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Green Furious Recap

Emily is at a newsstand reading an article about Green Fury breaking up with Olympian when a woman runs by saying that Green Fury is saving people in a burning people. When Emily goes over, she sees Green Fury fly down with a victim. The reporters pepper her with dating questions, and Emily speaks up on her behalf. Green Fury joins in and Emily tackles her when Jack-O-Lantern throws a fireball at the heroine. She says that she owes Emily one and gives her a signal device if she's ever in trouble and then flies off.

Later, Emily sees an article claiming that she's dating Green Fury. Teddy is furious dating a woman that she knows he liked.

Emily shows the team the signal device but refuses to let them handle it. She goes to Van's office and asks if she's ready for her first board meeting. Van says that the board has no idea who she is, but they told him to bring an underling so he can feel more important. Emily wants to share her ideas about the team's new poncho, and Van tells her that she shouldn't talk at all and just laugh at his jokes. She wants to shine, but Van tells her to shine silently.

At Jackie's desk, Emily complains to Emily. She says that she should tell the board members how brilliant they are, and points out that Van is an expert at sucking up. Ruby yells for Jackie from the break room and complains that she hates the place. Wendy comes in and says that she loves kids, and offers to take Ruby shopping. Jackie explains that she can't because she was suspended from school because she hit another kid. Wendy high-fives the girl and wonders what the kid did, and Jackie explains that Ruby refuses to tell her.

At the board meeting, the group discusses the new security poncho and the low sales. They plan to discontinue it, and Emily speaks up and says that they can't give up on it. The chairman, Donovan Boucher, wants to hear from Emily over Van's objections, and Emily says that it doesn't have a cool factor. They need a spokesperson and Emily says that she can get Green Fury. As Van jokes about it, Green Fury dials down in response to Emily's signal response. Impressed, Donovan asks for Emily's name.

After the meeting, Emily insists that it's an emergency. Green Fury refuses to hock the poncho, but Emily points out that she's in the tabloids. She figures that they can build a campaign that shows how strong and capable Green Fury is, and Green Fury agrees. However, she warns that she'll get violent if they make her look stupid. The staff is outside staring at Green Fury.

Later, Teddy complains to Emily that she summoned Green Fury when he has an unhealthy obsession with him. Emily tells him not to act weird with the heroine, and Teddy figures that she has been ignoring him because he's not wearing a jacket he got from a Swedish designer.

Ron meets with a focus group of women for a fear gas mask when Teddy comes in to ask for their opinion about the jacket. None of them like it and Teddy insults them, and they soon start yelling at him.

Emily shows Donovan and Van her prospective advertising campaign. Van hates it but Donovan likes it and Van quickly reverses his opinion. Donovan says that Emily will go far in the company.

In the lab, Wendy demonstrates emasculating Superman on a test dummy. Jackie comes in and pulls the plug on Wendy's power saw, and Jackie sends Ruby to her desk. She tells Wendy that Jackie isn't there to play, and Wendy admits that Ruby told her why she hit the kid but they pinky-swore to not tell.

Teddy approaches Emily and asks her to do a sexual survey about how sexually desirable he is. She's too busy going to the top of the company and walks off, and Ron assures him that he's great. Teddy points out that he's testing well with blacks, and Ron notes that he's one of only two black people at the company.

At the filming studio, Emily discovers that Donovan has changed Emily's advertisement plan and they're going to burn off some of Green Fury's clothing. At the end of the commercial she'll emerge from a hot tub and says that she doesn't feel safe without the poncho. Donovan insists that thy just made a few tweaks. Emily tells Van that Green Fury will never agree to it because it's offensive. Van cheerfully tells her that everyone will blame her, and Green Fury arrives to ask what they're doing.

Teddy arrives and chats with a female camera woman about Game of Throne. Ron overhears him and Teddy explains that he's going with a tough but sensitive approach. Green Fury comes over and Teddy goes to apply some guy liner.

Jackie gives Wendy everything she needs to be Ruby's mother. She's angry that Ruby is trusting Emily with her secret, and doesn't trust Wendy. Ruby hears her mother and says that she hit the boy because he called Jackie a garbage lady that can't keep a husband, and didn't tell Jackie because she thought it would hurt her feelings. Jackie says that Ruby can tells her anything, but Wendy is angry that Ruby broke their pinky-swear.

Emily explains the new campaign to Green Fury, but admits that she's actually naked. Teddy comes over, covered in guy liner, and says that he's woke now. Ron leads him off to hose off the guy liner, and Green Fury tells Emily that she trusts her and will do the commercial if she thinks she should. Emily admits that it's terrible, and Green Fury admits that she wasn't going to do it regardless. However, she explains that if she quits then the headlines will say that she's a bitter green diva. Green Fury figures that Olympian is leaking all of the garbage to the press, and all he cares about is being famous. Emily wonders what Olympian is doing, and Teddy runs over to tell Green Fury that his mother died saving Christmas. Green Fury flares her hand and Teddy quickly leaves.

Later, Emily gets Olympian in and suggests that he be naked in the commercial. He's eager to have everyone see everything and goes to grease up. Donovan comes over and says that it's great, and Van quickly echoes him. Olympian does the commercial, which has Emily saying that the poncho is hot and blasting the poncho with her fire. The focus group tells Ron that they like the poncho but still don't like Teddy. Once they leave, Teddy admits to Ron that he's in a slump. He figures that he has to be him and puts the jacket on, and a woman comes nearby and admires it.

Wendy is sulking in the break room, and Jackie apologies for insulting her earlier. She admits that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if Ruby ended up like her. It would be really really bad, but not the worst.

On the street, Emily and Green Fury are reading a magazine running Olympian's bedroom secrets. Green Fury is happy that the tabloids are covering her crimebusting activities rather than her romance issues, and Justice League Europe called her. Van comes by and says that they all got what they wanted and they didn't have to compromise themselves as woman. Green Fury runs off and Van complains that she should listen when a man talks to her. He runs when she flies back at him.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 14, 2017

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