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7. Second Chance Recap

A man is walking down the street and bumps into Harry as he gets food. When Harry turns to face him, he sees a man kicking another man. The attacker runs off and Harry chases him into a building and up a flight of stairs to the roof. Isabella is there waiting for Harry and says that she just wanted to talk. She points out that Harry gambled on Daisy's life and he says that it's in the past and done, and Isabella tells him that her killing Jurgen is in the past as well. Harry isn't sympathetic, and Isabella points out that the two of them are unique on the planet. He says that for a moment he thought they could be p0erfect together, and then he saw her kill a man without flinching. Isabella dismisses Harry as a boring policeman and asks what he's going to do with her. He says that there's nothing he can do and it's over, but Isabella tells him that the guilty will be punished and walks off. Harry walks to the street and a car swerves to miss her and hits another oncoming car before Harry can follow her.

The next day, Harry arrives at a crime scene in Soho. The dead man, Dean Adams, is a property developer and the property belongs to Sam Browning, and they're having trouble tracking him down. There's a hair under the corpse's fingernail but no other signs of a struggle, and Suri says that the hair belongs to a woman. The victim wasn't robbed, and Harry searches the corpse and a chip belonging to the Green Dragon Casino rolls out of his pocket.

Harry goes to the casino and up to Lily's office. He takes her in and ask her if she knows Dean. Lily claims that she doesn't and didn't know if he visited her client. She invites Suri to ask her employees if any of them saw her with Dean, and asks if Harry is dragging Suri down with her. Harry suggests that they might have physical evidence planting Lily at the crime scene, and says that it would look bad for her at court.

Alistair calls Harry out and says that they have to let Lily go. The hair was lost between the crime scene and the police station, and Alistair tells Harry to come find him after he gets rid of Lily. Harry goes back into the interrogation room and has Lily escorted back to the custody suite to sign a release form.

When Harry and Alistair return to the squad room, Alistair calls Harry into his office and asks if he's sure that Lily did it. Harry figures that she did, and Alistair figures that Lily got someone in the department to get rid of it. He figures that one of the officers is bent, and tells Harry that they'll carry on as normal. Harry will continue with the murder case while Alistair looks for the crooked cop, and Alistair agrees to let Harry brief Suri. Steve comes in and says that Sam has multiple arrests on prostitution charges. Alistair asks where he was the night before, and Steve says that he was in Soho with a mate. He says that he can get the mate to corroborate his story, and Alistair tells him that he's asking everyone as procedure. Once Steve leaves, Alistair tells Harry to find Sam.

In the squad room, Suri watches as Steve leaves.

At home, Anna does a search on Isabella but comes up with nothing. She then checks the border immigration office.

Harry meets with Eve and tells her what Isabella said about punishing the guilty. Eve assures him that Isabella won't hurt Anna and Daisy, and Harry figures that Isabella considers him the guilty one.

Steve goes to an apartment and asks the occupant to buzz him up, reminding her that he was there the night before. She lets him in and he discovers that Alan Phillips and Tom Lynch are out of the office and have cleaned the place out. The cleaner says the place has been empty for three months.

At Sam's apartment, Alistair checks with the SOCOs, led by manager Ed McCarthy. Ed tells him that they've collected some fiber samples but nothing to identify the killer. They found the murder weapon--a knife--wrapped in a police glove and stashed beneath a floorboard. It's been wiped clean, and Alistair examines the glove.

Eve is driving through a tunnel and comes to workers moving some pipes that have fallen off their truck. She revs the engine, and one worker adjusts the straps. Eve sees a car pull up behind her and the strap snaps, dropping the pipes on her. Isabella gets out of the car and goes over to the unconscious Eve.

At the station, Steve calls Alan and Tom's number but discovers that it's been disconnected. He goes to the evidence room door and considers using his key card on it, but then discovers that it's gone.

Harry hits the streets looking for Sam and finds him at a brothel. Sam claims that he's detoxing and insists that he didn't kill Dean, and Harry asks him if Lily knows. The suspect says that he was there and saw Lily kill Dean's throat to get the property. Dean was going to buy it, and Lily called in Sam's marker for $50,000 to get the property. Sam met Dean at the casino and offered to buy the place for two and a half, and Lily didn't like it and killed Dean to make Sam sign the property over to her at the crime scene. Sam figures that Lily will have him killed, and Harry assures him that Sam will be safe with him.

As Harry takes Sam out, a motorcyclist rides up and opens fire. He shoots Sam repeatedly in the chest and drives off/

Eve wakes up tied to a pipe, up to her neck in water in a tank. Isabella is there and says that they used to be sisters, and Eve gave her an incredible gift. Now she has nothing since Eve took Harry from her, and says that if Eve is lucky the caretaker might find Eve in time. Isabella tells her former friend that it's all down to luck, and turns on the faucet before walking out.

Alistair arrives at the brothel and wonders why Harry is still standing. Harry ask him about the missing evidence, and Alistair tells him that Steve's name was on the list of officers who visited the evidence room. There was no reason for Steve to be there, and Alistair figures that Lily has turned Steve. Steve has disappeared without explanation.

Isabella is sitting in her apartment when there's a knock on the door. It's Anna, who claims that she and Harry argued and he told her to stay from Isabella. Isabella pours her a drink and Eve asks her how long she's been there. When Isabella says a few months, Anna claims that she has a friend in border control and knows that Isabella was in Guatemala before she arrived from London. The bracelet is on Isabella's wrist in the photos from the flight, and Eve points out that Isabella claimed that Harry gave it to her. She then says that Harry and Daisy both believe in the bracelets' powers, and asks what is really going on. Anna says that Isabella seems perfect, and Isabella says that her daughters are perfectly dead and takes out five bullets. She explains that Harry thinks his life can still be normal, takes out a revolver, and then puts it to her head. Isabella puts one bullet in and then shoots herself, and keeps doing it with an additional bullet each time. Nothing happens, and Isabella tells Anna to never call her perfect. Finally she puts the sixth bullet in and points the gun at her head... and Anna runs out. After a moment, Isabella pulls the trigger but nothing happens.

The water continues filling the tank and Eve struggles to keep her face above water. Isabella finds her and cuts her ropes, and says that if the bracelet won't let her then she's not going to let Eve go. She tells her former friend that she hasn't forgiven her, but Eve is her only witness and she's going to drag Eve with her. Isabella tells Eve to promise her that when she dies, she'll destroy the bracelet so it won't hurt someone else.

Steve meets with Suri and says that he didn't do it. She doesn't believe him, and Harry joins them. Steve says that he's being set up, and explains that he was in Soho for a job interview. Alan and Tom were talking about a big security firm they had and knew all about him, but they disappeared. His key card was stolen and Steve figured that he was being framed. He apologizes to Harry for what he did to him, and says that he's been trying to make amends, and insists that he's not bent. Harry accepts his claim.

As he and Suri take the elevator at the station, Harry says that they need to check all the officers at the scene and find out if any of them have links to Lily. Suri wonders why he's trusting Steve after everything he's done, and Harry figures that everyone deserves a second chance. Alistair is waiting for them at the bottom and takes Harry to his office. He asks where Steve is, and Harry insists that Steve didn't do it. Alistair threatens to have Harry arrested for obstructing the investigation, and demands to know where Steve is. Harry tells him that Lily is turning them against each other and walks out.

Harry goes to the casino and take out the guard, and says that he knows what happened with Sam. Lily calls her driver and says that she's bored, and then tells Harry that she didn't coerce Sam. Harry says that he was there when Sam died and Lily didn't have to kill Sam. Lily tells him that she's going to turn Sam's place into a bar and that the house never loses.

When Harry gets back to the station, Suri gives him the list of officers at the crime scene and warns him that Alistair is interviewing every officer one by one. Harry says that the list isn't complete because the SOCOs aren't on it. He goes to the evidence room and finds Ed going through the boxes. Harry tells him that he can't work out how Steve hid the murder weapon. Steve had to be one of the first officers there, but only the SOCOs were there. Harry theorizes that Steve slipped the knife under the floorboard when no one was looking, but couldn't hide the hair so he stole it from the evidence room. He reads the log and notes that it shows Steve used his key card at 11:47. However, Harry says that Steve was with him at that time. He asks when Ed came in, pointing out that Ed isn't on the log.

Ed sits down and Harry figures that he doesn't have the evidence card. He says that they both know Ed stole the evidence, and Ed apologizes. They take him to the interrogation room and Ed tells them that his daughter ended up owing money to Lily. Then they went to Ed and asked for a few favors. Lily never stopped, and Ed admit that Steve was just a victim of circumstance. Alistair is in his office watching the interview, and Ed says that he'll testify in court against Lily. However, he warns that he can't prove what he's said and Harry suggests that they wire Ed.

As the officers wire Ed, Harry and Suri tell Alistair that it's a good plan. Once they're alone, Alistair apologizes to Harry about getting it wrong about Steve. He wishes Harry had trusted him, and tells him to go get Lily.

Ed goes into the casino while Harry and Suri wait outside in the surveillance van. The guards let Ed in, and he goes to Lily. Ed tells her that it is all done, and Lily feigns ignorance. She wonders why he came to see her in person when he has her number, and Ed insists that it's over and his debts are paid. Lily walks over with a letter opener and puts the blade to Ed's face, and says that he's delirious. She cuts open his shirt, revealing the wire, and Ed drops to his knees and insists that he had no choice.

The guards drag Ed off, and Harry and Suri run inside. Lily goes to her car and calls to tell her men to kill Ed. She sees Harry and Suri at the end of the alley, just as Steve and the other officers arrive and cut her off. He tells Lily that she's under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder, and says that she should be more careful with her calls. The police bring Ed out and he gives Harry the phone he switched for Lily's.

Anna watches the video of Harry crossing traffic.

That night, the police take Lily past Steve and Suri. Suri tells Steve that he won't feel as good working for a security firm, and tells him that she needs him. She asks him to stay, and Steve agrees. Relieved, Suri kisses him on the cheek.

Harry takes Rich to a police bar, and Rich asks about Isabella. Harry wonders if Isabella is finally gone, and as they drink Harry sees Isabella... with Alistair, drinking.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 8, 2017

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