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Black Tiger Steals Heart Recap

Danny wakes up next to Colleen and traces her shoulder and arm. She wakes up and Danny asks where they are, and Colleen says that they're home. She says that it's the safest place that she knows, and that she feels great. Colleen tells Danny that he healed her and saved her life, and they kiss.

Joy realizes that Ward keeping the secret about Howard's resurrection is what has driven him insane. Harold says that he had no choice and had to stay hidden, and Danny found out without him choosing. He reminds her of how she and Ward helped him when he was dying of cancer, and says that he prayed to do anything to keep her away from the suffering. Joy asks him what death was like, and Harold talks about how he was trapped on the other side and could hear his children, but he couldn't get through until finally he managed to do so.

Harold says that he wants them to be together, and Joy brings up Ward. Her father says that Ward found it difficult at first, and tells Joy that Ward has a problem. Harold asks her to toss away her blackmail plan and let the courts work it out so that she doesn't risk herself and can testify truthfully in court if necessary. He insists that he wants a future free of secrets and lies... while Kyle's body lies unseen in a nearby aquarium.

Colleen shows Danny around Bakuto's place and explains that it's a combination monastery and school.. She went there when she returned from her grandfather's home in Japan, and Bakuto is the sensei to everyone there. Bakuto comes over and greets them, and offers to show Danny how to recharge the Iron Fist. Danny admits that his training went a little sideways, and Bakuto leads him through a kata. Danny frowns and Bakuto tells him to release whatever is bothering him and replace it with energy.

When Danny begins making the moves on his own, Bakuto steps away and asks him how he feels. He sends Colleen on to the kitchen to tell them they're on their way. Bakuto tells Danny that Colleen has described Danny a great deal, and that she hasn't mentioned him to Danny because she's being protective. He says that he has kept the school's location secure because they take in people who need safety. Danny asks about Gao, and Bakuto says that she's been confined until they confirm that giving her the police will get the results they need. He explains that the school has the same atmosphere as K'un-Lun, and they're trying to shape young people the same way.

Bakuto takes Danny to his office, and Danny points out that people have been trying to use the Iron Fist for their own purposes. The sensei says that they only have people do what they feel comfortable doing, and explains that something significant is coming. He hopes to take down corporations that hurt people, and figures that Danny wants the same. Bakuto shows Danny a video from 1948 showing a group of Chinese soldiers lost in the mountains. The video shows a man wielding the Iron Fist fighting the soldiers. Bakuto explains that he spent his life around dojos and monasteries, but believed the Iron Fist was a legend until he acquired the video. He learned about the Iron Fist and offers to show Danny what he was meant to be. Danny warns that he's no guard, and Bakuto wants him to train and lead a group of people who will take care of the marginalized and forgotten. He offers to provide help to Danny about Rant, but insists that his destiny is at the monastery doing something only Danny can do.

Joy calls Danny and puts Harold on the line. Harold casually claims that Gao didn't kill him, and he told Joy everything. He plans to get Rand back and tells Danny to return so that he can help them. Danny tells him that Gao is out of the way and tells him about Bakuto, and Harold warns him to be careful. Once he hangs up, he mutters that Danny did it. Joy has no idea what he's talking about, and her father says that they have to celebrate. He pours whiskey and when Joy tells him to stop, Harold angrily smashes the bottle on the floor and then apologizes for losing his temper.

A guard reports to Bakuto that Danny called Joy and talked to Harold. Bakuto recognizes Harold's name and tells the guard to trace the call and find out Harold's location. Colleen comes in and Bakuto tells her that Danny seems ready, and thanks her for her help. She wants to tell Danny everything, but Bakuto says that they still have to test a few things. He tells Colleen that if Danny doesn't understand then he's not right for her, and insists that it's for the best.

As Danny looks around, Darryl and his classmates Gil and Ciara find him. Darryl says that he's telling his friends about Danny, and explains that everyone cares about him. He describes how they have a curfew and can't leave, but no one wants to. Danny asks if there are any places off-limits in the school, and Darryl points out a large house.

Later, Danny goes to the house and sneaks in via a fire escape. Inside, he finds rooms with monitors outside showing imprisoned students. He spots Gao on one monitor and she realizes that he's watching. Gao dismisses him as an idiot who ran to slavery, and the Hand is stealing Danny's ability to trust. She says that he's with the Hand, and Bakuto arrives. He claims that Gao is lying, and tells Danny that he won't find answers there. Danny leaves with Bakuto and Gao sits back down.

Bakuto takes Danny back to his room where Colleen is waiting. Once Bakuto leaves, Danny tells her that Gao is there and that he saw a ceremonial Hand dagger in Bakuto's office. Colleen explains that Bakuto is part of the Hand, and Gao is the leader of a renegade faction. Danny angrily says that Colleen has been lying to him the entire time, and Colleen insists that she loved Danny before she knew about the Fist. He wonders when Bakuto approached her to recruit Danny, and Colleen says that Danny has been brainwashed. Danny grew up in a place hearing about the Hand and no one ever questioned the view, but they were lies. She suggests that the monks got it wrong, and Danny says that his family is dead because of her family. He dismisses her claims as lies and walks out.

That night at the penthouse, Bakuto breaks in and invites Harold to sit with him. He says that he's taking over from Gao and he's friendlier than she was. Bakuto is interested in partnership rather than fear, and offers Harold a way to return to public life.

Danny is meditating in his room when he hears the guards leaving the white house. He goes over and slips in through a grate... unaware that Davos is watching him from the shadows. Inside, Danny finds computers monitoring activity throughout New York. Furious, Danny smashes the computers. Bakuto comes in and says that he had hoped Danny wouldn't dig further. The entire thing was a test, and Danny failed. Danny attacks Bakuto and the two men fight, Once Danny knocks Bakuto out, he runs as he hears the guards approaching. Darryl's classmates are waiting for Danny, but Davos knocks them out, tells Danny that he's the worst Iron Fist ever, and leads him out.

Lawrence enters his office and finds Harold waiting for him. He's left the blackmail photos on Lawrence's deck, and explains that he knows all about the illegal activities Lawrence has been up to. Harold tells him that blackmail is the last thing on his mind and he's there to talk about their children and what they owe them. Lawrence tries to call security but discovers that Harold has had them turned off for "routine maintenance." He talks about Lawrence's son Michael, who suffers from manic-depression, and says that he's there to offer Lawrence an easy solution: he'll kill himself. Lawrence refuses, not caring what it will look like to his family, and Harold takes out a gun and shoots him in the head. His assistant comes in and Harold tells him to get the fingerprints and gunpowder residue looking right.

Davos tells Danny that Lei Kung sent him to bring Danny home. The alarms go off and Colleen hears them.

The guards surround Danny and Davos, and the two men fight them. They finally take them down and get outside.

Darryl and the others find Colleen, and she tells him to find Danny.

Danny and Davos head for the gate, and Darryl approaches Danny. Bakuto arrives and stabs Danny in the side, and Colleen sees it. Davos breaks Darryl's leg and gets Danny to the gate, and tells him to use the Fist to knock down the gate. Danny tries to focus his chi but can't, and Bakuto tells Danny that his hatred and confusion have destroyed his chi. The guards run forward and Danny fights them, and Davos joins him. Meanwhile, Colleen knocks out the gate guard and manages to open the gate. Danny and Davos get out, and Colleen closes the gate behind them. Two men get through, and Davos fights them while Danny sees Colleen in the gatehouse. Davos leads Danny off, and Colleen smashes the controls. As the two men run, Danny slows down due to his wound. He sees Colleen run off.

Bakuto tells Darryl that Danny got away, and assures him that the last thing they want is to kill Danny. He tells the others that Darryl is their future.

The next day, Joy meets with the Rand board and tells them that Lawrence committed suicide. She warns that the corporation's stock will plummet further when the news gets out, and the board should reinstate her and Ward to show that Rand is stable. After a moment, the board votes to reinstate the Meachums.

Later, Joy meets with Harold. He congratulates her and insists that she was essential, She figures that Harold was behind the scenes, conspiring and manipulating. Joy asks her father if he had Lawrence killed, and he says that he didn't. However, he says that there is someone they will have to destroy: Bakuto.

Colleen walks back to the dojo.

Davos tells Danny that they have to get him stitched up and then to the airport so they can go back to K'un-Lun. He points out that the way there is open and Danny isn't there to protect him. When Danny objects, Davos says that Danny left without a word and asks what happened. Danny can't explain, and Davos tells him that he's failed in every way and the Fist won't ignite for hi. There only chance is to return to Lei Kung and hope that he can restore Danny because if he can't, Davos doesn't know what will happen.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2017

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