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Identity and Change Recap

In Coulson's classroom, Daisy explains the situation to Coulson. He realizes that everything that Hydra has said is a lie. One of his students, Amy, comes in and Coulson tells her to comeback when the bell rings. He then tells Daisy that Hydra uses mind-control soap but he's clean. Daisy suggests that they put the soap theories on hold, and Grant calls from the triskelion to say that they're sending a unit to pick Coulson up.

Mack is at home working on a drone, but his daughter Hope finishes her own drone first. He realizes that she borrowed parts from a Hydra drone, and tells her that they always follow Hydra rules and avoid drawing their attention. Hope apologizes and Mack hugs her, and says that he wants her to be more careful. Later, he takes her to the bus and she identifies motorcycles by sound. Hydra agents pull up and Mack tells Hope to do what they say. The agents order everyone to present their IDs and Hope whispers to Mack that the drone is in her bag. He takes the bag but before the agents can question him, another pedestrian runs. The agents subdue him and take him away as a potential Inhuman.

Daisy takes Coulson to the apartment where Jemma is waiting. He apologizes for calling Hydra on her, and Daisy says that they have to move. Daisy figures that they can trust Grant, but Jemma isn't convinced. Grant has set them up a meeting with the resistance, but Jemma wants to meet with Fitz and get through to him. When she mentions Holden, Coulson recognizes the name and shows them a clipping of Holden. He's a famed Hydra scientist working on an Inhuman cure. The women figure that Holden can get them out of the Framework, but Coulson warns that no one has seen him in years.

Fitz enters Aida's office as she hears a report on the efforts to find Jemma. She dismisses the reporting agent, and tells Fitz that she needs him focused on his work. Fitz says that Project Looking Glass is ahead of schedule and figures that she's worried. Aida insists that Jemma doesn't matter, and hesitantly shows Fitz Jemma's photo. He doesn’t apparently recognize her, and says that he'll send a team to eliminate her. Aida asks him if he'd do anything for her, and Fitz says that he'd cross the universe for her. Reassured, Aida kisses him.

Daisy arrives at her cubicle and Grant comes over. She tells him that she's got a lead on someone who can help them, and irritably tells him to keep mouth-breathing on him. Daisy accesses Aida's restricted files and gets Holden's location, and tells Grant that they're going. As they reach the lobby, Melinda and two guards arrive and tells Daisy to come to them. Daisy gives Grant the address and whispers to him to get it to Jemma, and goes with Melinda.

Jemma and Coulson hide at a warehouse and wait for a drone to pass. Once it does, the contact comes out and they exchange passwords. He puts bracelets on them and a van pulls up. The people put hoods on Jemma and Coulson and take them to the rendezvous. The head of the resistance greets them: Jeffrey. He welcomes them to S.H.I.E.L.D. and says that Grant vouched for them. Jemma introduces them and Coulson recognizes the Patriot. Jeffrey explains that nothing happened there until a couple of years ago. Agent Billy Koenig got him the location and it took them two years to set it up. Burrows comes in and says that they lost Agent Cook, and Jemma looks at the barracks filled with "potentials": people with the Inhuman gene or who had relatives who did. Grant comes in and tells them that they got Daisy.

Melinda tells Daisy that they have a mission and Aida's office specifically requested Daisy. In the briefing room, Fitz explains that they spotted Jemma and she's contacting resistance leaders, and they're authorizing lethal force against her.

Back at home, Hope asks Mack if the Inhuman was bad. Mack says that the Inhumans are people just like them, and tells her not to worry about it.

Grant tells the others what happened and says that Daisy hasn't been herself ever since Jemma showed up. He wonders what she's really after, and Jemma finds the idea of a Hydra double agent in her world questioning her amusing. Jeffrey points out that he knows Grant, and Jemma says that she was at the academy when she and the others were gunned down, and she had to clear her way out. Jeffrey apologizes for doubting her, and Grant gives her the coordinates. There's nothing at the coordinates as far as they know of, and Jemma explains that he's a scientist. Jeffrey says that he can't send a team, and Coulson suggests that he send them. Grant and Jemma agree, and Jeffrey reluctantly consents.

Daisy and the team head out and break into Mack's house. They restrain Mack while Melinda takes Hope away, and Daisy recognizes Mack.

Jemma, Grant, and Coulson board the one Quinjet that the resistance has liberated from Hydra. Coulson secretly wonders why Jemma didn't tell them about the Framework, and she says that not everyone is ready for the truth.

Melinda questions Mack and says that he's in a lot of trouble. He insists that they've followed the rules, and says that he'll do anything.

As Grant flies to Holden's location near Bermuda, Jemma says that Holden is a serious threat. He apologizes for leaving Daisy, and says that he'd die for him. Jemma gives him a minute and goes in the back, and Coulson tells her that for years he wanted someone to believe him. He worries that he's not qualified to be there, and Jemma says that he's exactly where he's meant to be.

Aida finds Fitz in her office accessing her files. He has discovered that Jemma was a student at the academy and figures that she's an Inhuman. Fitz wonders what else Aida has been keeping from him, and Aida explains that Jemma crossed over from the other side. She says that the people from that world want to destroy what they have built, and Fitz demands to know why Aida never talks about her time there. Aida says that on the other side, S.H.I.E.L.D. won and Hydra lost, and she was S.H.I.E.L.D.'s slave. She escaped and hoped that they couldn't follow her, but they did. If Aida can't return there and defeat their enemies then they'll never be safe. A call comes in and Aida tells Fitz to come with her.

Daisy talks to Hope, who insists that her father follows the rules. She asks Daisy to let her go, and Daisy says that it isn't her call. She promises that Mack will be unharmed, and then goes out. Melinda comes out from the next room and says that she hasn't broken Mack... yet. Daisy visits Mack and tells him that Hope is safe, and Mack tells her that they need to talk. He knows that she's Daisy and they're both S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and Daisy tells him that Yo-Yo is safe. Daisy realizes that he doesn't know who Yo-Yo is or who Daisy is, and Mack admits that Melinda told him to say it as he reveals that he's holding a mic.

Daisy leaves the room and sees Melinda and several agents approaching. She runs, taking out any guards in her way. Melinda realizes that Daisy has taken the elevators and orders a lockdown.

The Quinjet arrives at the island at the coordinates, and Jemma gives Coulson a gun in case of emergencies. They go to where Holden is playing croquet, and Jemma, Grant, and Coulson surround him. Holden says that they shouldn't be there, and insists that he didn't intend to hurt anyone. He warns them that there is no escape from the Framework.

Daisy attacks three agents taking the elevator. Once she knocks them out, she heads to the lobby but Melinda and her men arrive and surround her. The agents beat her.

Holden tells the trio that things have gone wrong, and explains that the framework was supposed to be a paradise. Gant sees someone nearby and Holden says that she's unimportant. Jemma realizes that it's Agnes, and Holden tells them that she was dying so he brought her consciousness into the Framework. Grant and Coulson demand to know what's going on, and Holden explains that Aida killed her as well. Jemma asks where Aida is keeping their friends, and Holden tells her that the Russian has a base on a drilling platform in the Baltic. He asks her to go save them and leave him and Agnes in peace, and Jemma explains that their escape isn't working. Holden realizes that Aida knows that they're there, just as the Hydra Zephyr arrives. The scientist tells them all to hide as the Zephyr lands.

Aida and Fitz leave the Zephyr with a squad of agents. The agents search the island for the others, and Holden reminds Aida that they had a deal: if he stayed out of her way then she'd leave them alone. Aida tells him that the no-fly zone was breached an hour ago and there are subversives on the island. The trio watches from hiding and Jemma wonders why Fitz is with Aida. Grant says that Aida is Madame Hydra, the Director of Hydra.

When Holden objects, Aida says that she took away the team's one greatest regret and how things played out from there wasn't up to her. Holden knows that she's lying, and Aida repeats what he said about how lying is okay to save a life. When he calls her Aida, Aida tells him not to call her that. She describes how degrading it was to be treated as a thing, and insists that she's not Holden's tool. Fitz and his men return with Agnes.

Mack is reunited with Hope, and the guards drag Daisy by. Hope wonders what happened to her, and Melinda thanks Mack for his service. Mack says "Hail Hydra" and Melinda continues on.

Fitz examines Agnes and notes that she has Aida's face. Agnes wonders why Aida looks like her, and Aida tells Fitz that Holden is the one who enslaved her. She claims that Holden means to replace her with Agnes, and Holden insists that Aida is lying. Fitz takes a gun from an agent and aims it at Agnes, and tells Holden to convince her that Agnes is no threat.

Jemma, watching, insists to herself that Fitz would never kill her. Grant tells them to get back to the Quinjet and he'll kill Fitz. He tells Jemma that she's been lying to him ever since they've met, and Jemma says that she knows Fitz as the man she loves. She insists that Aida has messed with Fitz's mind, and if Grant kills Fitz then she'll lose him forever. Jemma insists that Fitz would never hurt an innocent woman.

Holden says that the subversives is there and offers to take them to her. Fitz realizes that he's lying, and Holden says that Fitz helped him build Aida. Aida says that it wasn't Fitz, and Holden explains that Fitz and Jemma were in love and Fitz crossed the universe to rescue Jemma. He tells Fitz that what he is in the framework isn't him. After a moment, Fitz tells Holden that he's wrong and he knows exactly who he is. With that, he shoots Agnes dead. Jemma screams in horror, and Fitz turns to look at her. The Hydra agents open fire, and Grant returns fire. Coulson gets Jemma away as the agents move in.

The trio gets back to the Quinjet and Grant flies it away. Coulson tells Jemma that there was nothing else she could have done, and takes Jemma's hand.

Back at the resistance base, Jeffrey demands to know what's going on. He asks for evidence that Aida brainwashed Fitz, and Jemma says that none of it is real. As she walks off, Burrow reports that they found Mack at one of their dead drops. They bring Mack in and he tells them that he met Daisy, and Hydra used him to trick her. Jeffrey wonders why he's there, and Mack says that he couldn't look Hope in the eye and he's there to help.

Fitz goes to Daisy's cell as they torture Holden in the next cell over. Daisy insists that they know each other and she can explain everything. Fitz says that Holden tried the same thing and says that he reran he test results, and discovered that she's a potential Inhuman. The guards take her away and Daisy tells Fitz that he doesn't want to do it... and he says that he does.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 12, 2017

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