Where Bluebirds Fly Recap

Oz: The Past

A young Zelena walks along the yellow brick road and comes to a boy standing next to a tree that has fallen across the path. The boy, Stanum, picks up a nest that feel from the tree and says that something has already been hurt. Zelena heals it with a gesture and sends it to a nearby tree. As Stanum wonders if Zelena is a witch, a bully comes up and says that Zelena is a freak. She realizes that the bully knocked the nest out of the tree, and Stanum grabs an axe and orders him away.

Once the bully runs off, Zelena thanks Stanum for coming to her aid. She admits that not a people want to help a girl with magic, and Stanum points out that she used her magic for good and that makes her special. They introduce themselves and shake hands.


At the farmhouse, Zelena goes to take care of her baby and finds the Black Fairy holding her. Zelena takes her back and the Fairy says that she came there because she thought that they could help each other. She points out that Zelena is living in the middle of nowhere and could use a friend with the Final Battle approaching. The Fairy advises her not to be alone when the Final Battle comes, and tells Zelena that she should be afraid of her. She says that she'll be in the Dwarf Tunnels if Zelena changes he mind and teleports away.

At Emma's house, Emma is making breakfast when Hook kisses her. She admits that she's happy and sometimes it surprises her, and kisses him back. Mary Margaret comes in and Emma assures her that she's not interrupting anything. Hook goes to take a shower and Mary Margaret says that she wants to start on wedding planning. She has a book with photos of wedding dresses, and explains that she wants to make the most of the milestone in Emma's life after missing so many. Regina calls Emma, who says that she'll be right there.

Everyone meets at the sheriff's station and Zelena tells them what happened. Regina figures that the Fairy needs help and they have time to stop her, and Hook suggests that they find the other half of the wand Tiger Lily gave to him. Zelena wants to defeat the Fairy, but Regina says that she's not powerful enough. Emma sides with Regina and says that they need to do it together once they get the other half of the wand. Zelena tells them that they're not doing it with her and Regina takes the wand to the mausoleum. Mary Margaret insists on planning the wedding to give people hope, and the others agree.

Gold tells Belle that the Fairy has Gideon's heart. She's relieved that Gideon can be saved, and Gold figures that Mother Superior has the key. However, she's still under the heart-freezing spell, and Gold can't wake her. He goes to the Sorcerer's Mansion to find what he can there, and Zelena comes in with Robin. She asks Belle to watch Robin and goes to get a bassinet. Zelena tells the baby that she has to pluck the Fairy's wings and teleports away.

David returns to the loft and finds the door open. He carefully goes inside, gun drawn, and finds Henry writing with the Author's pen. Henry tells David that the Pen isn't working, and realizes that Emma has to fight the Final Battle. He's trying to translate the hieroglyphs that he wrote, and David tells him that sometimes the best thing they can do is move on. Henry figures that it was Mary Margaret's idea, and they go off to look at wedding venues.

Belle is playing with Robin when Regina comes in to get ingredients. Regina realizes that Zelena has gone to confront the Fairy and leaves.

Zelena enters the Dwarf Tunnels.

The Past

An adult Zelena is eating dinner in her throne room. A guard reports that a man is there to see her for help. She orders him in, and is surprised to discover that it's Stanum. He explains that he cut down a tree belonging to the Wicket Witch of the North, and she cursed him to turn into tin. If he doesn't find a new heart, he will be fully transformed. Stanum says that if he can defeat the monster guarding the Crimson Heart, he can restore himself. Zelena wonders what she gets out of it, and Stanum figures that Zelena is afraid. He tells her to enjoy having dinner by herself and starts to go, and Zelena insists that she's not afraid of some monster in the woods... and she'll get the heart to prove it.


Regina finds Zelena in the mines and explains that she came there to get her out before Zelena is killed. Zelena reminds her that she blamed her for Robin's death, and that she sacrificed Hades to save her. She figures that she's not welcome at the heroes' table and the two sisters fight. The walls shake and a cave-in seals Zelena and Regina in.

Everyone meets at the diner and Mary Margaret wants to use it as the venue. She asks David for his opinion, and he points out that not all of the memories there have been happy. He reminds Mary Margaret of her first date there with Whale, and points out that it's not big enough and is a scrap heap. Mary Margaret insists on going to find a bigger place and David trails along, and Emma figures that something more is going on.

In the tunnels, Regina and Zelena argue about whose fault it is that they're trapped. Zelena insists that she doesn't need a fairy wand, and Regina wonders why she has to be better than anyone else. She says that she is and she's going to find the Fairy and destroy her, and walks off.

The Past

Zelena and Stanum head to the monster's den and he tells her that she doesn't have to pretend that she'd rather be doing something else. He figures that she has nothing better to do and she'd rather be out in the woods than eating alone. Zelena half-heartedly denies it and explains that she's working on a spell to travel back in time and show her mother that she should have kept her instead of Regina. Stanum figures that she wouldn't be so upset unless what he was saying is true. Before he can explain further, the monster grabs Stanum and drags him away. Zelena goes after them.


Regina follows Zelena and they find fairy crystals in the walls. The Fairy appears and says that she's not interested in light magic. She has Gideon blast Regina back when she tries to intervene, and Zelena says that she came to kill the Fairy. The Fairy knocks her back and runs, and Zelena tells Regina to keep Gideon busy while she goes after the Fairy.

Zelena follows the Fairy through the tunnels, and the Fairy doubles back and says that Zelena should have taken her offer when she had the chance. Blasting the Fairy back, Zelena says that she'll end her once and for all. The Fairy laughs and shrugs off the magic, and knocks Zelena's magical blast into the fairy crystals. They turn dark as Regina and Gideon arrive, and Gideon draws his sword on Regina while the Fairy freezes Zelena with a spell. She explains that she needed Zelena's dark magic to weaponized the crystals, and she knew that Zelena's heart was in disarray. The Fairy releases Zelena and says that she knew Zelena would make the wrong decision, and she's going to use the crystals to start the Final Battle. She takes one of the darkened fairy crystals and teleports Regina and Zelena away.

The Past

Zelena confronts the monster and blasts it, but it dodges the magic bolt and leaps on her. Stanum throws an axe in its head and distracts it, and Zelena uses the distraction to blast the lion. It walks off after a moment, confused and afraid, and more of Stanum's body transforms into tin. He warns that he doesn't have much time.


Regina and Zelena find themselves outside the Tunnels. Zelena suggests that they go back and get the dark fairy crystals, but Regina tells her that she's done enough already. She tells Zelena to go back to Oz so she can't make things worse for them, and teleports away to find the Charmings to clean up Zelena's mess.

The Charmings and the others go to the town meeting hall and Mary Margaret thinks that it's perfect. David complains that it's not big enough, and suggests that they have the wedding at their castle in the enchanted forest. Mary Margaret orders David out and asks what's really going on. He wonders why they should rush into it when there's other things going on. When Mary Margaret tells them that they need to give the people hope, David says that he doesn't want Emma's marriage to be like theirs when the Evil Queen burst in. He wants to give Emma a real wedding day, and assures her that they'll all be there. Emma comes out and overhears them, and agrees that postponing the wedding might be the best thing until they know the Fairy won't interrupt.

Zelena returns to the pawnshop and tells Belle that what she was going to do isn't necessary any more. The witch says that they're going home where they belong. She returns to the farmhouse and summons a tornado to take her back to Oz.

The Past

Zelena and Stanum find the Crimson Heart and Zelena prepares to put it into Stanum's chest. However, it starts draining her magic and she puts it down. She tells Stanum that it needs her magic to restore Stanum, and figures that he knew about it. Stanum says that he didn't, and tells Zelena that she doesn't need a time travel spell to avoid being alone. She just needs some friends. Zelena laughs and says that she wouldn't give up her magic to have a friend like his. Stanum says that she could have a friend who would accept her when no one else did, and that her willingness to use magic to do good was what made her special. As he fully transforms into tin, Stanum tells Zelena that she will be alone a long time. Zelena says that she will take that risk and leaves.


Regina tells the others what Zelena did. Henry asks if the Final Battle has started, and Regina admits that she doesn't know. Zelena comes in and says that she was going to go back to Oz, but changed her mind because there's nothing for her there. She admits that Regina is all that she has, and figures that she can help now. Zelena believes that her magic is tethered to the crystals, meaning that we can destroy them with the Crimson Heart... but it will destroy her magic.

The Past

Zelena returns to her throne room with the Crimson Heart and sits down to eat. However, she realizes that she's alone.


Zelena goes to the mausoleum with Emma and Regina. She makes them promise to protect Robin if something happens to her, and then picks up the Heart. It drains her magic and then releases it. In the tunnels, the fairy crystals glow white again. Zelena tells Emma and Regina that she feels weak, and Regina tells her that she's never looked strong. She apologizes for everything, and they figure the Fairy is back to square one. Regina tells them that she called Mother Superior but hasn't received any answer, and Zelena tells them that Gold has her in the back of her spell.

The women go to the pawn shop and Zelena tells Gold that they might be able to wake Mother Superior. He hesitates to let them try, but Belle suggests that they let them try. While she was looking after Robin, she realized how much time they've lost with Gideon and refuses to let the Fairy steal anymore. Gold agrees and Emma uses a fairy crystal to wake up Mother Superior. Her heart beats again and Gold figures that she will soon wake up.

In the forest, Gideon points out that their opponents have destroyed the dark crystals and are close to waking up Mother Superior. The Fairy says that she wanted Mother Superior asleep because she knows her darkest secret: the reason she really gave Gold up.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 24, 2017

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