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The Black Fairy Recap

Many Years Ago...

Two fairies fly to where a woman, Fiona, is giving birth as her husband Malcolm holds her hand. As the baby is delivered, the candles briefly blow out and then light up again. The midwife wraps the baby and gives it to Fiona, saying that it's a healthy baby boy. The Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily fly in and explain that Tiger Lily is the baby's fairy godmother. Fiona wonders if something I wrong, and the fairies explain that a prophecy foretold that a boy would be born on that night with great light magic, a child known as the Savior.


At the pawnshop, Rumple is working on a dragon egg to unleash the captured dragon breath and wake up Mother Superior. He releases the breath but Mother Superior doesn't wake up. Gold goes outside and smashes a newspaper kiosk in a fit of anger. Belle joins him and tells Gold to not let the Black Fairy get under his skin. Gold refuses to lose a second son, and Belle promises that they won't. Gold worries that their family's fate is always for parents and children to be torn apart.

Emma calls them in as Mother Superior wakes up. Hook asks her about the other half of the wand, and Mother Superior says that the wand is at the center of Storybrooke. "Mary Margaret" transforms into the Black Fairy, and tells them to back off or she'll break Mother Superior's neck. Gideon is disguised as David, and reverts to his normal form. The Black Fairy teleports away with Mother Superior, and Gold slaps an anti-magic bracelet on Gideon and says that it's time to get his heart back.

At the mayor's office, Zelena is trying to put a crib together without magic. She refuses Regina's offer to help, figuring that she needs to get used to doing things by hand. Zelena admits that she feels useful, and Regina points out that her sacrifice saved them all. She says that she has a way that Zelena can help.

Belle and Gold question Gideon, who says that the Black Fairy punished him when he resisted her before. Emma comes in and says that her parents are looking for the other half of the wand. Once they find it, Emma is going to go after the Fairy. Gold asks Belle if she trusts him, saying that she can find a way for Gideon to tell them where his heart is. Belle says that she trusts Gold to do what is right for their family, and Gold tells them that he's going to the dream realm using the sands of Morpheus... and uses the sands to knock Emma out as well before using them on himself.

Gold and Emma meet in the dream realm, and Gold explains that the Fairy can't reach there. He brought Emma there to stop her from killing the Fairy so that Gideon won't be lost forever. They hear a distant singing and find a cottage, and go inside. An empty cradle is rocking, and stops as they approach. Gold explains that he was born there, but it wasn't much of his home after his mother left. Emma realizes that it's Gold's dream, and he says that they still need to find Gideon.

The Past

Fiona is tending to her baby when Tiger Lily appears. She's surprised to see that Fiona has a sword, and Fiona says that she can't eat or sleep since Tiger Lily gave her the Book of Prophecy. A great evil is coming for her son, and he'll be killed in the Final Battle. Tiger Lily has the other books on fairy lore, and Fiona plans to find the great evil with a scar like a crescent moon. She asks if Tiger Lily would like to hold the baby. Once she does, Fiona grabs Tiger Lily's wand and uses it to transform herself into a fairy.


Regina gives Zelena a car and says that if things go wrong then she needs to drive to New York. When Zelena points out that she doesn't know how to drive a car, Regina teaches her. It doesn't go well, and Regina says that it's not just about protecting her baby Robin but Henry as well. Regina wants her half-sister to take Henry with her where he can start a new life with Zelena. Zelena is touched that Regina trusts her enough to raise henry, and Zelena starts practicing again. Mary Margaret calls to tell Regina that she and David are at the clock tower at the geographic center of Storybrooke. They haven't found anything there, and Regina realizes that the Fairy was talking about the heart of Storybrooke: Granny's. Regina teleports away without Zelena.

The Fairy tells the captive Mother Superior that she's been keeping torture implements just for her, and says that she needs to know where the wand is hidden. She prepares to cut the information out of Mother Superior's head.

The Past

Fiona and Tiger Lily continue looking for the baby destined to kill Fiona's son. It's the last day of winter and the last child they have to check. Fiona promises her son that she won't fail him, and tells Tiger Lily that she has found two ancient spells. With Tiger Lily's help, she hopes to combine them into something powerful. Tiger Lily points out that it's forbidden, but Fiona tells her to stop being afraid and help her. Everything she needs is in the sacred fairy vault, and Tiger Lily can get her in.


In the dream realm, Gold explains that the house was a figment of his subconscious. Emma wants to be sure that Gold is on her side, and Gold says that it wasn't a fond memory. Fiona never did one thing a mother should, even give her a name. When Emma defeats her, Gold promises that he won't shed a single tear. Gideon appears and says that they've found him, and Gold hugs him. The boy thanks his father for fighting for him, and Gold tells him that he'd do anything for him. Gideon explains that he doesn't know where the Fairy hid his heart, but the Fairy is afraid of Gold learning why she gave him up. A blanket sits on a patch of ice in the middle of a nearby lake. Gideon says that all of Gold's answers are inside of Gold, and he just has to be willing to face them.

Mary Margaret, Charming, and Hook arrive at the diner and find Regina going through the shelves. The others join in, searching for the wand. The wand is beneath a floorboard beneath the jukebox, The Fairy comes in and says that the wand won't do them any good without the Savior. Regina refuses to hand it over without a fight, and she and the Fairy teleport away.

Regina and the Fairy appear on the street as the others come out, and the Fairy blasts Regina back. Zelena rams the Fairy with the car, and the Fairy teleports away.

Gold picks up the baby blanket and Emma says that it's bigger than anything that they've ever faced. She points out that they're both bad at being vulnerable, and tells Gold to do it for his son. Gold agrees and remembers the past.. He and the others find themselves in the sacred vault of the fairies. Fiona is there with her son, and has Tiger Lily help her get the last ingredient. She realizes that it's a curse, not a spell, and Fiona insists that it will protect her child. Tiger Lily knocks the spell components out of Fiona's hand, says that the cost of the Dark Curse is too high. Fiona explains that the Dark Curse will send the child destined to destroy him far away, to a land without magic. Tiger Lily warns that it will banish every child, and that her son is fated to die so that other children will live. Fiona refuses to accept that and pulls out Tiger Lily's heart, and she transforms into the Black Fairy. Tiger Lily realizes that Fiona bears the crescent moon, and that evil was born, not made. She tells Fiona that she is the great evil, and she and her son are destined to destroy each other.

Gold and the others wake up from the dream, Regina arrives with the wand, and Emma says that she's not the savior that is supposed to fight the Fairy. She tells Gold that it's on her, and Gold confirms that it's true. Belle is relieved that Gold is a Savior and now Gold knows it, and he says that he must do it. Gideon offers to help, but Gold refuses to put him in more danger. Gold assembles the two halves of the wand and says that it's best if he faces his mother alone.

That night, Gold confronts his mother in the park. He explains that he was meant to destroy her, and the Fairy realizes that knows the truth. The Fairy says that he doesn't know the answer to his question, and says that there's more. Gold asks why she left him, and the Fairy casts a spell to show him the rest.

The Blue Fairy appears and teleports Tiger Lily's heart into her hand, and then restores it to Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily says that she knows how she can break Fiona's destiny, and takes out the Shears. She explains that she can remove Fiona's power so that she won't be the great evil. Fiona refuses to give up her power, but figures that if she severs her son's destiny then they can be together. She teleports the shears to her hand, and Blue tells her not to deprive her son of his heroic destiny. Fiona cuts the baby's destiny, and Blue creates a portal to pull Fiona away. Before being pulled in, Fiona promises to spend every day trying to find a way back to her son.

The Fairy says that she was banished and it was easier to let Gold hate her until she could find a way to be together. Gold points out that she chose her power over him, and sentenced him to a life of cowardice. The Fairy insists that she could be a family together, and Gold says that the world is vile and dangerous because of villains like the two of them. She insists that she made her choice out of love, and that the pain made Gideon strong. Gold explains that he became the Dark one to save his son, and he tried to sever Gideon from his fate so that he wouldn't hate him. The Fairy tells Gold that she loves him and now they can finally be a family if Gold will forgive her. She asks if he can, and Gold stares at her.

The Past

Blue and Tiger Lily take the baby to Malcolm, and he realizes that Fiona isn't coming back. They explain that Fiona was trying to protect their son, and now the baby will be the love of Malcolm's life. Blue says that his son needs his father, but Malcolm realizes that his wife is dead because of him. He names his son Rumplestiltskin.


Gold meets the others at the diner and shows them the Fairy's black heart, and says that she has been banished for good. He tells them that Mother Superior is back with her people, and Emma tells him that he did good. They go the pawnshop and Gold gives Gideon his heart back and welcomes him home. Gideon embraces him and then Belle, and apologizes for letting the Fairy take control of him. Gold assures him that he doesn't need to worry about the Fairy ever again, and insists that the Fairy will never be a problem for the. Belle says that she's proud of Gold for fighting for his family, and Gold promises them that no matter what it seems like, everything he does is to keep them safe.

Henry returns to Emma's house and Hook is waiting for him. The pirate asks him to be his best man at the wedding. Henry agrees and Hook tells him that for the next 24 hours he must keep the wedding rings. Emma comes down and Hook says that they were just discussing business. Henry leaves and Hook says that he won't be staying there because it's bad luck to see a bride before the wedding. They kiss and Hook leaves.

Gold waits in the street and the Fairy arrives and asks if they trust him. He says that they believed his ruse, and the Fairy figures that he adores being the Dark One. Gold admits that he does and it's a family trait, and Belle and Gideon have no idea of what is coming. The Fairy says that what is coming is a happy ending for their family. The Final Battle will take place the next day, and t will be the day that Emma dies.

Written by Gadfly on May 1, 2017

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