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The Dames of Danger Recap

Muscleman and Tim find Impresario making dresses for Gadget Gal and Concierge. Frantic comes in to explain that they're going to Chic Magazine's Woman of the Year Award. The two women remind him that it's women only, and Prock tells them that his mother is giving the keynote speech.

In her room, Hotwire takes a pregnancy test and it comes up positive.

That night, Hotwire's mother Joan notices that Hotwire is looking lumpy. Concierge sees a woman who is apparently Muscleman in drag, only to realize that it's Muscleman's sister Abby. As the guard drags out a Frantic in drag, Jaclyn Stone comes over and tells Hotwire there's no hard feelings about Prock because she's moved on. However, her seeing Hotwire makes her furious again. Abby doesn't forgive Hotwire for stealing "her" boyfriend, either. Joyce drops by and can't resist reminding the female Awesomes what a mess the team has recently made of things.

Jaclyn, Abby, Joan, and Joyce all get pages and hastily excuse themselves. Gadget Gal realizes that they're the new Dames of Danger, the top-secret all-female special ops team. She explains that the Dames were formed during World War II when the male heroes were off to war. Joyce invites the Awesomes heroines to come along and they gladly accept... except for Hotwire who hesitates until she realizes how boring the award ceremony is.

At home, the male teammates and Jeffrey are debating what to get for supper. Perfect Man flies in and desperately insists that he has a cool life and doesn't want to hang out with them. They invite him to hang out with them and he immediately accepts, and Muscleman explains that they're having a guys' night.

As they leave, Joyce explains that when she's not working, she is the Fireplug. Joyce demonstrates by ramming a waiter, and then leads the women into a nearby restroom. The Dames of Dangers HQ is any ladies' room. Mr. Danger projects an image of himself and explains that Backstory has stolen classified government information. While the others realize that Mr. Danger has a bathroom in every ladies' room, Hotwire worries that the mission is too dangerous. When she suggests that she might hang back, everyone figures that she's joking.

At home, the men pour drinks, light cigars, and play Uno. Perfect Man wants to do a panty raid, and ends up with Impresario's panties. Jeffrey wants to do party tricks, but finds that his spoon-balancing trick doesn't match up with the superheroes'. The TV runs an ad for Mr. Awesome's presidential opponent, and Perfect Man complains that the new Awesomes aren't doing any superhero stuff. The channel returns to the awards ceremony, and Muscleman complains that it's always women getting celebrated. They all decide to have an in-home men's award ceremony.

The Dames go to the casino where Backstory's men hang out. Concierge starts to hack the security system, but Joyce says that she's in charge and has a plan. She wants to dress sexy and seduce men, but everyone complains that it isn't very progressive. Joyce figures that womanhood is being powerful however they want, and they agree. Inside the casino, Joan strips naked while Abby heads for the one who looks like Prock. Concierge doesn't have any luck with an empowered seduction, and Jaclyn easily outdoes her. Gadget Gal uses a knife until Joyce reminds her to use seduction so the heroine kisses her victim.

At home, Perfect Man hosts and gets all of the awards. Prock writes all of his jokes, and they don't go well.

Hotwire tells the guy she's seducing that she's pregnant. While the guy walks away, the other women complain that they're not having much luck... except for Joyce, who is in a hot tub with three men.

Everyone finally gets awards except for Prock, not even the most Desperate for an Award Award.

The guards usher Joan out, and Hotwire vomits on one of their jackets. The guards are too busy going to meet Backstory at the docks at midnight, and the Dames overhear them talking. They drive to the docks in a housekeeping service van and have a bitch session while they wait. Hotwire finally complains about what happens if a female superhero wants to have a family, but is interrupted when Backstory arrives.

Perfect Man does a closing number to wrap up the ceremony and Frantic hands out gift bags paid for with Impresario's credit card. Muscleman figures the women are off getting pedicures and trying on dresses.

At the docks, the Dames beat up Backstory's men while he bores people with his backstory. Hotwire tries to stay out of the way, but Backstory makes a run for it. However, she steps out of the way instead.

Back at the ladies' room, the others complain that Hotwire let the villain get away. She finally tells them that she's pregnant and Prock is the father. Hotwire admits that she hasn't talked to Prock yet and right now she just wants to be a superhero. Gadget Gal says that over her two careers, she's seen things change and is sure Hotwire can pull it off. Mr. Danger comes on and says that Backstory is making the exchange at a park. As the Dames leave, Jaclyn assures Hotwire that they'll keep her clear of the action.

At the park, the Dames confront Backstory and the villain runs for it. Hotwire watches from a nearby park bench and makes small talk with a passing mother and her baby. The mother tells some very long stories about her children. Meanwhile, the other Dames capture Backstory and beat him for the name of his buyer. He finally says that he was meeting Long Story, a villainess who tells long boring stories about her children.

Hotwire notices the top-secret folder in her new friend's purse Long Story notices her glowing and attacks her with fire blasts, and Hotwire defends herself. The heroine finally knocks out Long Story and catches her baby as it falls. The other Dames run over and Hotwire says that now she's convinced that she can have a baby and a superhero career.

Later, the Dames report to a ladies' room and Agent Van Buren comes in and tells them that the only thing on the stolen drive was photos of the Dames going to the bathroom. Van Buren assures them that Mr. Danger will no longer be overseeing the team. He presents their new overseer Calvin Anderson... a black man.

At the house, Jeffrey admits that he keeps the spoon on his nose with glue. As he prepares to go to the ER, Concierge, Gadget Gal, and Hotwire return and claim that the just did girl stuff all night. Prock and Hotwire go to bed, and Prock complains about not getting any trophies. Hotwire tells him that they're having a baby and Prock faints.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 6, 2015

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