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No Regrets

Coulson and Jeffrey break into an Enlightenment Center to rescue a prisoner with valuable information about Project Looking Glass. Meanwhile, Fitz meets with an unexpected ally, and Jemma tries to convince Grant and Jeffrey that their world isn't real.

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By Gadfly on Apr 19, 2017

Jeffrey and Coulson set up a fake car accident and Jeffrey flips over a car to make it look convincing. He figures that it will stop the prison bus, and tells Coulson that there is another prisoner that they're interested in more than Daisy. Jeffrey asks how well Coulson knows Jemma, and points out that she thinks the Doctor--Fitz--is brainwashed. He wants to know what else Jemma is hiding. When they receive word that the bus is coming, Jeffrey hides and the bus pulls over. When the guards co…

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casper1701e posted 4 years ago

Oh noooooo...say it ain't so!! Not my beloved Jason O'Mara...noooooooo!

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