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No Regrets Recap

Jeffrey and Coulson set up a fake car accident and Jeffrey flips over a car to make it look convincing. He figures that it will stop the prison bus, and tells Coulson that there is another prisoner that they're interested in more than Daisy. Jeffrey asks how well Coulson knows Jemma, and points out that she thinks the Doctor--Fitz--is brainwashed. He wants to know what else Jemma is hiding.

When they receive word that the bus is coming, Jeffrey hides and the bus pulls over. When the guards come out, Jeffrey and Coulson take them out and they discover that the bus is filled with body bags.

In her cell at the Triskelion, daisy asks Fitz why he's torturing her. He says that he knows the truth about her and her world, and believes that the Daisy he's facing is a replacement. Fitz echoes what Aida told him about how the other world plans to invade theirs, and asks if Jeffrey is from there. Daisy says that they're all from there, including Fitz, and that if anyone could get Fitz to wake up then it would be Jemma. She says that Fitz and Jemma love each other, and Fitz slaps her and says that they face unspeakable choices to get the truth. Daisy asks what happened to him, and Fitz merely says that it's his home and he's not going to let her destroy it. He promises that he'll get to their world first and make sure the Patriot and all their kind pay.

Melinda is looking at the wall of people that were lost at the Cambridge incident. Aida joins her and tells her not to dwell on the past, but Melinda says that they need to worry about the present. She tells Aida that it's time to take Jeffrey out, and Aida says that they may have a weapon that can beat them but there is involved. Melinda tells her that it's only a risk if she has nothing to lose, and eagerly volunteers.

At the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, the team looks at the bodies. Mack says that Hope is still rattled and Grant assures him that she's safer there with them. When Mack offers to help, Jeffrey tells him to switch the plates on the bus and wipe the GPS so that they can use it. They're going to use the bus to get into the Triskelion and rescue an operative with info about a new Hydra weapon. Once Mack leaves, Grant tells Jeffrey that Jemma is stonewalling him.

Coulson tells Jemma that Daisy wasn't on the bus. She wants to tell Jeffrey the truth because the missions don’t matter, but Coulson warns that Grant and Jeffrey aren't like him. He wonders if he and Grant got along in the real world, and Jemma admits that they didn't. Grant and Jeffrey arrive and lead Jemma off.

Melinda goes to the lab and the scientist in charge, Kenneth, explains that they've created augmented strength serum. It's temporary but not Terrigen based, and will give Melinda enough strength to beat Jeffrey.

Jeffrey and Grant question Jemma, who explains what Jeffrey did in the real world. She insists that Daisy and Holden are the key to their all getting out. Jeffrey asks where he's from in real world and if he has a family. Jemma doesn't know, and Jeffrey says that she doesn't know him well enough. He describes his entire life and explains that he's buried 17 friends and family while fighting against Hydra. Jeffrey wonders if it's all meaningless, and Grant says that they'd have Daisy if he had killed Holden when he had the chance. Jemma says that's the Grant she knows, and he knows how she knows that she's the one waking up to another reality. She insists that it can't be real and the man she loves would never execute someone in cold blood. Grant tells her that Fitz did, and Jeffrey insists that what they did matters and she'll never convince them otherwise. Frustrated, Jemma walks out and Jeffrey admits that there might be a grain of truth to Jemma's story. He tells Grant to find out what it is.

Fitz tells Aida that Daisy only gave them lies, and Aida goes into the cell to interrogate her. She tells Fitz to check on Project Looking Glass and he agrees. Daisy tells Aida that her prison sucks, and Aida insists that she just fixed one regret and the subsequent world is a consequence of that. Holden screams from the next cell and Aida has a guard torture him. She tells Daisy that she can't give Daisy her powers but she can give her Lincoln. Daisy can have a peaceful life with him, with no memory of her old life and no regrets. In exchange she has to tell Aida where she is in the real world. Daisy realizes that Aida is the puppet master,, and says that sometimes what people want isn't right for them. She wonders what Aida gets out of all of it, and Aida says that she gets a choice.

Burrows tells Jeffrey that they've identified half of the bodies. Mack reports that he's removed all of the tracking devices from the bus, and has decrypted the radio so they can listen in on Hydra transmissions and steal some intel. He offers to rive, but Jeffrey says that they already have a volunteer.

Coulson meets with Jemma, who admits that she lost Jeffrey after she explained. Hope overhears them and knows Fitz from the history books. As Coulson tells her that it's more fiction than fact, Mack comes in. Jemma stares at Mack in surprise, and asks about Hope's mother. Mack says that it's just him and his daughter and takes Hope to get something to eat. Jeffrey calls Coulson over and gives him a fake ID they've created for him to get him past the gate.

A scientist, Alistair, tells Fitz that a co-worker saw a camera in the suspect's locker. The camera was an antique, and they shipped him off to an Enlightenment Center. Alistair figures that Fitz is troubled over a woman, and suggests that Fitz have a cup of tea with him: Fitz's father.

Coulson drives the bus up to the Enlightenment Center gate and the guard checks his ID. The guard questions him and Coulson says that he's filling in for the normal driver. A guard comes aboard and searches the gate, but fails to see Jeffrey and Burrows hiding in the body bags. The guard finally lets Coulson through.

In his cell, Holden yells at the guards to kill him since they've taken everything from him, including Agnes. Daisy listens from her cell and hears Holden crying. She figures that he's getting everything he deserves for creating the Framework, and Holden tells her that Fitz killed Agnes. Daisy wonders how one regret could change who someone is, but Holden tells her that of course it can and all it takes is one sentence... like "I love you" or "We're having a baby" or "She's gone." When Daisy says that she didn't think Fitz was capable of murder, Holden tells her that under the right circumstances, anyone can do anything. He says that he built a backdoor that Aida can't stop, and tells her how to get to it.

Alistair wonders why Fitz is so down on himself, and Fitz explains that he had to kill an enemy of the state. His father wonders what the problem is, and Fitz wonders if he didn't need to kill her or maybe she was mentally ill. Alistair says that the doubts are Fitz's mother talking, and tells him that the man he raised is a great man in a hard world. He insists that in a hard world they can't afford the luxury of sympathy, and they don't buckle to guilt or sentiment. Alistair says that everyone needs the strap cross the back and Fitz has felt it, and Aida is the only other person who understand it. He figures that Fitz loves Aida, and Fitz says that he doesn't know what kind of man he'd be without Alistair.

Coulson presents his ID to the soldier inside, and Jeffrey chokes the man unconscious when he checks the body bags. He tells Coulson and Grant that they need to find the man with important intel, and Coulson mourns telling the lies that supported Hydra. Jeffrey tells Burrows to stand watch while he and Coulson find the man. They fight their way in and free the prisoners. The man they're looking for hugs Jeffrey, who introduces him to Coulson as Antoine Triplett. Coulson uses Trip and says that the name felt fast, and Trip says that his boots have the intel in them.

Melinda receives a report about the unscheduled drop at the Enlightenment Center. Fitz injects her with the steroids and says that she has an hour of augmented strength.

At the S.H.I.E.L.D. base, Jemma talks to Mack and looks at the Hydra history books. Mack describes all of the missing history like the Trail of Tears and Martin Luther King, and says that he's the judge at his home. He goes over to Hope and Jemma watches them smiling. Grant is doing the same, and Grant says that they're all fake. He figures that Jemma doesn't like him because he's someone that he's not, and Jemma admits that she can't stand to look at him. Grant wonders what he did in the real world, and Jemma tells him that he killed several people. He apologizes and wonders if what Mack feels for Hope makes it real. A Hydra transmission comes in about a potential breach and Grant realizes that Jeffrey and the others have been discovered.

Trip and Coulson search for Trip's boots, and he explains that they contain an old-school spy camera. He took photos of Fitz's secret project, just as he finds the boots. Coulson sees a guard leading his student Chris to a quarantine building, and Trip explains that all of the kids end up there. Smiling, Coulson tells Trip to get the plans to Jeffrey while he helps the kid that he let down once before. Trip finds Jeffrey and tells him that Coulson took off. The Quinjet with Melinda arrives and Jeffrey tells Burrows to get the film back to base while h gets Coulson. Trip offers to take Jeffrey to Coulson.

Burrows calls in and tells Grant what's happening. Grant says that Jeffrey needs an extraction, and he says that it's time to see what the big man can do. Jemma offers to go in his place, and explains that what happens to Mack happens to him in both worlds. Grant asks if it has anything to do with Hope, and Jemma doesn't respond.

Melinda attacks Jeffrey, who tells Trip to get Coulson while he handles her. He realizes that she's been juicing and they fight.

Coulson enters the quarantine building and finds the students being brainwashed. He locates Burnell and Chris, and as he frees them Trip arrives.

Melinda pushes her attack against Jeffrey, who continues taunting her. He asks if she joined them, and knocks her away. Melinda insists that Jeffrey is a terrorist, and he says that if he was then she'd be dead. Once he walks off, Melinda radios in and tells Aida that her strength is fading. Fitz is with Aida and tells Melinda to have the Quinjet destroy the quarantine building. It does so and the building collapses.

Grant and Jemma arrive in time to see the Quinjet fly off. Meanwhile, Trip gets the students off and Jemma stares at Trip in shock. He explains that people are trapped inside and they go in to help. Coulson is getting the students out and sees Chris trapped as rubble comes down. Jeffrey leaps in the way, blocking the rubble, and is buried with Chris.

Melinda tells her men that she needs verification that Jeffrey is dead, activates her body cam, and goes in. She finds Burnell and the others, who say that there are others who need help. Melinda calls in and asks why there are kids in there. She gets to the classroom and Coulson tells her to put down the gun and help them. Jeffrey lifts the main support up and tells them to get Chris out. Melinda tells them to freeze, and says that she was trying to save a kid. Grant warns her that if she shoots Jeffrey then they all die. Coulson tells her to shoot them or help, and they form a chai to get Chris out. After a moment, Melinda joins in and Chris thanks her for her help.

Jeffrey realizes that they can't save him and tells them to get out. Coulson refuses at first, but realizes that it's hopeless and reluctantly goes. The others go as well, Melinda last. She looks at Jeffrey and the nods, and he sees her. Once she leaves, everyone gets to the bus and they can only watch as the building collapses.

Alistair and Fitz share a toast to the success of the mission as Aida looks on.

In the real world, Aida checks the mentally imprisoned S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Jeffrey's monitor has flatlined, and she realizes that he's dead.

Melinda visits Daisy and asks if it's true that Daisy in an Inhuman. Daisy says that she is, one powerful enough to bring the Triskelion down. Melinda says that she hopes so and smashes a Terrigen crystal on the floor. The mists form a cocoon around Daisy.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 19, 2017

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