What If...

Jemma and Daisy discover that things have gone horribly wrong in the Framework, when they realize that Hydra now rules the world and ruthlessly hunts down and exterminates Inhumans.


By Gadfly on Apr 5, 2017

Daisy goes into her bedroom and wonders if Lincoln is in the bed under the sheets. She tugs at the sleeper's leg and realizes that it's Grant. Daisy tries to use her power but nothing happens, and she quickly apologizes to Grant, claiming that he startled her. She says that they got called into work and Grant goes to get dressed, calling her Skye. He complains that their bosses won't give them a brief. Daisy gets dressed and asks him who he thinks is running the brief, but Grant says that he doe…

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GregClark posted 2 years ago

im pumped and looking forward for the return of AoS!! been this show!

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