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Reptilicus Recap

At Gizmonic Institute, the staff listens as Jonah Heston in space plays his drums. He's returning with a precious cache of meteors, and his supervisor figures that Jonah's independent streak could get him in trouble.

In space, Jonah is caught in a show trap and music plays. On Moon Base 13, `Kinga says that they've got one and TV's Son of TV's Frank, aka Max, sends out a fake mayday saying that they need help on Moon Base 13. Jonah hears it and flies in, and disappears off of the monitors at Gizmonic Institute. Meanwhile, Jonah lands and goes out, and finds the staff singing the show's theme song. The skeletal warriors put him in a tube and send him to the theater where Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Gypsy are waiting.

Jonah welcomes everyone to the Satellite of Love. Tom offers Jonah a candy bar, and Jonah explains that he rigged Gypsy so that she lives in the ceiling and speaks with a Midwest accent. Gypsy goes back to work and Tom explains that he can fly but just in the theater. Kinga and Max call and Kinga says that she's reopening her MST3K science, blow up the brand, and sell it for a million dollars.

Jonah presents his invention of the week, a bubble fan. Kinga dismisses it as lame, sends Max to get her the design plans, and presents the experiment, Reptilicus. There aren't any big-name celebrities in it, and Kinga has her boneheads send them the movie.


For the first break, Jonah explains to the robots in rap and cardboard figures about how every country in the world has a monster that it's afraid of it, and every monster has a country.


For the second break, Crow removes Tom's arm and grows a new Tom from it and then another one. The new Toms develop a cultural mythology around Crow. Dramatic Southern Belle Tom and Evil Tom come out next, and Crow gets bored and orders the clones back into the tank.


For the third break, Jonah reads some letters from fans. Tom demonstrates his sarcasm abilities, and they contemplate the possibility of an evil Satellite of Love.


After the movie is over, Jonah makes a tiny Copenhagen for Gypsy and she smashes it as the Robo-Kraken. Kinga and Max admire their team spirit, but Kinga vows to break their spirits. She tells Max to push the button and he does.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 16, 2017