and she realizes that it's a Hydra badge.

Grant and Daisy drive to work, and they listen to news about Inhumans being hunted down. He finally asks if she's okay, and Daisy says that they're fine. They arrive at Hydra HQ and Daisy watches as three men beat an Inhuman. She starts to go over but Grant says that they can handle it on their own. As Daisy looks around, Grant apologizes for letting her down. He says that he'd love to move in with her but it's the wrong time. Daisy agrees, and Grant says that he needs some space and there's some things that she wouldn't like about him if she knew. She says that she knows, and Grant points out where they're going.

The couple arrive in their cubicles and Daisy checks her emails. She uses her thumbprint to access the system and brings up the file on Lincoln. It shows that he died during testing, and Melinda comes over. Daisy says that she came looking for her and explains that she got into the Framework, but Melinda has no idea what she's talking about and tells her to get into the briefing. Before she goes, Daisy runs a search confirming that Jemma went home to her family.

In a forest, Jemma digs herself out of the dirt and realizes that she was murdered and left in a mass grave. She stumbles away and comes to a fence, and finds a section where it's cut open. A road goes by, and Jemma sees a sign saying that the area in the fence is a S.H.I.E.L.D. academy. A woman drives by and Jemma tells the driver that she needs help. The woman, Julia Price, offers to give her a ride to DC.

As Julia drives, she asks Jemma what she was doing there. Jemma says that it's complicated, and asks what Julia is into. Julia says that she waits tables and makes earrings, and talks about wanting to go to med school. They come to an Inhuman checkpoint and Julia drives the car into line. Jemma says that she lost her ID, and Julia warns her that she needs it or they'll arrest them. Checking her pockets, Jemma finds a S.H.I.E.L.D. ID and Julia orders her out of the car, saying that Jemma is one of "them." She drives off and Julia hides in the woods.

Daisy enters the briefing and Melinda tells them that they have an Inhuman prisoner possibly linked to subversive groups. She says that The Doctor wants it fast-tracked ad says that the prisoner is Jason Rajan, and Daisy realizes that he's Vijay. Melinda notices that Skye looks interested, and tells her that she and Grant will take point.

Daisy Grant goes into the cell where they're holding Vijay, and Grant advises him to cooperate. Daisy has no choice but to play along. She checks Vijay's file and points out that his Hydra ID is stolen. Vijay claims that it was stolen and he didn't report it to the authorities, and Daisy says that Vijay has never seen Terigen. She tells Vijay that she knows his name isn't really Jason so his ID is fake, and tells Grant that someone in Hydra provided it. Daisy asks Vijay where he got it from and says that he's trying to help her. Vijay doesn't believe her and insists that his DNA isn't a crime. Grant punches Vijay unconscious.

Jemma finds a diner and goes in. The newspapers are filled with stories against Inhumans, and there are no smartphones. She steals a pair of car keys from a nearby man then takes a coat thrown over a chair. Two Hydra agents come in and ask her if she's okay, and Jemma claims that she fell when she was hiking. They ask to see her ID and Jemma claims that she lost it in the fall. The agents take her to their car and demand her name, and Jemma gives her real name. When the other agent runs it, he discovers that it says Jemma is a dead girl but it's Jemma's picture. Jemma slams the car door on the agent holding her, grabs his taser, and shoots the other agent. She shoots the first agent when he recovers and drives off.

Coulson is lecturing a class on how people were divided and some people saw Inhumans as heroic magical creatures. S.H.I.E.L.D. brought an Inhuman girl back to the states and the Cambridge incident occurred. Hydra stepped in and brought them purpose for the good of the state over the individuals. One student, Burnell, asks if Hydra came from Nazis, and Coulson says that it's just propaganda. Two Hydra agents come in and ask for one of his students Chris Adler. They say that they're going to run a few tests, and Chris goes with them.

Melinda comes into the interrogation room, says that they're done with games, and slaps Vijay. He says that all Inhumans know her and mentions Bahrain, and points out that she was the one who got it wrong. Melinda draws a gun on him, and Daisy tells her to wake up. When Melinda glares at her, Daisy points out that Vijay is valuable to them. Melinda tells Daisy to take Vijay upstairs for testing, and the Doctor will get answers.

Once Daisy is alone with Vijay, she asks what he meant when he talked about Bahrain. Vijay says that if Melinda had killed the girl in Bahrain, she wouldn’t have killed all the people in Cambridge. Now Hydra has a free rein to exterminate Inhumans. Daisy says that she can help him, and Vijay claims that they're under surveillance. When Daisy looks up at the cameras, Vijay punches her and runs. Hydra guards taser him and the Doctor--Fitz—comes out. Fitz says that Daisy lost control of the prisoner, and tells Daisy to follow him.

Jemma sits on a park bench and gets the extraction beacon that she programmed under a nearby rock. She pockets it and waits for Daisy to contact her. When Daisy doesn't show, Jemma makes a mark on the bench and goes back to the car. She then accesses the agents' laptop and runs a search on Daisy and Fitz. There's nothing on daisy, but Fitz is listed under high-security access. Jemma then finds Coulson's address.

Coulson is in his office when Jemma comes in and says that it's good to see him. He doesn't know her, and Jemma says that it's been a horrible day. She explains that they met in the real world before Coulson was a teacher, and Coulson says that he's always been a teacher. Jemma asks him if he has moments where his memories don't fit, and Coulson wonders if it's a trap. She says that Coulson has been given false memories, and he was the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson wonders if it's some kind of test and insists that he's loyal to Hydra. Jemma says that he's a great man and shouldn't be there, but realizes that she has no way to prove what she's saying. As Coulson ushers her out, Jemma sees a bobble head doll from Tahiti and says that it's a magical place. He pulls the statue away, and Jemma tells him that the world is a lie. She finally agrees to go but says that she's not giving up on him. Once Jemma leaves, Coulson looks at the doll for a moment and then calls Hydra to report a subversive.

When Jemma goes back to the car, she finds Burnell tagging it saying that Hydra lies. Burnell says that Hydra and Coulson lies to them every day, and asks where Chris is. Jemma insists that it's a virtual world and then tells Burnell that she doesn't mean it. She points out that she doesn't look like a Hydra agent and introduces herself, and says that Coulson used to fight Hydra. Burnell figures that she's crazy, and Jemma gives him the car keys and tells him that Hydra are Nazis. The teenager offers to let Jemma use his car and she gets in as a drone hovers overhead.

Fitz overseas Vijay's "examination," and Daisy points out that it's burning Vijay and it's wrong. Her superior says that they're Inhumans and tells Daisy that she's been a good agent but shouldn't express her opinions. Fitz then asks how things are going with Grant, and explains that he saw their request for cohabitation. Melinda comes in and says that they got a call from a teacher named Coulson about a girl with S.H.I.E.L.D. ID. Daisy asks what her name was, and Fitz dismisses her. She overhears Fitz telling Melinda to bring out all assets in the area.

As Daisy leaves, Grant finds her and she tells him that she has stuff to do. He says that it's like he woke up with a different person, and Daisy seizes on what he said earlier about needing space. She tells Grant that she needs space of her own and goes.

Coulson is working in his classroom and takes out a file of clippings he's gathered with reminders of his real life. He's also written down "It's a magical place" hundreds of times.

Daisy goes to the park and finds the bench with Jemma's mark. Jemma arrives and explains that she thinks Hydra murdered her. She figures that Coulson give her up, and they head out. Grant steps out, gun drawn, and says that they need to talk. He demands to know who Jemma is, and wonders if she's Daisy's source in the resistance. They hear Hydra guards approaching, and Daisy tells Grant that she's never betrayed him. She lowers her own gun and says that they're real, and insists that they have nothing to do with the resistance. A Hydra agent arrives and Grant shoots him, and says that he's with the resistance.

The trio gets to Jemma's car and they get in. Grant drives off and Hydra gives pursuit. As he drives, Grant tells Daisy that he saw her test results and she's Inhuman. He's surprised to learn that she already knows. As Grant drives, he joined the resistance to protect Daisy. He explains that he got Vijay's fake ID cards and punched him to shut him up before he blew Grant's cover. Grant pulls into a parking garage and tells them to head up, and prepares to burn the car. Daisy apologizes for blowing his cover, and gives him her real name. Grant says that they'll talk and orders them to go.

Later, Melinda tells Fitz that they're canvassing the area. She says that Vijay's ID badge isn't a forgery and they have a mole. Fitz tells her to treat the mole like a cancer, and points out that she's failed before. Melinda says that the footage from the drones was sent to the Director at his request.

In the apartment, Daisy reluctantly tells Jemma that Fitz is brainwashed like the others. They figure that Holden programmed the Framework to stop the girl from dying in Bahrain because that was Miranda's greatest pains. However, she killed hundreds of people I Cambridge as a results and Hydra took over. As for Fitz, they took Jemma out of his life and it made him an ugly person. Daisy explains that she did awful things in the one day she was there, and they need to get out and come back with backup. Jemma reluctantly agrees and they activate the beacon... and nothing happens. Daisy realizes that someone recoded their exit.

Fitz goes to see the director: Aida. He says that there's a traitor in Hydra, and Aida tells him that she's eliminate their chance of escape. Fitz asks to see the surveillance Aida has on one of them, but Aida insists that his work is too important. He insists that he has to protect their work and Aida, and Aida takes his hand and says that they need his creativity. After a moment, they kiss.

As Coulson gets into his car, Daisy talks to him from the back seat. She says that she needs him to remember her, and insists that they've met. Coulson says that it isn't real and he doesn't remember her. Daisy admits that it's not his fault and she goes to him when things get heavy, and he's the closest thing she has to family. Coulson hesitates and then says Daisy's name.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 5, 2017

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