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Identity and Change

While Daisy tries to get Holden's location via Hydra's databases, Coulson and Jemma meet with the head of the resistance. Meanwhile, Aida tells Fitz her version of the truth about the Framework.


By Gadfly on Apr 12, 2017

In Coulson's classroom, Daisy explains the situation to Coulson. He realizes that everything that Hydra has said is a lie. One of his students, Amy, comes in and Coulson tells her to comeback when the bell rings. He then tells Daisy that Hydra uses mind-control soap but he's clean. Daisy suggests that they put the soap theories on hold, and Grant calls from the triskelion to say that they're sending a unit to pick Coulson up. Mack is at home working on a drone, but his daughter Hope finishes…

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Episode Discussion

JCuervo_a posted 3 years ago

"But don't worry I'm clear, I make my own soap now" Gold by Coulson.

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