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Aruba Recap

Rip has Gideon bring up nominal power and the AI reports that it's been unable to contact the team. He figures that they have to rescue it and actives the timeship, and Gideon reports that they're in Central City 2017. Rip spots a desk lamp and realizes that he and Waverider have been miniaturized. Gideon sets course for the nearest open window.

In the basement of Nate's mother, Ray tries to establish communication with Waverider. Nick is heartbroken over Amaya's death, and Ray establishes a link with Waverider. Rip calls them and says that he's homing in on their location, but warns that there's one small problem with him picking them up. The miniaturized Waverider flies in and Mick grabs it to peer inside and then tosses it away. Rip figures that Eobard used Rip's exosuit to shrink Waverider, and the team tells him that they have a plan to restore reality but he's not going to like it.

That night, the team breaks into STAR Labs to recover Ray's suit. Ray and Jax find it and Rip flies Waverider to it. As Ray puts on his suit, Damien and Malcolm come in and immobilize them. Damien prepares to kill them, but Waverider flies in. It opens fire on Damien, who barely notices. Mick clubs Damien unconscious from behind and Sara and Nick take on the guards in the corridor. Ray uses the suit to deminiaturize Waverider, and they all board and fly off.

Waverider travels to France 1916 and Rip warns that they're risking temporal devastation by meeting their pat selves. Nick doesn't care as long as they save Amaya, and Rip explains that they have to change reality before it "sets." He advises the team to minimize the chance of a temporal paradox by avoiding their past selves. Sara says that she, Rip and Ray will go to the church to leave the blood for their past selves to find. They realize that to save the world they have to erase themselves by eliminating the events that led to their timeline.

On the battlefield, Atom makes his way through the battlefield to the blood's burial spot. He blasts it out and takes it out of the case, but Eobard speeds in and grabs it. He says that he knew they would come back from 2017 and crushes the vial. Sara tells Atom to get out, and Eobard pulls Ray's heart out at superspeed. Sara prepares to go out but Rip stops him and says that Ray is gone and there's nothing she can do.

Back on Waverider, Sara and Rip tell the others what happened. Mick points out that the original Ray is still alive in 1916, and Sara figures that they have to steal the Spear. Their past selves have the Spear, and Rip reminds them that they can't interact with themselves. Sara suggests that they'll sneak into the other Waverider and steal the Spear.

On the battlefield, Len meets with Mick, punches him, and walks off to meet with Damien. Eobard brings Malcolm in and Eobard says that they no longer need the Kalabros Manuscript because the Legends are from there. He explains that he's the Eobard from the future and the future Legends are there, and tells the villains to deal with the Legends while he gets backup.

The Past-Legends leave Waverider and the present team watch. Mick takes command and he, Nick, and Rip go aboard the timeship. As they prepare to get the Spear, Past-Sara finds them and asks what happened. They claim that they didn't find anything at the church, and they split up. Present-Nick goes to the study and meets with Jax, and Martin comes in after Present-Mick spells him. As Present- Nick starts to explain what happened, Amaya comes in and Nick stares at her in shock for a moment. He quickly recovers and suggests that the Blood of Christ is at the Galapagos Islands in 1984. Present- Rip has shut down Gideon to keep the AI from interfering, and Martin and Jax go to investigate. Present-Nick hugs Amaya and says that he misses her.

Mick brings the Spear to the cargo bay where Rip is waiting. Nick finally joins them just as the others report that the past team has returned from the church. The trio in Waverider is trapped and can't leave without their past selves seeing them.

Present Sara and Jax run out to the past selves and say that Waverider has a radiation leak so they need to keep their distance. Past-Nick wonders where Amaya is, and they say that they got everyone off except Martin, who is making repairs.

The past Legends inside the ship gather in the mess room and wonder why the others were acting so strange. They contact their Ray and Sara tells him to take out the "fake" Sara in front of him. Past-Mick and Ray attack Sara and Jax, and a fight breaks out. Past-Nick steels up and knocks Sara out.

In the cargo hold, the trio waits and Firestorm comes in. He figures that they're the Legion in disguise and attacks them.

Past-Rip realizes that Sara is a real Sara, and figure that they're from the future.

The past team gathers on the bridge of Waverider, and Present-Rip explains that they're from the future. The past Rip comes in and a timequake shakes the timeship, and Martin realizes that something went wrong the first time. The past Legends realize that Ray and Amaya are dead, and Present-Sara says that if they keep the Legion from getting the Spear then they all get to live. Past-Sara goes off with the Spear, and Present-Sara goes after her.

In the messroom, Past-Sara realizes that the situation in her future is their fault. She wonders if Present-Sara regrets not using the Spear, and Present-Sara says that they can't use the Spear because it draws on their darkness and they're not strong enough to wield it.

Present-Nick goes to the study and tells Past-Nick to tell Amaya that he loves her. The future Nick says that he saw Amaya die and tells his past self to do what he wishes he would have done rather than look back on his life with regret.

The two Sara return to the bridge as a shot hits the timeship. The Legion is firing at them and drop the cloak, and Jax figures that they have to make a timejump. Rip warns against it, but Past-Sara agrees that they have to keep the Spear out of the Legion's hands. The timeship takes off and is hit by a timestorm. It crashes on the battlefield and Gideon reports that Waverider has sustained critical damage. Present-Sara says that they should get to the other Waverider and Amaya realizes that she's not coming with them. The present Legends say that it's a one-way mission for them and tells their past selves to get the Spear as far away as they can.

The two teams go out and attack the Legion. Malcolm hits Firestorm, splitting him in two, and then prepares to kill Past-Jax. Present-Jax takes a shot meant for Martin. Past-1916 Jax stabs Malcolm with one of his own arrows and knocks him out, then leads Past-Martin away.

Present-Mick grabs Damien and prepares to kill him. Len tells Mick to let Damien go, and Mick says that he has a team but no partner. Disgusted, Len kills Mick and Past- Mick stuns him. Present-Nick joins the others, but Damien. Past-Sara and Damien face off while Rip takes the Spear to Waverider. Damien and Sara fight in the trenches, and Sara finally puts her sword to his neck. He tells her to do it, but Sara says that death would be too kind. Present-Sara punches Damien unconscious and Past-Sara tells Amaya to get back to the ship. Meanwhile, Present-Nick tells his past self not to be a douche and dies.

As the Legends go to Waverider, Eobard speeds up and surrounds them. Dozens of Reverse Flashes appear as Eobard explains that he went to his future and brought his other selves with him. He offers them their lives for the Spear, and Amaya tells Sara to use the Spear. The Eobards attack the Legends, and Sara tells Amaya to fix the world. An Eobard knocks Amaya away, and Rip tells Sara to do it. She says that she can't control the darkness inside of her, and Rip says that she's stronger than she knows before an Eobard takes her out. The Eobards take out Atom and Steel, and Sara concentrates…

…And Sara finds herself at home with her sister Laurel having movie night. Sara realizes that the Spear is creating the new reality. The Spear is laying nearby, and Sara gives it to her and says that she was always the strong one. Laurel hands it back to her and Sara realizes that she could take it all back. Her sister says that she won't, and that the Spear needs someone strong enough to do the right thing. Laurel assures her that she's never too far away, and the sisters hug.

Back in the real world, Eobard grabs the Spear and says that he's going to erase them all from existence. He recites the incantation but nothing happens. Sara tells him that she made one small change to reality, and Eobard realizes that she depowered the spear. He prepares to kill her, but Black Flash arrives and grabs Eobard. It rips out his heart and Eobard dissolves as his death finally catches up to him. The other Eobards disappear and Black Flash snarls at Sara before racing off.

As the Legends recover, the Present-Sara tells Past-Sara that she did. She fades away with her timeline, and tells her past self that Legends never die.

Waverider departs with the captive Legion members. They return Malcolm to 2017, and Sara tells Len and Damien that she's not taking to 2017.

In Central City 2014, Mick takes Len to the warehouse where Eobard recruited Len. He explains that he's going to wipe Len's memory and put him on the right path as a Legend. Mick tells his friend that he'll be a better man, wipes his memory, and leaves.

Next, the Legends go to Miami 1937 and Sara puts Damien on the dock where they first encountered him. Damien points out that she's putting him on the path to kill Laurel, and Sara tells him that she's already made that choice, and she and Laurel are both okay with it. She then wipes his memories.

On Waverider, Amaya prepares to return to 1942. She tells Nick that it's time to go back to her proper time, and Nick says that he's going with her. He refuses to lose her again, or at all, and Amaya says that she doesn't want to go back to 1942. She figures that time is stronger than any choice she makes, and if she has a destiny then it will wait for her. The two of them kiss.

Sara finds Rip leaving and he explains that he's taking his leave. The Legends have functioned better under Sara's leadership than his, and there's nothing further for him to teach any of them. Rip tells her that she's the captain now and asks for permission to depart. Sara gives it and they shake hands.

Later on the bridge, Sara invites Mick to set a course for them. Mick picks Aruba, but Waverider shakes. Gideon reports that the disruption they created in 1916 is just the start. A timestorm ejects them out of the temporal zone, and they smash down in a city. Gideon reports that they're in Los Angeles in 2017... and dinosaurs advance on the ship through the overgrown city.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 8, 2017

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