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Mother's Little Helper Recap

The Black Fairy takes the baby Gideon to her lair where the miners are at work. She gives the baby to a girl and says that the child is different... and precious. The Black Fairy tells the girl to take care of the baby, and takes away the book that Bell read to her baby.


Emma and Gideon go into Emma's house and Gideon says that she'll get Hook back after they destroy the Black Fairy together. He tells her that he has her tears and he's the only one who can bring Hook back. Emma magically knocks him away and says that she'll never help him unless he brings Hook back. Gideon says that nothing frightens him what he's been through when the Black Fairy raised her. He insists that hundreds of people are depending on her to stop the Black Fairy, and insists that he's not the bad guy. Gideon tells Emma to think long and hard about if she wants to see Hook again, promises that he won't give up his mission, and teleports away.

The Past

Young Gideon reads to his friend Roderick from the recovered storybook. They hear the Fairy coming and Gideon promises that Roderick will always be safe from the Fairy. The Fairy comes in and knows that Gideon has the book he stole from her. She says that everything belongs to her, and Gideon tells her that he knows his real mother gave it to her. The Fairy says that she's his mother, and tells Gideon that just because his mother was a hero doesn't make him one. Laughing, she goes to the next cell and drags Roderick out of sight, telling Gideon that he's now hero and has much to learn.


The next day, Emma and Mary Margaret go to the pawnshop and Emma tells Gold and Belle about Gideon's new plan. Gold explains that the Fairy is his mother, and stole Gideon from the Blue Fairy and tortured him for 28 years to hurt him. Belle asks Emma not to hurt Gideon, and insists that he is on the side of good if Emma helps him. Emma doesn't believe it, and Gold tells her that they have an opportunity to save all of them. She's in another realm and can only break free long enough to steal other children. If she breaks free for good then she'll terrorize Storybrooke. Gold explains that the curse and all of the darkness Emma has faced was created by the Fairy, and she will bring far worse unless she's stopped.

In the mausoleum, Regina is trying to mix a potion to break the sleeping curse. Henry comes in and assures her that if anyone can undo her evil self's spell it's her. Regina explains that she's undone all of her other evil magic, and asks Henry to get some ingredients from Emma's shed. Henry picks up his pen and starts scribbling in a trance.

The Past

Decades later, the Fairy calls Gideon in and tells him that it's his birthday. She says that they should celebrate Gideon's 28th birthday and praises his magical abilities. A miner brings in a bag of dust that she requested, and the Fairy realizes that the key to her vault where she keeps the dust is stolen. The Fairy tells Gideon to find out who is responsible and make them pay as she has taught them.


Emma comes to the clock tower where Gideon is reading Belle's book. She says that she saw her parents and realized that Gideon has the look of someone who needs hope. However, Emma wants a sign of good faith first and asks for the sword and the spell to get Hook back. After a moment Gideon gives her both and Emma says that they have work to do.

In the Enchanted Forest, Hook goes to a tavern and dumps a bag of jewels in front of some pirates playing cards. Black Beard is among them, and Hook says that he needs a magic bean from the pirate chief. He says that their jewels from Agrabah but offers one more thing: the Jolly Roger. Hook offers it as the stakes in a game of cards, and Black Beard agrees.

Gideon takes Emma to the Sorcerer's mansion and explains that it’s the nexus of the most powerful magic in Storybrooke. They go inside and Gideon says that Emma must arrange the ingredients. Once she does, Gideon gives her the napkin with her tear and a candle. The candle falls on the napkin and Gideon realizes that the Fairy knows what they're doing. A giant spider emerges through a portal and they both blast it. The magic has no effect, and they run.

The Past

Gideon goes to the mines and tells everyone and says that one of them has betrayed the Fairy and stolen the key. When no one speaks up, Gideon grabs one miner and prepares to transform him. Another miner says that it was him, and realizes that Gideon doesn't remember him. The miner--Roderick—recites from the book and Gideon realizes who he is. Gideon says that he had no choice, but Roderick tells him that his old friend wants to make it up by him by being the hero he was meant to be and help Roderick defeat the Fairy.


Emma and Gideon take cover and the spider searches for them. Gideon tells Emma that Emma's magic is the only thing that can reach the Fairy's mother, letting Gideon defeat her. He had hoped to channel her powers to open a portal, and apologizes.

Hook loses regularly at cards, and finally explains that he's trying to get back to the woman he loves. Black Beard wins again and tells Hook to pay up, and Hook takes him to the dock. The Jolly Roger isn't there, and Hook says that the ship is with Emma in Storybrooke. He's well aware that Black Beard cheated, and Black Beard insists on going with him to get his ship. Hook uses the bean to open the portal and they go through together.

At the mausoleum, Harry snaps out of his trance and Regina shows him what he wrote. Henry has no idea what it is, and points out that he didn't use the Pen or wrote in the book. Regina suggests that they talk to someone who might know, and goes to the hospital basement. Isaac is imprisoned there, and Regina tells him that they need to talk. They show him Henry's writing and Isaac says that he's heard of it happening before. He offers his knowledge in return for his freedom to go back to New York City, and a sports car and Hamilton tickets. Regina refuses to bargain and starts to go, and Isaac tells them that Henry's Author powers are taking over. They are more powerful than they know, and eventually Henry will go in a permanent trance. He refuses to help unless Regina gives him what he wants.

At the mansion, the sorcerer shoots web at Emma and Gideon, who manage to stay one step ahead of it.

The Past

Gideon leads Roderick away, and Roderick says that the Fairy is collecting the dust to create a new spell. She created the Dark Curse many years ago but has never stopped trying to perfect it. Gideon asks what happened after the Fairy took Roderick away, and Roderick tells him that it's better left unsaid. After a moment, Gideon apologizes and says that he was weak. Roderick says that they were children, but now they must stop the Fairy before it's too late. He explains that there is a Savior in another realm, and they can reach her through a crystal orb. If Gideon helps him then together they can contact the Savior.


Emma and Gideon discover that all of the exits are webbed over. Gideon blasts Emma into the webbing, takes the sword, and says that once she's dead he can take her powers. Emma realizes that Gideon set the whole thing up to summon the spider to help him against her. The spider arrives and tries to get in through the door, and Gideon says that Hook returning to the real world is impossible no matter what he does. He teleports away and Emma tries to get free.

Hook and Black Beard appear in a forest and Hook says that they're not in the real world. He figures that the black magic that banished him redirected the portal. They hear drumbeats and the Lost Boys appear, and Hook tells Black Beard that they're in Neverland. The two pirates run as the Lost Boys pursue them.

Gideon goes to the clock tower and waits for Emma to die.

Emma manages to pull herself free and blasts the spider. It enwebs her, cutting off her breath.

The sword glows as Emma dies.

Emma passes out from lack of air.

The sword releases a blast of energy and Gideon opens the portal.

The spider pulls Emma to it.

Gold arrives and blasts the spider back, and then cuts Emma free.

The portal closes as the sword loses its power.

The spider comes back, and Emma and Gold join forces to shrink it down to normal size. Emma crushes it and tells Gold that Gideon brought the spider there to kill her. She says that Gideon is evil and can't be saved.

The Past

Gideon takes Roderick to the Fairy's most powerful possessions. They find the orb and Roderick says that he knew Gideon would come through for them. The Fairy arrives with her soldiers and admits that she set the whole thing up. Gideon realizes that it was a test, and the Fairy says that he was supposed to be different. He says that the Fairy stole him from his parents, but the Fairy is furious that he betrayed her after all that she's done for him. Gideon says that he should have stood up to her years ago, and the Fairy tells him that he's not a hero. He refuses to let her use the fairy dust in her plans, and the Fairy has her guards take Roderick.

Gideon tries to use her magic against her, but the Fairy ignores it and says that there are other ways to hurt him. She transforms Roderick into a bus and crushes him, and tells Gideon that it's all on him. Gideon vows that he will find the Savior and she will destroy the Fairy. The Fairy tells him that she knows where the Savior is, and she has plans for her just as she has plans for Gideon. With that, she pulls out Gideon's heart and says that he will do exactly what she says... always. The Fairy tells him to find the Savior and kill her. Then the sword will free the Fairy from her prison.


In Neverland, Hook and Black Beard run through the forest and Hook figures that the worst of the Lost Boys stayed. They reach the shore and find a rowboat, and Black beard knocks Hook out. He starts rowing away, and Hook wakes up in time to see him go. Hook yells to him, saying that he'll only survive. The pirate has no choice but to run down the shore with the Lost Boys in pursuit.

Belle and Mary Margaret arrive at the mansion, and Gold tells them what happened. Emma warns that the Fairy made Gideon evil, but Gold insists that Gideon needs Emma's help. Emma tells him that he needs to stop cleaning up Gideon's messes, and Gold says that he'll do what he must to stop her if she crosses Gideon. Emma and Mary Margaret leave, and Belle tells Gold that Gideon is ripping them apart. She admits that they're right and they've lost Gideon. Gold doesn't believe it, and figures that because they're there with Gideon they can repair the damage that the Fairy has done.

In the clock tower, Gideon calls to the Fairy and tells her that the Savior survived and her plan failed. The Fairy appears and says that the spider came close enough to killing Emma to let the Fairy slip through. She congratulates Gideon on playing his part, and he says that he had no choice. The Fairy figures that part of him wanted to help her because part of him always does. Gideon agrees and the Fairy says that there's much to do.

On the town borders, Regina gives Isaac a station wagon and no Hamilton tickets. Before he goes, Isaac tells them to follow behind him. He tells them to check the book, and Henry discovers that it's at the final chapter. He asks Isaac what happens at the end of the book, and Isaac says that no one wants to be around when the Savior fights her final battle.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 10, 2017

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