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Cigar Cutter Recap

In Cairo a few years earlier, Jack and Mac are searching a warehouse looking for a dirty bomb. As they find it, Wilt calls and Mac goes to find a background that won't give away where they are. Wilt is in the kitchen and complains that Mac is running late, and Mac apologizes. A car pulls off as the terrorists track Mac's phone call. Mac and Jack hide as the men come in and one of them find Jack hiding in a sarcophagus.

As the leader Farhad prepares to shoot him, Mac wheels out the crate with the bomb and reveals that he's activate d the time. Farhad thanks Mac for doing their job for them and explains that they were always going to detonate the bomb in Cairo. A man captures Mac and the bomb counts down to zero.

The Present

In LA, Jack arrives at Mac's home to celebrate the anniversary of Cairo. Mac shows him the letter that he sent to his father that made it to him, and admits that he has no idea how to find him. Matty calls to say that she needs them to come in, but Jack says that on Cairo Day they made a pact not to work because it's bad luck. Mac checks the text and discovers that it's not a mission.

At Phoenix, Matty introduces new employee Dr. Milton Zito to the team. Zito is an expert on meta-materials and will be working on a classified project. Zito says that he's heard all about Mac and he's looking forward to meeting him. Jack leaps in to introduce himself, and Matty tells Zito to ignore him. She has Wilt escort Zito to the lab, and they find the robot waiting for them.

Matty shows the others the video her interrogation of Horn and admits that they still don't know what he does for the Organization. Jack figures that it sounds like a mission, and Matty knows that he's superstitious about working on Cairo Day. Andie come in to tell Matty that Detective Malina is calling from NYC. Malina says that a homicide victim had her name and number in his recent calls.

Wilt shows Zito the polymer skin that he's been creating, and admits that he hasn't made it waterproof yet. Zito says that a colleague of his said that Wilt was skilled at prosthetics, pulls off his polymer mask, and draws a knife.

Malina says that the victim's name was Zito. Matty sends Jack and Mac to find the fake Zito. They arrive in the lab and find Wilt on the floor, bleeding out. Matty and riley arrive and Mac tells them that if he doesn't seal the wound then Wilt is going to die. While Jack calls the security, Riley applies pressure and Mac improvises a permanent seal. Riley doesn't want to leave Wilt, but he tells her to go get his attacker. Once she leaves, Wilt tells Mac that Riley was holding his hand. Mac uses padding and a cable to put more pressure on the wound.

Jack takes out an armed squad to search for the killer and figures that he has something planned besides killing Wilt.

Mac mixes chemicals to create a liquid bandage and inserts it into the wound to seal it. Wilt screams in pain as Mac uses a pump to push it into the wound. The robot suggests that Mac use one of the rolling table to get Wilt to the medbay.

In Matty's office, Riley discovers that someone has opened the holding door in the interrogation room. Matty realizes where the killer is heading.

The killer knocks out the guard and finds Horn. He says that he's ready to do his thing, and they head out.

Jack and his men head for interrogation and find the dead guard. Matty realizes that Horn want to get into Phoenix, and Jack finds a bloody fingerprint on the body. He sends it to Riley, who identifies the killer as Jason Tennant, former SAS who was caught running guns in Somalia and has been imprisoned for the last 15 years. They realize that he was locked up next to Murdoc.

The guards set up a video call to Murdoc and Matty demands to know what is going on. He explains that he plans to have all of them killed, and he agreed to pay Jason $30 million and teach him everything he knows. In return, Jason agreed to kill all of them.

In the server room, Jason kills a tech and Horn goes to work at a computer.

Riley discovers that someone is taking over their entire network. All of the power shuts down and the alarms go off. Mac is trapped in the elevator with Wilt. Meanwhile, Riley tells Matty that she can't get control back. Jack returns to Matty's office and Riley says that Horn reconfigured the whole system. He had to hardwire into their server room, and Jack takes her there to override Horn.

Mac removes a strut from the table and uses it to pry the elevator door open. The elevator is partway between floors.

Jack and Riley get to the data center but the doors are locked. Jack says that they'll go in through the greenhouse and she agrees once he explains that he came up with the idea by thinking like Mac would think.

Mac drags Wilt out of the elevator and goes to get a wheeled chair..

Jack leads Riley through the greenhouse and figures that he can make a bomb and blast through the wall, just like Mac would.

Mac takes Wilt to Matty's office, and Matty checks in with Jack. He and Riley are making fertilizer grenades, and Mac admits that it's a good idea. Mac tells him to make a shaped charge using two metal tables. Matty points out that letting Jack play with explosives isn't the best idea, and Mac tells Jack to wait until he gets there. She then tells wilt that if he dies then he's fired.

As Mac runs to the greenhouse, Jason attacks him.

Jack prepares to set off the grenades, figuring that he's got it all worked out. as Riley objects, Jack pulls the trigger on the grenades and goes in shooting. Horn returns fire, and takes cover, and goes to find him while Riley accesses the server.

Mac and Jason continue fighting, and Mac hits him in the face with a phone and blocks his knife with a marker. He then sprays Jason in the face with screen cleaner and knocks him out with a lamp.

Jack follows Horn out, unaware that he's doubled back to the server room. Riley senses him behind her and knocks a chair into him, and they fight for Horn's gun. He gets it and prepares to shoot her.

Jason tells mac that Murdoc taught him Mac's weaknesses, and asks how Mac's dad is doing. A gunshot goes off and Jason slips away as Mac runs to the server room. Jack gets there as well and they discover that Riley managed to shoot Horn. She hands the gun over to Jack and goes back to work, and she accesses the cameras. They reveal Organization mercenaries coming into the building, and Jack figures that it's the curse of working on Cairo Day.

Mac and Jack go to intercept the mercenaries, and Riley wonders why they sent them as backup if Jason was supposed to handle things. She directs them to the mercenaries, but there's a locked door in the agents' way. Riley warns that they're still locked out of the door, and hesitates. Mac says that they'll have to go around and they start running.

The mercenaries get to Phoenix cold storage, where they keep all the dangerous stuff from their missions. Mercenaries open fire on Mac and Jack as they arrive, and Matty and a squad arrive to pin them down while the two men continue on.

When Mac and Jack get to one level above cold storage, Mac breaks open a fire station and grabs an axe, and gives it to Jack to make a small hole on a precise spot. While Jack cuts through, Mac pulls out the fire hose and Mac mixes some chemicals and pours them in. He explains that they make an explosive when mixed together, ties off the fire hoses, and tells Jack that they're going to run toward the explosion.

Mac lights the liquid trail, setting off the bomb, and he and Jack drop through to knock out the mercenaries.

Matty and her men return to her office and she confirms that wilt is still alive. She tells the squad leader Carter to get all non-combat personnel to her office's floor, and checks in with Riley. Riley has full facility control but hasn't found Jason. Wilt sees the lab on Matty's monitor and realizes that a mask is working. He sees Jason come in wearing the mask and tries to go to him.

Jack and Mac fight their way through three more mercenaries and see the others stealing the virus that the team recovered months earlier.

Wilt activates the sprinkler and collapses

Mac goes in and jams the keypad lock, trapping himself with the thieves. He
fights the thieves and takes cover as they open fire on him. he grabs a cylinder of liquid nitrogen and tries to spray them with it, but they knock him out.

Jason's mask starts to melt from the water, and Wilt points him out to Matty. Jason fires and the civilian panic, As Jason runs, Riley seals the door. He grabs a tech, Lil, and threatens to kill her if Matty doesn't surrender.

Mac grabs a coolant pipe and threatens to cut it, mixing it with the O2 and setting off an explosion.

Matty points out that if Jason kills Lil then he'll die. As he figures that she won't shoot him, Matty shoots him in the leg and kicks his gun away.

The Organization operatives figure that Mac is bluffing and get it, and Mac realizes that it's Cairo all over again. He sets off the O2 and the mercenaries run to the locked door. As fire consumes the room, Jack takes out his men and shoots the door, cracking it enough for Mac to break it open with his Swiss Army knife. They get out just in time as the gas fully ignites.

Jack and Mac return to Matty's office and find Matty telling her people to find out if anything is missing. Riley is with Wilt, and he notices the blood on her and asks if she's okay. Riley says that it's not hers and takes him out to the waiting EMTs. Matty thanks Mac and jack for saving dozens of lives but refuses to hug Mac. She tells them to get themselves checked out and come back with a mop.

Later in the mountains of Siberia, Mac takes the virus to a crevasse and drops it in.

At the hospital, Riley sits with Wilt. He wakes up and she admits that she's been there for a few days. He says that he had a lot of reasons to survive, including his friends, and Riley takes his hand. Riley wonders if he ever wished to go back to before he knew what Mac did, and Wilt says that he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Matty visits Murdoc and tells him that his plan was an epic fail. Murdoc tells her that he keeps a tally in his head of all the people he plants to kill, and says that Matty is at the top of his list. Matty just laughs and says that she can't do anything else to punish him, but then takes the book that Riley and Wilt gave him.

Jack swings by with the robot to pick up Mac at his home. Mac tells his friend that he's going to go find his dad, and Jack immediately insists on going with him. They hit the road.

As she drives away, Matty discovers that one page is missing from the book.

A guard finds Murdoc unconscious on the floor. He calls for medical and opens up the door, and discovers that Murdoc has stuffed the page in his mouth to choke himself unconscious. He strangles the guard and smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 15, 2017

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