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Arrival Recap

A secret agent drives into London and enters an office complex. He goes to a superior’s office and angrily hands him a letter. As he departs, the agent’s file is processed, stamped, and put in the “Resigned” cabinet.

The agent goes to his apartment and prepares to pack for a trip, unaware that a black car is following him. As the agent packs, a man in funeral garb pumps gas into the room and the agent collapses, unconscious.

The agent wakes up in a cottage he doesn’t’ recognize. Opening the windows, he sees a picturesque village that he’s unfamiliar with, made up of a variety of architectural styles. He runs up to a bell tower to get a better vantage point, and spots someone opening a café restaurant. The agent goes to the café and asks the name of the village. He’s informed he is in The Village and told there is no police station and they have no telephone. The staff directs him to a phone box and the operator asks him for his number and informs him the phone is for local calls only.

The agent goes to a kiosk with a map and summons a taxi. The driver hails him in several languages, and informs him that the taxi is a local service only. She drives him around the Village and stops after a short tour, informing him he owes her 10 units. She waves him goodbye with a cheery “Be seeing you” and departs.

The agent goes into a store and attempts to purchase a map. The shopkeeper has local maps only of the Village, which everything given generic name such as “The Mountains” and “The Labour Exchange.” The shopkeeper has local maps only and notes that the agent is new here. There are no cars available except taxis.

As the agent departs, a public address system informs everyone that it’s another beautiful day. He sees a maid on the balcony of his cottage and returns, and discovers that it now has the Number Six on the sign outside. The door open automatically and the phone rings and the operator confirms he is “Number Six.” A male voice identifies himself as Number Two and invites the agent to the Green Dome for breakfast.

The agent arrives at the Green Dome and the door opens automatically for him. A butler takes him to a chamber where Number Two awaits. He offers the agent a breakfast, having anticipated exactly what he wants. Number Six explains that the information in the agent’s head is priceless and people are curious for his reasons. The agent insists that he’s been checked and re-checked and leaves, but Number Two explains there’s no way out. They have the agent’s entire life on files but note there was a time that he took a vacation and briefly disappeared from surveillance. Number Two offers him a deal in return for cooperation but the agent refuses, insisting they can’t hold him.

Number Two offers him a helicopter tour of the Village to demonstrate they can’t hold him. He points out how they are self-sufficient and notes the landmarks like the Council Hall, a newspaper, and old people’s home… and a graveyard. As they land, Number Two explains that some individuals live out their entire lives in the Village. They take a taxi to the town centre where a band plays and a tannoy voice gives a warning of storms. They go to the town square where Number Two informs everyone to be still. Everyone but the agent freezes, and a large white sphere appears from the fountain. One man runs and Number Two tells him to turn back. He doesn’t, and the white sphere closes on the man and smothers him.

Number Two drops Number Six off at the Labour Exchange and turns him over to the Labour Exchange Manager, who administers a serious of intrusive tests. The agents storm off, while Number Two notes that they have a challenge.

The agent returns to his cottage to find the maid cleaning up the place. He yells at her to get out then paces angrily around his new quarters as soothing music plays on the speakers. The pantry is stocked with food, all bearing the Village’s penny-farthing bicycle logo with no brand names. Finally the agent smashes the speaker and turns to find the maid has returned. She has no idea who runs the place and warns there’s no way to stop the music. She has been there as long as she can remember and that some have tried to escape but none have succeeded. Realizing she’s said she’s said too much, she breaks into tears and admits they offered to release her if she could obtain information from him. She begs him for help but he tells her to get out.

In a central surveillance facility, Number Two and the Supervisor watch the entire scene and Number Two notes they’ll have to handle the agent carefully given his importance.

An electrician arrives with a replacement speaker and the agent goes for a walk. He ducks into the woods and tries to avoid the guardian sphere without success. The agent heads for the beach, while the Supervisor informs security that “Number Six” is heading for the perimeter. The agent gets to the beach and Village guardians move to intercept him. He disposes of one and then leaps on to the other’s taxi and throws him off. The agent drives off in the vehicle but the guardian sphere intercepts him, knocks him off, and then smothers him into unconsciousness. A medical team arrives and takes him away.

The agent wakes up in a hospital ward and sees a man next to him, Cobb, who he recognizes. Cobb wonders what the agent is doing there and admits he doesn’t remember much. The agent asks him who brought Cobb there, but Cobb doesn’t remember anything except his last mission to Germany. A doctor arrives and the agent insists he wants to leave. The doctor has him take a few routine tests. As they leave, the agent sees a room filled with people participating in “group therapy.” He’s taken to a laboratory for tests while Number Two watches on a security monitor and reports to his superiors. The doctor informs the agent that everything checks out and he’s free to go in the morning, but his old clothes have been burned. The agent returns to his ward but the alarm goes off and an attendant reports that Cobb leaped out a window to his death.

The next morning, the agent leaves in his new clothing with a variety of papers identifying him as “Number Six.” He gets out at the Green Dome and enters only to find a new Number Two waiting for him. Number Six challenges him over the death of Cobb but the new Number Two insists it’s necessary and wonder why Number Six resigned. Number Six refuses to answer and storms out, while Number Two notes that no extreme measures are to be used… yet.

Number Six returns to his cottage and sees a group taking Cobb’s body to the graveyard. He notices that a Woman is following them. He approaches the Woman and offers his help, admitting Cobb was a friend and a good man. She agrees to meet him at noon at the concert and runs off. Later, the two of them meet and she says she knows a way to escape. She warns that eventually the ones who run the Village will grow tired of waiting and take what they want. They need an electro-pass to escape and she has it hidden, and was going to provide it to Cobb. She sets up a rendezvous time and slips away. He sees her go into the Green Dome… where she meets with the new Number Two. He assures her Cobb’s death won’t reflect on her record and she has a new assignment: Number Six.

Later, Number Six is playing chess when he sees a helicopter arrive and the Woman walk by. He meets with her and she gives him the electro-pass. He demands to know why she met with Number Two and she insists that she didn’t betray Cobb and doesn’t plan to betray him. The Woman tells him to leave before it’s too late.

Number Six goes to the helipad where a guardian sphere is standing sentry. The electro-pass permits Number Six to pass the guardian sphere and board the helicopter, which he pilots into the air. The Woman watches from the patio… and in the security centre, Number Two takes remote control of the helicopter and brings it back to the Village. Cobb is with Number Two and says that he’ll be going to report to his new masters, but warns that Number Six will be a tough nut to crack. As he departs, the guardian sphere is awaiting to escort Number Six back to his new home.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 6, 2015

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